Best Bitcoin Slots 2021

Though most gaming platforms offer a wide range of gaming options, slots provide a perfect opportunity for gamblers to win lots of cash through investing a few virtual coins. Bitcoin-based gambling portals enable players to play slot games using their favorite virtual currencies. Typically, most gamers embrace playing best Bitcoin slots on online gambling platforms due to the exclusive and impressive offers slot developers provide for gamers. Contrary to table games and other standard games common in most casinos, slots are more popular due to high payout.

Notably, the lucrative casino gaming industry continues to experience a myriad of transformations over the years. With the advent of Bitcoin gaming casinos, lovers of virtual coins have an opportunity to exploit their full potential in the online gaming industry. This is attributed to a thrilling gaming experience and great offers available on Bitcoin casinos.

Here is the catch:

Bitcoin gaming platforms continue to gain popularity due to the high safety and security associated with blockchain platforms. Playing slots offers a perfect opportunity for bitcoin gamers to earn more revenue and promotes transparent online gambling culture. Gamers interested in playing slots can, therefore, engage in playing their favorite slots without worrying about the safety of their investment.

Crypto gambling platforms not only provide the best gaming experience but also guarantees high returns from gambling. Have you ever considered trying out slot games on crypto gaming platforms? If not, it’s high time you sign up on the platforms to access the great offers.

Top 5 Bitcoin slot machines

The virtual currency has taken over the casino industry by storm. With thousands of slot machines available across various platforms, online casinos have embraced the latest crypto slots for gamers. If you are looking for a slot that pays well, fun, and easy to play, then the list below has the best casino slot machines available in the gaming industry.

Generally, bitcoin slot machines do not differ from other slot machines. The only difference is the withdrawal and deposit method. This is contrary to other traditional platforms that allow transactions using various currencies. Instead, crypto platforms use Bitcoins for payment and making withdrawals while other casinos embrace typical payment forms like bank transfer, visa cards, and PayPal, among other payment forms.

1. Lucky little devil

This Bitcoin slot machine has a five-reel three-row design. Just as the name suggests, it has a little devil, which is the highest paying symbol. The thrilling aspect of the machine is that any win triggers the Respin feature.

In case you manage to get seven Respins, the devil’s morph feature is activated, which turns all morph winning symbols into devils. However, the machine has some classic symbols, bars, and sevens. The modern symbols available on the platform include dice, bells, a little devil carrying a pitchfork, and dollar signs.

2. Voodoo

Voodoo is another common Bitcoin slot machine. The machine produced by Endorphina, a top-tier slot machine gaming provider, has an excellent mystic theme and freaky slots. The online slot features revenge in various circumstances.

The bitcoin slot machine features ancient ways of revenge against our enemies. The game is so classic that it has a creepy soundtrack coupled with mysterious colors and great graphics. Just like other slots produced by Endorphina, Voodoo has a gambling option. To double your winning, you simply have to pick a card that’s higher than the dealers.

3. Sushi

This is among the best Japanese made slot machines in the gaming industry. If you need great fun, choosing this slot machine offers you a fantastic opportunity to experience an exciting gaming experience. The various symbols on the slot machine represent different types of sushi. Additionally, the golden V.I.P. card is available for the sushi restaurant.

4. West Town

Produced by Bgaming, West town is another notable Bitcoin gaming machine. The gaming depicts old memories of the west town. Some of the aspects include pictures of wanted criminals, cowboys, western soundtrack whiskey, and wooden buildings.

Typically, the game has three rows, five reels, and 9 adjustable pay lines. Though the game is purely meant for mobile devices, gamers can play it on online Bitcoin casinos.

5. Casanova

If you are a fan of romantic movies, then this gaming machine is ideal for you. Featuring a gorgeous woman, a guy, wine, and dating out in gondolas, Venetian places, roses, masks, and birds, the gaming machine offers a perfect romantic set up that makes it more exciting.

