Revolutionary taxi platform

Our vision is to make everyday commuting simpler and more reliable. The platforms of private drivers, like Uber or Lyft are becoming more and more popular in Europe. Therefore, licensed taxi drivers are becoming not that demanded as they were before. The situation in the market inspired us to create the platform designed to connect customers with professional and accredited drivers directly. A2B will provide a mobile application for customers to find a licensed driver, as well as drivers to manage their business more efficiently.

Cryptocurrency Platform

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Token TAXI
Platform Ethereum
Price 1ETH = 11500 - 10000 TAXI
Country Lithuania
ICO Start Date 07 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 07 Apr 2018

About A2B Taxi

Our vision is to make the everyday commuting as smooth and simple as possible. Nobody wants to experience unpleasant transport services, nor does anybody need additional issues during the travelling time.

Everyday commuting might be considered as one of the most significant problems in the biggest cities in Europe, since the effect of globalisation is constantly growing. Many people live and work in different cities (or even in different countries), therefore, commuting to work by taxis or similar type of public vehicles has become an everyday reality. This causes another issue as the quality of taxi services in different locations across the continent differs a lot. For a person who travels on a regular basis, it is rather difficult to choose the most reliable taxi company in a particular city. This requires considerable effort and time whilst conducting a research online, or may lead to a potential disappointment whilst catching a random taxi near the airport.

The mission of A2B is to eliminate all the worries related to the short-haul journeys in urban areas and to establish the united system of transportation across big cities (the ones with the population above 500,000 people) in Europe. This system, known as A2B app for mobile devices, will provide the most reliable taxi service with only licensed drivers, which is not a common thing nowadays taking all the trendy private hire companies into account. Also in addition to the traditional payment methods such as bank cards, our customers will be able to pay for their trips with the specially designed A2B tokens. It is expected to increase the attractiveness of the services to the potential customers, given the fact that the technology of Blockchain is especially popular at the moment.


Tomas Peleckas member of A2B Taxi ICO
Tomas Peleckas
Vytautas Kaseta member of A2B Taxi ICO
Vytautas Kaseta
Blockchain Advisor
Carlo Verso member of A2B Taxi ICO
Carlo Verso
Product Lead
Sercan Saylik member of A2B Taxi ICO
Sercan Saylik
Business Lead
Aiste Veberaite member of A2B Taxi ICO
Aiste Veberaite
Communication consultant
Tomas Stasiulevicius member of A2B Taxi ICO
Tomas Stasiulevicius
Brand Lead
Mindaugas Songaila member of A2B Taxi ICO
Mindaugas Songaila
Design Lead
Ivona Vebriene member of A2B Taxi ICO
Ivona Vebriene
Support Coordinator


  • 1

    Quarter 3, 2015

    The begining 20 cab rollout

  • 2

    Quarter 3, 2016

    Fleet increases 50%

  • 3

    Quarter 4, 2016

    Despite of competition A2B Taxi becomes #1

  • 4

    Quarter 1, 2017

    Fleet increases 50%

  • 5

    Quarter 2, 2017

    Every citizen in the city

  • 6

    Quarter 3, 2017

    - MVP developer for local app
    - Select business clients pays via crypto currency
    - Shifting to Digital Business model

  • 7

    Quarter 4, 2017

    Private crowdfund launch

  • 8

    Quarter 1, 2018

    - ICO launch
    - Tokens can be exchanged
    - Platform finalization & testing

  • 9

    Quarter 2, 2018

    Launch Vilnius

  • 10

    Quarter 3, 2018

    Launch Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw, Berlin, Hamburg, Munic, Cologne, Fortmund, Essen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt

  • 11

    Quarter 4, 2018

    Launch Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Riga, Talinn, Helskinki, Stockholm, Oslo

  • 12

    Quarter 1, 2019

    Launch Athens, Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Zagreb, Bucharest, Sofia, Palermo, Amsterdam

  • 13

    Quarter 2, 2019

    Launch Rotterdam, The Gague, Brussles, Paris, Marseille, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Lisbon, London

  • 14

    Quarter 3, 2019

    Launch Birningham, Leeds, Glasgow, Moscow, St. Petersburg


Token Sale Info
Token TAXI
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1ETH = 11500 - 10000 TAXI
Tokens for Sale 300000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
Distributed in ICO 50%
Hard cap 50000000 TAXI

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