List of Banking ICOs in 2018


BANKEX is building a new blockchain technology that enables the creation of Smart Assets, which is t...

Start Date: 28 Nov 2017
End Date: 28 Dec 2017
TenX logo

TenX connects your blockchain assets for everyday use. TenX’s debit card and banking licence will ...

Start Date: 24 Jun 2017
End Date: 24 Jun 2017
MicroMoney logo

MicroMoney A.I. platform uses complex algorithms to predict creditworthiness of all customers and in...

Start Date: 18 Oct 2017
End Date: 18 Nov 2017
BrickBlock logo

Brickblock is the first project to build an infrastructure platform to seamlessly and transparently ...

Start Date: 11 Oct 2017
End Date: 08 Nov 2017
Crypterium logo

Revolutionary digital cryptobank with credit token and open platform. We are making project for peop...

Start Date: 31 Oct 2017
End Date: 14 Jan 2018
Paycent logo

Enabling cryptocurrencies to be spent anywhere and anytime. Paycent Card aims and seeks to offer its...

Start Date: 02 Nov 2017
End Date: 30 Nov 2017
SwissBorg logo

The SwissBorg project aim to revolutionize wealth management solutions with a community centric appr...

Start Date: 07 Dec 2017
End Date: 10 Jan 2018
Change Bank logo

Change Coin is a revolutionary financial proposition that materializes the vision of finance without...

Start Date: 16 Sep 2017
End Date: 16 Oct 2017
CommerceBlock logo

CommerceBlock is a public blockchain infrastructure company. We are building the first technology pl...

Start Date: 28 Nov 2017
End Date: 19 Dec 2017
Jibrel Network logo

The jibrel network allows anyone to digitize, list, trade and sell traditional assets, such as curre...

Start Date: 27 Nov 2017
End Date: 01 Jan 2018
Bonpay logo

Bonpay is a full-fledged Blockchain service. It includes a wide range of solutions, from Bitcoin sto...

Start Date: 31 Oct 2017
End Date: 28 Nov 2017
BlockMason logo

Our mission is to enrich the dapp ecosystem with secure and functional apps that are both immediatel...

Start Date: 08 Oct 2017
End Date: 08 Nov 2017
Cryptopay logo

Using several counter-parties for portfolio and risk management creates bottlenecks for the modern i...

Start Date: 02 Oct 2017
End Date: 30 Oct 2017
OmiseGO logo

OmiseGO is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets, that ...

Start Date: 23 Jun 2017
End Date: 23 Jul 2017
openANX logo

ANX firmly believes decentralized exchanges will dominate the cryptocurrency market. We plan to lead...

Start Date: 22 Jun 2017
End Date: 21 Jul 2017
REGA logo

REGA Risk Sharing is a decentralized insurance platform on Ethereum blockchain. The most viable solu...

Start Date: 15 Oct 2017
End Date: 25 Dec 2017
ESR Wallet logo

Universal payment and credit service with support of popular cryptocurrencies....

Start Date: 25 Sep 2017
End Date: 09 Oct 2017
Finom logo

Finom is a blockchain company formed as a result of merger of cryptotrading app Tabtrader, mining po...

Start Date: 15 Nov 2017
End Date: 30 Dec 2017
Humaniq logo

Humaniq is a financial ecosystem built on blockchain, focused on simply and quickly connecting unban...

Start Date: 06 Apr 2017
End Date: 27 Apr 2017
Santiment logo

Today’s crypto-markets are driven by crowd sentiment. Hype and fear dominate the price action. San...

Start Date: 04 Jul 2017
End Date: 05 Jul 2017
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