AdultCam ICO (ACI)

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Our project is an adult entertainment platform that would utilize a blockchain technology and best practices in the business to create a safe environment for adult entertainment consumers, content creators, and enthusiasts. Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is adult webcam ( service on a popular webcaming platform. We plan to build and develop own independent entertainment platform, as well as expand and improve service line. Our ultimate goal is to set a new benchmark for the industry and make it a safer space.

Entertainment Platform

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Token ACI
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ACI = 0.001 ETH
Country Czechia
ICO Start Date 10 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 05 May 2018

About AdultCam

What is
AdultCam is an adult entertainment platform that would utilize the best technologies and practices available to create a designated space for adult entertainment consumers, content creators, and enthusiasts.
At the moment we are operating a project on a popular webcam platform livejasmin.
The project has a steady stream of viewers visiting the website on a daily basis. However, technological limitations of the master platform do not allow for stable development and value creation.
Our plan is to build and develop new services on AdultCam platform and expand it to the multilateral adult entertainment portal, which would attract a greater amount of visitors to a website and form a loyal customer group.
Anticipating opportunities cryptocurrency and blockchain bring, there is an opportunity for AdultCam and adult entertainment to utilize the technology for universal good.


Rhodri Darch member of AdultCam ICO
Rhodri Darch
Business Development Advisor
Maksim Kiryuhin member of AdultCam ICO
Maksim Kiryuhin
Creative Advisor
Lukáš Radechovský member of AdultCam ICO
Lukáš Radechovský
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Karel Zlatník member of AdultCam ICO
Karel Zlatník
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer Back-end web developer and system engineer.
Jiří Zlámalov member of AdultCam ICO
Jiří Zlámalov
Co-founder, Chief Communications Officer Marketing and Communications specialist
Petr Birk member of AdultCam ICO
Petr Birk
Back End Developer Smart Contract developer, blockchain enthusiast.
Jan Dušek member of AdultCam ICO
Jan Dušek
Digital Marketing Specialist Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Click advertising professional, web analyst, internet marketing professional.
Kamila Dvořáková member of AdultCam ICO
Kamila Dvořáková
UX/UI Designer / Front End Developer


  • 1

    December 2016

    Initial idea to start an adult entertainment project discussed.

  • 2

    February - April 2017

    Adult entertainment & services convention visit, gathering the information and industry analysis.

  • 3

    May - June 2017

    My Happy Studio project idea development.

  • 4

    July - September 2017

    Platform development, beta launch, feedback analysis.

  • 5

    October 29, 2017

    My Happy Studio website published.

  • 6

    December 2017

    Need for blockchain solution and crowdfunding is recognized, AdultCam project is discussed and outlined.

  • 7

    February, 2018

    AdultCam ICO application listing on several ICO rating platforms.

  • 8

    March 10, 2018

    AdultCam ICO Start.

  • 9

    May - June 2018

    ACI tokens listing at cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • 10

    May - July 2018

    Blockchain technology integration, in-house content creation, Minimal Value Product release. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is accepted.

  • 11

    June - August 2018

    AdultCam expansion, content creators attraction to the platform. Altcoins payment system adoption.

  • 12

    June 2018

    Media campaign for customer attraction start, mobile application development.

  • 13

    August - September 2018

    AdultCam services development and expansion, mobile application release.

  • 14

    October 2018

    Business performance analysis and user-generated content platform development.


Token Sale Info
Token ACI
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ACI = 0.001 ETH
Tokens for Sale 10000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Hard cap 20,000 ETH

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