List of Entertainment active ICOs

Acred logo

Acred is a B2B commercial real estate data platform that solves Asia's problem which is, there isn't...

Start Date: 16 May 2018
End Date: 31 May 2018
4 days left
4.0 logo

The Game of Greed on Ethereum Network! Players compete for the jackpot by placing small bids sequ...

Start Date: 23 Jan 2018
End Date: 25 Jun 2018
29 days left
Monster Bit logo

MonsterBit is an analogue of famous cryptogame with interesting additions for both players. We did n...

Start Date: 10 Feb 2018
End Date: 10 Jun 2018
14 days left
Izetex logo

IZX provides a monetization platform for independent developers of games with elements of augmented ...

Start Date: 11 May 2018
End Date: 31 May 2018
4 days left
Virtual Reality Games logo

The Virtual Reality Games is running successfully, proving the soundness of our business idea. It pr...

Start Date: 01 Mar 2018
End Date: 01 Jul 2018
35 days left
Decibels logo

Decibels aims to tackle the media securities market like never before. Although there are large deve...

Start Date: 08 Mar 2018
End Date: 01 Jul 2018
35 days left
PlayChip logo

PlayChip will deliver the worlds first fully-integrated, blockchain enabled global fantasy sports, o...

Start Date: 15 Apr 2018
End Date: 01 Jun 2018
5 days left

BIT.GAME is the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games, it will not only grow t...

Start Date: 19 Apr 2018
End Date: 06 Aug 2018
71 days left
Game Gold logo

Game Gold is a new game cryptocurrency, technically more perfect than Bitcoin and based on a Scrypt ...

Start Date: 01 May 2018
End Date: 01 Jul 2018
35 days left
Vite logo

Vite is a decentralized platform for event creation, promotion, and ticket sales. Vite events and ti...

Start Date: 16 Apr 2018
End Date: 30 Jun 2018
34 days left
Dragonglass logo

Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass cryptocurre...

Start Date: 16 Feb 2018
End Date: 31 Dec 2018
218 days left
Monoreto logo

The Monoreto team offers an innovative platform that help all its users earn from using it. Every li...

Start Date: 10 May 2018
End Date: 10 Jun 2018
14 days left
Starflow  logo

Starflow is a blockchain-powered ecosystem for the influencer economy. The platform consists of a co...

Start Date: 05 Mar 2018
End Date: 03 Jul 2018
37 days left
Forever Has Fallen logo

Forever Has Fallen is a global transmedia game, with an online/offline economy to utilise Forever Co...

Start Date: 08 May 2018
End Date: 19 Jun 2018
23 days left
BitChord logo

BitChord is the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based platform that enables guitar players to earn by c...

Start Date: 11 Apr 2018
End Date: 27 Aug 2018
92 days left

DICEGAME is a decentralized platform for hosting fair P2P games with transparent and verifiable mech...

Start Date: 07 May 2018
End Date: 06 Jul 2018
40 days left
Cosplay Token logo

To achieve this, Cure WorldCosplay will issue “Cosplay Token”, which is to become de-facto curre...

Start Date: 30 Apr 2018
End Date: 31 May 2018
4 days left
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