List of Banking Ended ICOs in 2018

Bankcoin logo is a new concept in cryptocurrency and digital assets on the internet with the highe...

Start Date: 05 Nov 2016
End Date: 19 Dec 2016
Humaniq logo

Humaniq is a financial ecosystem built on blockchain, focused on simply and quickly connecting unban...

Start Date: 06 Apr 2017
End Date: 27 Apr 2017
TokenCard logo

TokenCard is a depositless Ethereum token-based debit card & platform. TKN is a special kind of Ethe...

Start Date: 02 May 2017
End Date: 02 May 2017
Monaco logo

The functionality of Monaco VISA® Card makes it a must-have item not only for every Ether or Bitcoi...

Start Date: 18 May 2017
End Date: 18 Jun 2017
Polybius logo

Polybius Bank project will operate on the principles of an Open API, employing reputable innovations...

Start Date: 31 May 2017
End Date: 30 Jun 2017
openANX logo

ANX firmly believes decentralized exchanges will dominate the cryptocurrency market. We plan to lead...

Start Date: 22 Jun 2017
End Date: 21 Jul 2017
OmiseGO logo

OmiseGO is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets, that ...

Start Date: 23 Jun 2017
End Date: 23 Jul 2017
TenX logo

TenX connects your blockchain assets for everyday use. TenX’s debit card and banking licence will ...

Start Date: 24 Jun 2017
End Date: 24 Jun 2017

The DIM and DIM Ecosystem are created and operated by the DIMCOIN Foundation, and are based on the N...

Start Date: 01 Jul 2017
End Date: 27 Aug 2017
Tezos logo

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth ...

Start Date: 01 Jul 2017
End Date: 13 Jul 2017
Santiment logo

Today’s crypto-markets are driven by crowd sentiment. Hype and fear dominate the price action. San...

Start Date: 04 Jul 2017
End Date: 05 Jul 2017
Compcoin logo

Compcoin is a trusted financial investment system that operates using a valuable blockchain Digital ...

Start Date: 14 Jul 2017
End Date: 31 Jul 2017
Corion Platform logo

Capital Optimized Reward Incentive Online Network is a multifunctional Platform for businesses and i...

Start Date: 18 Jul 2017
End Date: 27 Aug 2017
Everex logo

Everex is a young technology startup in the Blockchain space with both a team and a business-model u...

Start Date: 24 Jul 2017
End Date: 31 Aug 2017
Harbour DAO logo

Harbour is a community-governed, Ethereum-based DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for mana...

Start Date: 01 Aug 2017
End Date: 29 Aug 2017
Exchange Union logo

Users can easily buy any digital currency throughout the exchanges in the union with a favorable pri...

Start Date: 07 Aug 2017
End Date: 31 Aug 2017
Intellium logo

Intellium is a think tank and research center which investigates implications of the blockchain tech...

Start Date: 20 Aug 2017
End Date: 07 Feb 2018
Empire Card logo

By combining the perks of major credit cards that consumers expect, with the cash payments that reta...

Start Date: 21 Aug 2017
End Date: 21 Sep 2017
Nimfamoney logo

The world’s first 100% decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform for token purchase on exchang...

Start Date: 29 Aug 2017
End Date: 30 Sep 2017
Integrative Wallet Token logo

Our application will provide facilities such as: 1 - Multiples coins & ERC-20 tokens at your fingert...

Start Date: 31 Aug 2017
End Date: 28 Sep 2017
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