List of Artificial Intelligence active ICOs

Acred logo

Acred is a B2B commercial real estate data platform that solves Asia's problem which is, there isn't...

Start Date: 16 May 2018
End Date: 31 May 2018
4 days left
eLocations  logo

eLocations disrupts the conventional listing market by providing a one-stop online solution for reta...

Start Date: 26 Apr 2018
End Date: 31 Jul 2018
65 days left
DELTA logo

Delta - new semantic platform for business and IoT, where entered high level math methods from Sobol...

Start Date: 26 Mar 2018
End Date: 01 Jul 2018
35 days left
GANA logo

The medical and IT industries have already proven this by applying Watson from IBM and AlphaGo from ...

Start Date: 21 May 2018
End Date: 21 Jul 2018
55 days left
Neuromachine logo

NRM platform providing ultimate possibilities for managing your crypto assets and exchanging informa...

Start Date: 15 May 2018
End Date: 15 Jun 2018
19 days left
Utrum logo

Utrum is a network that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts. We are s...

Start Date: 24 Apr 2018
End Date: 20 Jun 2018
24 days left
Jupiter Project logo

Even a national organization frequently receives a cyber attack and has leaked information. In order...

Start Date: 07 May 2018
End Date: 12 Jun 2018
16 days left
Box2Table logo

Box2table Inc. is a technology startup, which provides food & beverage enterprises with a comprehens...

Start Date: 08 May 2018
End Date: 05 Jun 2018
9 days left
SmartInsurProtocol logo

SmartInsurProtocol (SIP) is a smart insurance community built based on Blockchain with AI insurance ...

Start Date: 01 Apr 2018
End Date: 01 Jul 2018
35 days left
VOSAI logo

VOSAI, which translates to “Your AI” in Latin, is a democratically controlled artificial general...

Start Date: 20 Apr 2018
End Date: 20 Aug 2018
85 days left
Decibels logo

Decibels aims to tackle the media securities market like never before. Although there are large deve...

Start Date: 08 Mar 2018
End Date: 01 Jul 2018
35 days left
DeepWater Treasure Recovery logo

We are launching DeepWater, a new project, which employs artificial intelligence for underwater patt...

Start Date: 08 May 2018
End Date: 30 May 2018
3 days left
Datablockchain logo is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that companies and...

Start Date: 27 May 2018
End Date: 21 Jun 2018
25 days left
REO logo

This project is a project to innovate the real estate business system of the world by combining. Blo...

Start Date: 05 May 2018
End Date: 05 Jul 2018
39 days left
GigTricks logo

The freelance and on-demand economy are lacking the principle standards to form a trusting business ...

Start Date: 15 Apr 2018
End Date: 30 Aug 2018
95 days left
Bettium logo

Betium is an analytical blockchain platform for peer-to-peer betting,empowering users with a variety...

Start Date: 20 May 2018
End Date: 30 May 2018
3 days left

SURETY.AI connects the uninsured population with insures, payment providers and banks to provide a f...

Start Date: 01 May 2018
End Date: 31 Jul 2018
65 days left
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