In addition to available symbols, the slot machine has three rows, five reels, and 20 paylines that can easily be adjusted. While the mask symbols can award you with free spins, the Casanova symbol acts wild in the gaming process.

Try out the fascinating gaming experience of a notorious Italian playboy, and spin to unlock your winnings.

Types of Bitcoin slots

The slot is one of the most common gaming options on various casino platforms. Playing slots unlock a myriad of gaming experiences for gambling fanatics. Though traditional casinos have a wide range of slot games, Bitcoin platforms have not been left behind in integrating slot games on their platform.

Typically, slots offer the highest payout in both Bitcoin and traditional casinos. The following are a few standard slots used across various cryptocurrency websites.

Bitcoin slot games offer amazing offers in free spin bonuses to enable you to make the most out of playing Bitcoin slots. Though thousands of slots are available on several crypto casino platforms, the need to exercise caution in selecting a trustworthy website is critical to help you get the best out of gambling. The following are the most popular bitcoin slots available on various blockchain gaming platforms.

1. D.J. Wild

DjWild is one of the most popular slots available on many Bitcoin platforms. The slot features a three rows 5 reel video slot featuring sticky wilds, Respins, wild jackpot symbol, and expanding wilds. The game has 10 lines that move from left and right. In this aspect, a player tries to get hold of the D.J. wild symbol on reel 1, 2, 4, and 5.

Those passionate about music and entertainment can enjoy the tricks involved in the D.J. wild slot game. The game not only gives a hypnotic experience but also offers generous bonus features.

The game has an utterly intriguing wild feature that provides a thrilling experience for gamers. Depending on how many spins you intend to play, the bottom line ensures you select the amount you want to spend before spinning the reels.

2. Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats is another notable slot game typical on most bitcoin platforms. The slot features five reels and eight paylines. The slot offers players an exciting gaming experience where they can swap candy bars for money when playing.

If you are a fan of pomp and color, this slot game is ideal for you. You can enjoy some fun moments playing colorful virtual delicacies on the sweet Treats grills. The edibles themed spin presents elegant chocolate and caramel rotations to the reels.

3. Fish Party

The incredible Fish party slot features the most exciting features in playing slots. The 3 row, 5 reel slots offer 243 ways to win. The 243 slots have significantly transformed the slot gaming features. The fishy party video slot has great features and an appealing theme that gives a perfect design.

The slot offers random free spins and stacked wilds, giving a unique gaming experience for casino fanatics. The slot combines a seamless graphic design and matching symbols running from left to right. If you are a fan of entertainment, then the slot offers some thrilling action and entertainment that gives you a great casino experience.

4. Fruit Case

Lovers of slot games can try out this fantastic game to enjoy an exciting gaming experience. The slot features 5 reel 3 line video where fresh fruit moves along conveyor belts until it gets crushed to produce some juicy winnings. The fruit case video slot is a unique game compared to other ordinary slots games.

The drop-down symbol creates an Avalanche feature. Players on the slot spin a winning combination, which then explodes and disappears on the screen. The process is repeated every time a player spins a winning combination. Contrary to other slot games, the win lines are always played at 20. The game gives players a great sense of fun and entertainment.

5. Pink Panther

If you are a fan of adventure, then a pink panther is an ideal slot game for you. The slot features 5 reels and 40 pay lines. Typically, this is a fascinating game compared to other slot gaming options. The game has several characters familiar from the comedy cartoon. Pink Panther is considered among the most popular slot games in the casino industry. The game had great audio and an elegant design. What makes the video slot game outstanding is the range. The bonus is mostly triggered through the main game. The most vital selling point for this game is that it offers several side games within the main game.

The thrilling aspect of the video slot game features a pink panther that appears and blows up between 6 and 2 symbols on the reels. In the end, the slot triggers a series of bonuses that are rewarded throughout the game. However, the interior wheel has a respin or an mass. In the process, players get another shot of an outer wheel before collecting returns to the top game with their winnings.

