Best Tether (USDT) Casinos 2021

Since cryptocurrency casinos hit the gaming industry in early 2010, Tether casinos have taken the online gambling market by storm. Though in the beginning, most gamers were skeptical about the authenticity of crypto casino gaming platforms, the wrong perception has drastically changed.

So far, Bitcoin casinos are the most trusted gambling platforms due to the high level of safety and fairness associated with blockchain networks. USDT is not only a unique currency but also a stable coin. This has resulted in a spike in demand for Tether oriented casino platforms.

If you are a virtual currency gaming fanatic, then it’s high time you consider trying out Tether casinos. Typically, Tether has changed how people perceived virtual currency.

Commonly referred to as USDT, the Tether coin is a dollar-pegged stable coin. Many players in the casino industry are gradually embracing Tether for transactions. Launched back in 2014 as RealCoin, Tether’s use on online gambling platforms has been growing big time.

TOP-5 USDT casinos

As the number of Bitcoin-based casinos continues to surge, USDT casinos continue to command a considerable market segment in the crypto gambling industry. However, the need to identify a credible Tether gambling platform is paramount to ensure your investment safety. The following are a few top tier Tether based casino based gambling platforms available in the crypto gaming market.


CHIPS.GG is one of the most common Tether casinos available in the market. Licensed by top tier gaming firm Curacao eGaming, the platform runs plenty of promotions. However, gamers earn dividends through mining chip tokens.

The platform not only accepts Tether transactions but also supports Bitcoin, Tron, and Ethereum. Chips have a wide range of casino games through the only original game tailor-made for the platform is dice. Other gaming fanatics games are skill games, several live casino games, and various gaming providers.


Tether based casino chips feature chip tokens and dividends. This is one of the most fantastic features on the platform. In this case, every time a player makes a wager, rewards are given in the form of native token CHIP. To receive profit from the casino, you lock the tokens in the vault Menu.

If you are looking for ways of earning passive income playing your favorite casino game, then it’s high time you consider creating an account on site. The more CHIP tokens you lock in the vault, the higher the dividend you can get. However, the bigger the total wager, the higher the number of chip tokens you will receive.

Bonus options

Contrary to the generous welcome bonus offered on other crypto platforms, the new platform has not yet rolled out any special promotions. Instead, it has a referral system where users earn via unique referral codes. The most active promotion is the VIP program. The feature is established to benefit users who have overstayed on the platform.

Gamers get rewarded in the form of chips, which are reward tokens. Upon earning chips, you are supposed to lock them in the vault. The amount of chips awarded is equivalent to the amount spent on a bet.


  • The platform is casino friendly.
  • Wide range of games.


  • No welcome bonus for new players
  • Chat support not available round the clock
  • Few promotions

2. BetFury casino

The crypto-based casino is one of the fastest-growing social gaming Bitcoin platforms. The betting platform comes with a wide range of opportunities to help them generate more revenue. A 25% cashback feature is a great strategy that enables gamers to create high returns from online gambling.

BetFury casino supports a variety of virtual currencies, among them BTC, USDT, and TRX. The newly launched BetFury brings into the market an incredible gaming opportunity for crypto gaming enthusiasts.


BetFury is a Tether based casino that supports other cryptocurrencies. The platform endeavors to give back to gamers by paying dividends in the form of BFG tokens. However, the platform has a BTC faucet that allows gamers to pull up to 720 sats daily. This is in addition to a cashback feature for everyone based on the level of every player.

An excellent customer support system and a wide range of games are notable features that make BetFury stand out in the crypto betting industry.

Bonus options

Contrary to the welcome bonus available on most crypto and traditional casino platforms, BetFury doesn’t offer a welcome bonus to new users. Instead, the gaming portal offers free spins along with other reward systems. One of the unique reward systems is the cashback feature, which guarantees 25% cashback on games played.


  • Wide range of games
  • 25% cashback
  • Provably fair games
  • Exceptional customer support


  • No welcome bonus

3. is one of the top-rated crypto gambling platforms in the casino industry. The casino has an impressive first deposit bonus, which has no wagering requirement. game supports Tether and several other crypto transactions. Crypto gaming fanatics who want to enjoy an exceptional gaming experience can try out to enjoy gamers’ great features.

Players are entitled to a wide range of bonuses that include medals, tournaments, task bonuses, and the exclusive rain feature. Established in 2017, the casino has 16 in-house made games available on the portal.


The games available on the site have great graphics and high quality. The crypto platform supports a total of 21 virtual currencies. Typically, is one of the most dynamic gaming platforms in the crypto gaming industry.

The casino offers cutting edge gaming features rivaling other significant players in the crypto casino industry. The casino has positively embraced technology to roll out gaming activities.

Bonus options

Typically, the portal doesn’t give out cash backs, reloads, or the standard welcome bonus. Instead, it provides an exclusive free no deposit bonus for gamers. The free bonus amount offered has no wagering requirement.

Once given, you can play your favorite games and withdraw your winnings. Other available promotions on the platform include a daily roll and rewards to those who contribute to their chat.


  • Supports both desktop and mobile applications
  • Provably fair games
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • No wagering requirement on the first free deposit bonus


  • No license
  • Restricts some countries


Bitcasino is highly inclined to ensure social responsibility. If you want to use your bitcoin in gambling, you can bank on the platform since it’s among the most trusted gaming platforms in the crypto gaming industry.

Ideally, the casino is a pioneer crypto-based gambling portal known to offer substantial bonuses and a wide range of gaming options.

