AdSigma ICO (ADSi)

Decentralized Ad Network

The AdSigma Token (ADSi) is a utility token with which advertisers can buy digital display advertisement on web/app properties, and publishers can monetize their apps/websites using AdSigma platform (They get paid in ADSi tokens). The platform is based on the Ethereum’s Smart Contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters set by the participants (Advertisers and Publishers) themselves. We are currently solving some serious problems in digital display advertising, which are - Unjustifiable Rate of Commission by Ad Networks, Lack of Freedom of Negotiation and Irrelevant Advertisements. The Blockchain technology ensures that one entity alone can’t control the platform. This decentralized system prevents the possibility of data manipulation and ensures that nobody can interfere with transactions or give preferences or privileges to one advertiser or publisher over another. The network is verified and maintained by all participants together.

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Token ADSi
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ADSi = 0.0003 ETH
Country India
ICO Start Date 05 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 20 Apr 2018

About AdSigma

We are presenting you AdSigma, a next-generation decentralized digital advertising platform to revolutionize the digital advertising space. Our primary goal is to increase transparency in a way that can benefit both publishers and advertisers alike. Our decentralized platform is easy to scale, transparent and solves all the existing problems of traditional advertising networks.

Our team is on an ambitious mission: to create a global system to restructure the existing arrangement in the online advertising business model by removing the need for the middleman that exists in the form of ad networks, and help the publishers and advertisers to get the best out of online advertisements. We want to provide the benefit that publishers and advertisers receive from the ad networks but without making them pay for it and to let them relish the privileges of a B2B model alongside.

We aim to replace the advertising network industry, which has annual revenue of over $200 billion and increasing consistently. As we believe in the power of open-source projects, we want to help this economy to operate on its own without any intervention of Ad Networks and eventually at ZERO commission fee. We want the advertisers to receive better results from the advertising and publishers to gain higher returns. With the authenticity, irreversibility and validity earmarks, blockchain will help us achieve our vision.


Suumit Shah member of AdSigma ICO
Suumit Shah
Project Development, Operations, Co-founder
Kapil Bhosale member of AdSigma ICO
Kapil Bhosale
Blockchain & Cloud Engineering, Co-founder
Akshay Mohite member of AdSigma ICO
Akshay Mohite
Blockchain & Web Development, Co-founder
Ravi Tamda member of AdSigma ICO
Ravi Tamda
Android Developer & Big Data Engineering, Co-founder
Subhash Choudhary member of AdSigma ICO
Subhash Choudhary
Ashutosh Bhatt member of AdSigma ICO
Ashutosh Bhatt
Community Manager
Vivek Sancheti member of AdSigma ICO
Vivek Sancheti
Strategic Investor Relations​


  • 1

    Q4 2017

    Concept Development of Adsigma.

  • 2

    Q1 and Q2 2018

    Release of AdSigma White paper. Launch of AdSigma Token Pre-Sale and Crowd-Sale.

  • 3

    Q3 2018

    Releasing the protocol for relayers to build Real time Bidding Exchange.

    Deploying the settlement smart contract for AdSigma advertiser publisher network.

  • 4

    Q4 2018

    Alpha launch - Testing the prototype, pilot installation of Adsigma SDK.

  • 5

    Q1 2019

    Beta launch - Advertisers will be able to setup ad campaigns and publishers will be able to monetize their apps/websites.

  • 6

    Q2 2019

    Engaging in close collaboration with major media publications and advertisers. Agreement signing.


Token Sale Info
Token ADSi
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ADSi = 0.0003 ETH
Tokens for Sale 60000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 2,850 ETH
Hard cap 19,000 ETH

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