A Token For the People!

ALMBank is breaking the mold between profit & non-profit to create a business that pays people to create value in others’ lives. We are a self-funding, small-scale societal aid. We’re the platform that allows people to expand their skill sets as humans – not just as digits. We get people jobs! We offer freelancers a place to showcase their skillsets for little to no cost. We help ICO’s build teams. These services fund our charitable marketplace.

Charity Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Platform

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Token AALM
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 1000 AALM
Country Saint Lucia
ICO Start Date 27 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 29 Mar 2018

About ALMBank

ALMbank is an Ethereum based currency platform that will be the first ever barter backed labor pool; which focuses on startups, ICO’s, charitable works and dream projects.  We will be able to fund otherwise un-fundable projects through the use of sweat equity and a meritocracy based project exposure system. You can think of it as a high end job market that will have a meaningful cultural impact on business models of the future.

We are creating a platform where people will be encouraged to do work for coins and spend coins, but mostly as a means for real world production, instead of as a purely trading based platform.  This will create a sustainable demand for a currency, which can eventually be backed by dollars/silver, to the tune of thirty percent. Thereby creating a stable/sustainable, growth oriented micro-economy.

The ALMBank token pre-sale and crowdsale will help fund the development of the platform, it’s marketing and branding. ALMBank will be developed as state of the art labor exchange platform, ALMBank will use smart contract technology on the Ethereum blockchain to securely utilize deposited funds.


Kevin Murcko member of ALMBank ICO
Kevin Murcko
Senior Economic
Robert Tomkins member of ALMBank ICO
Robert Tomkins
Technical and Investment
Austin Muhs member of ALMBank ICO
Austin Muhs
Founder & CEO
Phillip Mccarty member of ALMBank ICO
Phillip Mccarty
Head of UX/UI Development
Andy Fuhr member of ALMBank ICO
Andy Fuhr
Head of Data Management/Cloud Security Infrastructure
Pavel Rubin member of ALMBank ICO
Pavel Rubin
Head of Token Development/Management
Jisook Choi member of ALMBank ICO
Jisook Choi
Financial Consultant
Rob Rukstalis member of ALMBank ICO
Rob Rukstalis
Marketing Consultant
Faraz Khan member of ALMBank ICO
Faraz Khan
Marketing Consultant
Nicholas Walker member of ALMBank ICO
Nicholas Walker
Head of charity logistics
Pilar Gut-Rod member of ALMBank ICO
Pilar Gut-Rod
Nonprofit community manager
Michael Castleman member of ALMBank ICO
Michael Castleman
Digital content manager
Volodymyr Biloshytskyi member of ALMBank ICO
Volodymyr Biloshytskyi
Frontend developer
Corey Feco member of ALMBank ICO
Corey Feco
Head of Token Economics
Kenn Palm member of ALMBank ICO
Kenn Palm
Head of Platform Development
Amy Roiland member of ALMBank ICO
Amy Roiland
Head of ecommerce development
Jessica S. Healy member of ALMBank ICO
Jessica S. Healy
Senior accounting manager
Vicki Cruz member of ALMBank ICO
Vicki Cruz
Senior hr manager


  • 1

    February 2018

    ICO Ends and AlmBank becomes tradeable on exchanges.
    Development of the marketplace platform begins.

  • 2

    April 2018

    Platform testing begins.

  • 3

    May 2018

    Beta Rollout of platform happens.

  • 4

    June 2018

    Official launch of Almbank's main platform and Cryptribute's Decentralized charity response platform.

  • 5

    August 2018

    Development on the mobile app begins.

  • 6

    November 2018

    Testing for the mobile app begins.

  • 7

    December 2018

    Rollout of the mobile app.


Token Sale Info
Token AALM
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 1000 AALM
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 99999000 AALM

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