Coupled with excellent customer support, free withdrawals, and provably fair games, is worth trying. Founded back in 2014, it’s among the first licensed casinos that have dominated the crypto gambling industry.


Gamers on can gamble using a wide range of virtual currencies. The platform supports transactions using Tron, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Tether, and many other virtual currencies. The platform has a total of over 2300 games from 33 gaming providers.

The casino’s unique aspect is that you can opt to gamble using various currencies, i.e., Indian Rupee (INR) and Japanese Yen (JPY). has classic graphical features and more comfortable to navigate through.

Contrary to other gaming platforms, which are complicated to access information, users can easily access promotional terms and additional important information they need.

Bonus offers

As typical in most casino platforms, has special offers for users. The casino provides a 100% first deposit bonus and 1BTC for new users. Additionally, a 50 % bonus is offered for the second deposit and up to 1BTC to make the second deposit.

The platform’s impressive aspect is that users are entitled to a 25% reload bonus and up to 1BTC on each deposit they make. Existing customers are also entitled to lots of free spins in addition to other benefits.


  • Generous first deposit bonus
  • Regular promotions and free spins that caters to all types of players
  • Impressive reload bonus of up to 25%
  • Wide range of games


  • Restricted in some countries
  • High wagering requirement on the first deposit bonus
  • Wagering requirement on reload bonus

5. TrueFlip

TrueFlip is another notable crypto-based casino. Known for a high level of transparency, provably fair games, and generous welcome bonus. If you are a crypto gaming fanatic, TrueFlip offers you an exceptional opportunity to enjoy an exciting new adventure full of various benefits.

However, the platform supports Tether and several other cryptocurrencies. The casino has proven to offer excellent service. This is the reason why it continues to gain popularity among crypto gamers.


TrueFlip has an attractive website that features a light blue theme. Anyone who has used online casinos can ascertain that the TrueFlip gaming website is intuitive and easier to navigate. The casino’s unique aspect is that it is accessible in many languages, Spanish and Portuguese, among others.

You do not need to struggle in trying to change the language. You can quickly identify the various languages by choosing the available flags. The good thing is that in case you encounter any trouble in navigating the site, you can quickly contact customer support for assistance.

Bonus offers

TrueFlip has an impressive welcome pack of 150% for the first deposit bonus and up to 60mBTC.However, gamers are entitled to 50 free spins upon signing up.


  • Wide range of games
  • Impressive bonus offers
  • Accessible in various languages
  • Supports a variety of virtual currencies
  • Regular promotions with great rewards
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Live customer support


  • High wagering requirement on bonus offers
  • Restricted in some countries

What is Tether casino?

Tether casinos are crypto-based casinos that support Tether and other virtual currencies in making deposits and withdrawals. Tether (USDT) is one of the most popular stable coins. It serves various purposes in the market, making it more popular on a crypto-based platform.

Contrary to other cryptocurrencies, Tether is backed by an equivalent amount in fiat currencies, i.e., Euros, Japanese Yen, and dollars. Typically, Tether tokens trade under the USDT symbol.

Why should you choose a Tether casino?

Trading on Tether casinos is more valuable than other ordinary cryptocurrencies. This is because the value of the Tether is matched with fiat currencies. This makes it easier to trade with currencies across various currencies without challenges. This is contrary to other bitcoin currencies, whose values are unstable and keep fluctuating.

USDT is a stable coin hence has a high market cap, predictable, and increased market value. The stability aspect is what makes it familiar on most crypto-based gaming platforms. Trading with Tether is, therefore, more predictable than other ordinary cryptocurrencies.

How to choose the best USDT casino

When choosing the best Tether casino, you need to consider many factors;

  • Safe and reputable
  • Whether the casino is licensed
  • Variety of available games
  • Whether the casino has provably fair games
  • It has a low house edge and bonus offers.

How to get started with Tether

To get started with Tether, you can easily buy from various reputable crypto platforms.

Create an account on Binance, then purchase USDT, then transfer the funds to your crypto platforms to start playing.

How to start playing

To start playing on various Tether based casino gambling platforms, you need to purchase your favorite cryptocurrencies from a reputable dealer then transfer them to your platform. In case the platform has welcome offers, you can create an account then play with the available bonus.

USDT casino bonuses & promotions

Most Tether oriented casino platforms run a wide range of promotion for gamers. The type of bonus differs from one platform to another. Some of the fantastic bonuses and promotions on most USDT platforms include the following.

  • Welcome bonus
  • Loyalty program
  • Vip programs
  • Cashback offers
  • Regular promotions

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs on most Tether based programs are mostly in the form of free spins and cashback offers. The free spin offers are given to players who have played on the network for a more extended period. In some cases, dividends and chip tokens apply on specific platforms where players can play and unlock various rewards.

Are USDT gambling sites safe?

Though playing on a USDT based platform is more transparent and safe than traditional gambling platforms, the need to verify whether the platform is authentic is essential to guard your investment.

Generally, blockchain networks are safer and fair compared to playing on other traditional platforms.

Pros & cons


  • The safe and fair gaming experience
  • USDT currency has high market value hence high returns
  • Wide range of games
  • Variety of promotions


  • It may be challenging for those without prior knowledge about how to earn from the crypto platforms.


The surge in demand for crypto-based gaming platforms is attributed to high safety standards associated with blockchain networks.

Contrary to traditional gaming platforms that lack transparency and strict gaming conditions, crypto-based casinos have brought hope to the gambling industry.

Most of the games on crypto platforms are not only highly rewarding but fair for all players. Try out crypto gaming now and enjoy the impressive rewards offered to gamblers.