Every move made on the footsteps has chances of winning prizes, which are then tallied and multiplied by the spins bet. Though most bets are liable for winning a jackpot, the higher the bet players make on each spin, the chances of gaining entry into the jackpot. In other words, contrary to other standard slots, a pink panther has a wide range of opportunities for gamers worth exploring.

6. Tycoons

The tycoon slot game features wealthy tycoons enjoying a lavish lifestyle. The 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 pay line 3D video slots showcase some rich men’s behavior. The rich tycoon slot game has great bonus offers that gamers can benefit from when they play. The game presents an exciting gaming experience showcasing the lifestyle of filthy rich characters.

The slot game is available on most gaming platforms offering a wide range of promotions for gamblers. You not only enjoy bonus offers but also win bonus spins, free video slots, instant play, mobile gaming, and other fantastic features. The main characters featured in the 3D are wealthy tycoons.

7. Carnival

Carnival slot offers a perfect gaming experience through a variety of thrilling spinning options. The option has a dynamic gambling strategy that can produce high winnings, hidden bonuses on every win, and many other advantages.

If you are looking for real entertainment with access to excellent prizes, then it’s high time you consider trying out carnival slots. The slot has an elegant theme, incredible visual effects, and fun sound that offers a great gaming experience. Carnival gamers can spin to enjoy a myriad of bonuses and enjoy some unique features. Players can quickly multiply their winnings and access great prizes.

8. Dark Thirst

Dark thirst is not a game for the cowards. The slot game is interesting for bold and fearless players. Be proactive and enjoy fun, horrifying moments playing this noble slot game. Lovers of adventure can opt to grow on a prowl with a Victorian vampire hunter.

The gothic horror-themed slot features five reels across 25 pay line betting options with some great bonus offers. Get ready for a frightening moment by playing the dark thirst slot video games featuring classical vampire stories.

Horror movie fanatics have something to entertain themselves through trying out this thrilling gaming slot. Fearless and bold gamers have something to enjoy for fun based on the video slot’s frightening aspect. Try the slot now, and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience.

9. Hot Roller

Have you ever thought of trying out a Hot Roller video gaming slot? The slot depicts the luxurious life in Las Vegas. Featuring five reels and 25 paylines, the video slot offers a wide range of offers coupled with an impressive jackpot. If you want to experience incredible fan moments, you can try out a hot roller video slot to have some great gaming experience.

Bitcoin slots bonuses & promotions

Like any other typical online casino, Crypto based casinos offer gamers a wide range of bonus offers and promotions. As you spin the reels, be rest assured to bump on several offers. Of course, none of any other casino gaming platforms has the most rewarding features than slots.

Most casinos prioritize slot machines not only because they are popular but have high returns for both the owners and players. Meanwhile, offers vary from one developer to another. Casino fanatics have an obligation to research and select slot machines that offer the best deals. The following are some of the bonus offers available for gamers across various casino networks.

First deposit bonus

This is a standard offer provided to gamers upon making the first deposit. The rate at which the offers are given differs from one platform to another. In some cases, many Bitcoin gaming platforms allow sign up for members without the need to deposit any amount to access the bonus. Though impressive, it is not a standard offer on most platforms.

Free spins

Free spins are another typical bonus offer provided to regular or new gamers. New gamblers are given free spins to play their favorite spins and enjoy the winnings upon signing up. Every platform has conditions for withdrawing winnings from free spins.

Though many platforms allow instant withdrawals for winnings collected from free spins, several Bitcoin casinos have established high wagering requirements for the amount won on free spins.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a standard offer that cuts across traditional and Crypto casinos. The offer is meant to reward regular gamers as a sign of appreciation for investing in the platform. Some casino platforms use various parameters to offer loyalty rewards, especially for players who have been on the platform for a more extended period.

V.I.P. program

V.I.P. offers to focus on unlocking several offers for gamers who invest massive amounts

Free BTC

Unlike traditional casino platforms that offer a monetary welcome bonus, Crypto casino platforms offer gamers free BTC to recharge their accounts to play live games. The amount of BTC provided by the platforms varies from one platform to another.


