Africunia ICO (AFCASH)

The first indigenous african cryptocurrency

AFRICUNIA is introducing an innovative banking model that allows the use of digital currency without hurdles, risks and technical barriers linked with owning, transferring, and trading in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Banking Cryptocurrency

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Platform Ethereum
Price 1 AFCASH = 0.10 USD
Country UK
ICO Start Date 01 Dec 2017
ICO End Date 31 Mar 2018

About Africunia

AFRICUNIA plans to achieve the scale to offer traditional and emerging banking products in a technology driven Blockchain era environment, eventually becoming the one-stop shop for all banking requirements. 

AFRICUNIA is in the process of implementing AFCASH—a crypto—based on AFRICUNIA Protocol Consensus Algorithm (APCA) to deal with the current problems of correctness, consensus, and utility that the current protocols have partly resolved. Our chief objective is to develop a new standard for tokenized investment that will act as a catalyst of bridging the gap between the fiat and cryptocurrencies.

We are offering a vision for the new standard of tokenized investment vehiclesthat will help bridge the gap between the conventional and crypto universes. In particular, AFCASH platform will be the one-stop shop solution for asset managers that want to create and manage tokenized funds. At its core, the AFRICUNIA will apply the benefits of ubiquitous Blockchain technology in the world of traditional investments. If you ever had doubts about using the Blockchain technology for classical investments, then the AFRICUNIA’s AFCASH is your solution. It incorporates all the aspects of the tokenized investment vehicles ranging from technology to infrastructure and legal compliance to create a “responsible cryptocurrency.”

You imagine a bank that offers best financial and investment services available to everyone with no restrictions, where you can safely store and manage your crypto assets, and where you can do secure and fast transactions and exchanges. It is here now - your Bank and Financial Marketplace - AFRICUNIA.


Barrister Miletus M.O. Nlemedim member of Africunia ICO
Barrister Miletus M.O. Nlemedim
Attorney/Legal Advisor
Vasyl Pavlovych member of Africunia ICO
Vasyl Pavlovych
Financial Advisor
Michael W. Büchi member of Africunia ICO
Michael W. Büchi
Financial & Diplomatic Advisor
Nesto Boccovi member of Africunia ICO
Nesto Boccovi
Financial Advisor
Gregor Novak member of Africunia ICO
Gregor Novak
Technological Advisor
Karl Hartmann member of Africunia ICO
Karl Hartmann
Technological Advisor
Chancellor Nzenwa member of Africunia ICO
Chancellor Nzenwa
Founder & President
Madeleine Winkler member of Africunia ICO
Madeleine Winkler
Company Secretary
Gérald Tissière member of Africunia ICO
Gérald Tissière
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Irina Yuhanyuk member of Africunia ICO
Irina Yuhanyuk
Marketing Director
Dieter Frank Wipf member of Africunia ICO
Dieter Frank Wipf
Business Development Director
Christian Abomo member of Africunia ICO
Christian Abomo
Operational Director, West & Central Africa
Tetiana Liulka member of Africunia ICO
Tetiana Liulka
Social Media Director
Oksana Sokolovska member of Africunia ICO
Oksana Sokolovska
Sina Ickler member of Africunia ICO
Sina Ickler
Coordinator, Languages & Translations
Christian Bogdan member of Africunia ICO
Christian Bogdan
Blockchain Developer


  • 1

    Research and Experiment

    Researching and experimenting with the RPCA will be our first step in the
    AFRICUNIA journey. Our developers will develop dummy prototype of
    Blockchain system based on APCA and test it for correctness, consensus, and
    utility. We are already researching and experimenting with the APCA and its
    application in Blockchain; and it is in advance stages.

  • 2


    The AFCASH pre-order will open on 1st December 2017 and run for 4 weeks up
    to 31st December 2017. We are targeting 500,000,000 Tokens.

  • 3


    The AFCASH ICO will start on 1st January 2018 and run for 3 months up to 31st
    March 2018.

  • 4

    Development of Blockchain prototypes

    At this stage, we will develop a Blockchain prototype that will help to eliminate
    ambiguities and enhance accuracy with our AFCASH crypto. It is advanced stage
    of development.

  • 5

    Development of the Blockchain beta version

    A beta version of our AFCASH crypto will be developed to help developers
    understand the ecosystem better as further ambiguities are eliminated. We expect
    this phase to take a maximum of 4 weeks. Therefore, this phase will run from 1st
    April 2018 to 30th April 2018.

  • 6

    Testing of prototypes, beta version, and the entire ecosystem

    We will test the system as a whole and ensure it is working properly and is
    interoperable with existing systems. This stage will take a maximum of 3 weeks
    and will run from 1
    st May 2018 to 21st May 2018.


Token Sale Info
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 AFCASH = 0.10 USD
Tokens for Sale 500000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, MIOTA, Various, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD

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