List of Investment ICOs in 2018

Crowdholding logo is building a platform that connects startups with the crowd by leveraging the Bloc...

Start Date: 01 Nov 2017
End Date: 11 Jan 2018
Hedge logo

Hedge Project is focused on developing the ideal platform to serve as a backbone for diversification...

Start Date: 15 Sep 2017
End Date: 15 Oct 2017
Cindicator logo

Cindicator creates the social and technological infrastructure needed to make effective decisions un...

Start Date: 12 Sep 2017
End Date: 12 Oct 2017
Crypto20 logo

A crypto index fund that will use the ICO funding to buy the underlying crypto assets. No broker fee...

Start Date: 16 Oct 2017
End Date: 30 Nov 2017
Spectre logo

A major disruption of financial trading is here. SPECTRE is the world's first broker-less trading pl...

Start Date: 17 Nov 2017
End Date: 10 Dec 2017
Tokenlab logo

Tokenlab is an ICO- and smart-contract-management platform that aims to simplify the life cycle of a...

Start Date: 14 Sep 2017
End Date: 30 Nov 2017
Blackmoon logo

We aim to create and maintain the world’s best framework for tokenized funds to deliver investment...

Start Date: 12 Sep 2017
End Date: 12 Oct 2017
Change Bank logo

Change Coin is a revolutionary financial proposition that materializes the vision of finance without...

Start Date: 16 Sep 2017
End Date: 16 Oct 2017
Jibrel Network logo

The jibrel network allows anyone to digitize, list, trade and sell traditional assets, such as curre...

Start Date: 27 Nov 2017
End Date: 01 Jan 2018
Ended logo

We use peer-to-peer platforms to support the trading of a wide range of assets, and will be launchin...

Start Date: 07 Dec 2017
End Date: 04 Jan 2018
Algory Project logo

Designed with trading efficiency in mind. If you trade cryptocurrencies, you absolutely need Algory....

Start Date: 08 Dec 2017
End Date: 08 Jan 2018
GoldMint logo

GoldMint company emits GOLD digital assets on its own and ensures their buy-back at the current gold...

Start Date: 20 Sep 2017
End Date: 11 Nov 2017
Covesting logo

Covesting Platform creates a synergized ecosystem that brings investors and crypto currency traders ...

Start Date: 24 Nov 2017
End Date: 15 Jan 2018
Datum logo

Data is the new Oil. Datum is creating a global data exchange by turning data into tradeable commodi...

Start Date: 29 Oct 2017
End Date: 29 Nov 2017
United Traders logo

United Traders is a modern investment and financial company. Its core consists of professional trade...

Start Date: 30 Nov 2017
End Date: 24 Dec 2017
Cryptopay logo

Using several counter-parties for portfolio and risk management creates bottlenecks for the modern i...

Start Date: 02 Oct 2017
End Date: 30 Oct 2017
Investy logo

Investy is a platform for decentralized investments, enabling investing in cryptocurrencies, funds, ...

Start Date: 24 Nov 2017
End Date: 23 Dec 2017
NAGA logo

NAGA is a public listed, EU-regulated German Fintech company with trading-platforms for financial ma...

Start Date: 01 Dec 2017
End Date: 15 Dec 2017

Tokenomy is a platform that allows you to easily transform your products into tokens for crowdfundin...

Start Date: 15 Jan 2018
End Date: 05 Feb 2018
CrowdWiz logo

CrowdWiz Fund is the pioneer in our line of investment products, allowing participants to offer, ass...

Start Date: 20 Nov 2017
End Date: 31 Jan 2018
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