Promotions are another critical element used by most betting platforms to enable clients has access to multiple offers. The number of promotions rolled out by various firms varies from one platform to another.

The high competition experienced in the casino industry has resulted in a surge in better offers by most online platforms. This has led to excellent customer experience across various platforms.


Jackpots are a common feature of slot games. Every slot game has signs indicating whether gamers are almost striking a jackpot during spinning. In most cases, jackpots are signaled as the players spin or play video slots.

Though jackpots are given randomly to players, those who spin most have high chances of striking a jackpot. To increase the chances of winning jackpots on slots, the following are many factors that must be considered.

Play higher denomination slots since they have high chances of payback

  • Select games that suit your objective
  • Play machines at the end of rows
  • Pick random numbers
  • Play every often

Are Bitcoin slots safe?

Generally, playing slots on Bitcoin casino platforms offers fair gaming opportunities compared to other traditional platforms. In fact, gambling experts believe playing on blockchain gambling platforms is safer than playing on traditional casinos. This is because of the high security and transparency level associated with blockchain casinos.

Gamers are assured of transparency in the games’ outcome and better security for their winnings and investment. Transactions done through Bitcoin are encrypted and go through a series of verification on the network. The most important aspect is keeping the private key used to access the platforms secret. Otherwise, playing slots on blockchain networks is more fair and secure compared to traditional casinos.

The best aspect of gambling on bitcoin platforms is that your identity is hidden as a player, hence keeping you safe from identity theft. All transactions are released fast with no need to have to verify personal details before accessing your earnings.

With nil or minimal chances of the system getting hacked, players can play slots and withdraw their earnings without worrying about their investment’s fate. A series of free spins, jackpot, fair games, accountability, and transparency in the process are some of the aspects that make playing slots on bitcoin casinos safer than traditional platforms.

Why should you choose Bitcoin slots?

Playing online Bitcoin slots offers the best opportunity to earn more from a wide variety of games. Generally, playing online slots gives high chances of making real money through a pool of gaming options on the slot machine.

However, playing slots have various offers, primarily through regular free spins promotions where gamers utilize the promotions to play more and increase their chances of earning more. Depending on the crypto casino you choose to use, many Bitcoin casinos have numerous generous bonus offers.

Typically, the flooded bitcoin gaming market has resulted in a spike in better offers on various bitcoin gambling platforms. Most slot games offered by bitcoin casino platforms are now coming up with better and improved gaming options to suit the target market’s needs. The secure and private transaction feature has made online gambling more impressive across the globe.

Virtual currency fanatics can play slots with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. However, some crypto platforms offer the highest number of slot games totaling over 1000, giving gamers a wide range of games they can choose.

Through a high tech environment that bitcoin casinos thrive under, unlike traditional casinos with strict conditions and unsecured platforms, Bitcoin casinos have brought a new twist to the casino industry by introducing a wide range of slot games with excellent features and guaranteed secure transactions.

As part of new slot releases, many bitcoin casinos offer daily free spins as part of a promotion. As internet security remains a significant concern, the introduction of crypto gambling platforms into the gambling industry has breathed new life in the gaming industry. Undoubtedly known for secure private transactions, virtual currencies supported by blockchain technology are an ideal aspect that has brought a new beginning in the casino industry.

Most of the slot games are not only fair but have high returns. If you plan to try out slots, you have to send any amount of bitcoins after signing up on any of the crypto platforms to start you off. The blockchain technology ensures all transactions made on the platforms are tracked, which guarantees all transactions.

As far as the fairness of the games is concerned, Crypto uses blockchain technology to help users prove whether the numbers they chose were the ones that decided the outcome. This is where provably fair gaming comes in. The transparency in the gaming process is what makes playing slots on crypto platforms worth trying.

Generally, unlike gambling on traditional casino platforms where information regarding winnings, payouts, and games results is controlled by owners and hidden, blockchain technology has given hope to the gambling industry through the high level of trust it has won from gambling fanatics.

