AffiliateCoin ICO (AFL)

Revolutionising Affiliate Marketing

AffiliateCoin is here to revolutionise Affiliate Marketing, powered by the security, support and investment capacity of cryptocurrency. AffiliateCoin gives Publishers and Merchants the opportunity to maximise their ROI by removing the middlemen, eliminating fraud and offering a first class service without the costly barriers to entry. All based on its own platform and backed up by the indisputability of the Blockchain.

Internet Platform Smart Contract Virtual Reality

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Token AFL
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 5,000 AFL
Country UK
ICO Start Date 12 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 24 Mar 2018

About AffiliateCoin

AffiliateCoin is a decentralised Affiliate Marketing network that uses Smart Contracts to create secure, indisputable transactions on the Blockchain.

Despite Affiliate Marketing having been around for over 25 years it has some fundamental flaws, including mistrust, delayed payments and limited Pay Per Action capability.

By removing the middleman we are creating an environment in which trust is no longer relied upon. Merchants will rest in the knowledge that they only pay for the completion of clearly defined end user tasks, and Publishers will rest knowing their efforts nevergo unrewarded.

With all transactions stored on the public ledger of the Blockchain, justice in Affiliate Marketing will become an indisputable matter of public record.


Adam Babajee-Pycroft member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Adam Babajee-Pycroft
User Experience Consultant
Nic Rodgers member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Nic Rodgers
Senior Technical Consultant & LAMP Specialist
Lee Kelly member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Lee Kelly
UK Affiliate Marketing Business Leader
Callum Hiscott member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Callum Hiscott
Blockchain Evangelist
Tammy Harries member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Tammy Harries
North American Digital Retail Advisor
Breixo Mariño member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Breixo Mariño
European Affiliate Platform Expert
Robert Gething member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Robert Gething
Platform Consultant & Early Blockchain Adopter
Neil Bobbett member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Neil Bobbett
Global Tax & Accountancy Advisor
Garth Davis member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Garth Davis
Print and Direct Marketing Advisor
Mike Dodd member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Mike Dodd
C.E.O, Co-founder & Chief Visionary
Riccardo Ravaro member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Riccardo Ravaro
Chief Crypto Architect, Co-founder & Blockchain Evangelist
Tom Cant member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Tom Cant
C.T.O, Co-founder & DevOps Evangelist
Adrian Vide member of AffiliateCoin ICO
Adrian Vide
Creative Director, Co-founder & Marketing Strategist


  • 1

    October 2017

    AffiliateCoin Conceptualised.

  • 2

    January 2018

    Whitepaper Released.

  • 3

    February 2018

    Wallet Setup and Mining Initiated.

  • 4

    March 2018

    Smart contract, prototype.

  • 5

    June 2018

    Integration in Affiliate Network.

  • 6

    October 2018

    Payment system feature complete. QA & Testing phase.

  • 7

    December 2018

    Beta Release and Phase 2 Development Begins.

  • 8

    June 2019

    Launch of Affiliate Network.


Token Sale Info
Token AFL
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 5,000 AFL
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 4,000 ETH
Hard cap 350,000 ETH

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