Blockchain is a decentralized system that ensures information is not stored in a central system. This means a single party does not control information. The technology minimizes the risk of hacking.

All gambling information is stored sequentially, where gamers can easily access their gambling history whenever they want. The principal helps online gambling platforms affirm player’s accountability and fairness in the gaming process.

The trustworthy nature of crypto gaming platforms is what makes them more appealing for most gaming fanatics. The approach gives players in the cryptocurrency a competitive edge over others who embrace centralized technology.

Over time, more gamblers have been trooping to crypto gambling platforms due to many factors due to the opaqueness under which traditional casino platforms operate.


Is playing bitcoin video slots fair?

Yes, Crypto casino platforms operate on blockchain technology. This ensures all information is decentralized hence the high level of transparency in the outcome. No one is responsible for manipulating activities on the platform, making it one of the most trusted betting platforms by gamers.

Do slots offer promotions?

Just like any other gaming activity, slot developers ensure fairness in the process of promoting their games. In this case, most slots ensure gamers are entitled to many offers to entice them to play more often.

Do slots accept fiat currencies?

It depends on the platform you decide to sign up for. Most crypto platforms only accept the virtual currency. Over time, some casinos are slowly accepting both virtual and cryptocurrencies for transactions on the platform.

Are there wagering requirements on bitcoin platforms?

The wagering requirement is a common feature across various casino platforms. Most gaming platforms place wagering requirements on free spins and bonuses to encourage players to play many times before withdrawing their earnings.

On the other hand, every platform has individual requirements for bonuses. Choosing the most convenient platform is ideal in avoiding inconveniences that you may encounter in trying to access your earnings.

Do I have to verify my details to access my earnings on bitcoin platforms?

Several bitcoin platforms allow gamers to play and withdraw their earnings without the need to verify their details. Otherwise, withdrawal conditions vary from one platform to another.

Do bitcoin video slots offer jackpot offers?

Every gaming provider has its concept in designing slot gaming machines. While some offer regular promotions, a number have impressive jackpot offers available for gamers.

How do I withdraw my earnings from bitcoin gaming platforms?

How fast can I access my earnings from bitcoin platforms?

The duration set by each platform varies. Otherwise, most withdrawals are instant and can be received within 24hrs or less. On the flipside, withdrawals may take longer, depending on the terms of service set on your platform.

Pros and cons of bitcoin slot games


  • Few offers
  • The identity of players is protected.
  • Using Bitcoin for transactions is inexpensive.
  • Most countries do not tax virtual currency.
  • High discipline in gaming since gamers select amount they want to play with


  • The volatility of the virtual currency against fiat currencies can affect final revenue.
  • High wagering requirement on free spins
  • Some withdrawals on Bitcoin platforms can be slower.
  • Most have a few ranges of games.
  • You can incur high losses without prior knowledge.


Though the Bitcoin industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, prior knowledge about playing various games is essential to increase the chances of striking luck in online gambling. The main advantage of playing on Bitcoin portals is the blockchain technology that guarantees data safety and privacy on the platform.

Over time gamers have been skeptical about the outcome they get after gambling on traditional platforms. This is due to a lack of transparency and fairness on most online casino platforms. The advent of Bitcoin gaming platforms has, therefore, breathed new life into online gaming.

Are you tired of doubting the outcome of various games you have played on traditional platforms with no hope of striking luck? It’s high time you try out Bitcoin casinos to enjoy a wide range of offers. Most slot games on Bitcoin casinos have the highest payout online gaming industry. The more you spin, the higher the chances of striking a jackpot that has a high payout.

Furthermore, you access a series of promotions, including free spins that increases your chances of getting more returns from your investment.

The fairness aspect with high chances of winning is appealing qualities that make the general casino platforms an ideal gaming destination that everyone should try out. In this case, sign up on any of the bitcoin casinos and enjoy fantastic offers from your favorite spins.