Decentralised Cryptobank ownership, the 1st Cryptobank to offer fully Decentralised Bank Ownership. BXX Tokens will be for use in not just 1 Cryptobank startup, but ultimately 1000+ Cryptobank Brands! offers an open access, rules-based platform; sharing Bank licenses to release cutting-edge, branded and automated Cryptobanks in as little as 72 hours....

Banking Cryptocurrency

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Token BXX
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 BXX = 0.1 EUR
Country UK


At we are not just 1 Cryptobank brand, we aim to be 1000+ in years to come. We allow Decentralisation through shared Bank licenses in our rules based system, so anyone could start one to serve their customer following. System & Services cryptobank and crypto-financial-services delivered within a hard-wired, rules based system to ensure regulatory compliance with EU & International License obligations. Utilising automation, AI and Baanx support all back-office operations fully managed easily. Branded Cryptobanks
Using smart-contracts, any entity passing AML and Identity checks can create fully-managed, branded, licensed cryptobank and financial services to deliver to existing brand followers, or new branded bank customers they attract with niche, specialist offerings. Fast Growth has many brands interested in a fully branded, licensed network Bank to offer to existing customers. Open to Charities and Individuals, network customer expansion expects to be huge – offering strong net transaction returns for Token holders.
Cutting Edge Services rolling out phased, cutting-edge, branded network bank services. Crypto Exchange, Crypto & Fiat Mobile Payment Services, Fiat & Crypto Account Wallet, AML Identity & KYC, P2P lending, lending, Savings, Credit Cards, Investments, Business Banking. Liquidity Funding
We are more than just a Cryptobank – with a successful ICO, SCO & later IPO we will fund other Cryptobanks. E.g. point-of-sale finance for online businesses to their customers, lending services, credit card provision & later business banking. Token
BXX Token receives up to 20% of all network transaction revenue payable as a BXX bonus each week. The BXX token is vital in the ecosystem and will be in high demand. BXX Token Holders bonus example = €10,000 at Pre-Sale = 133,333 BXX (15% share of transaction revenue). €5m weekly net transaction revenue = €1m for BXX / 1.25billion = €106.67 per week and €5,546.65 per year payable in BXX as a bonus. inter-bank trading branded cryptobanks have huge numbers of use cases. Creation of customer portfolios of account holders, crypto exchange users, investors, asset backed lending, micro-lending, credit cards, business banking, payment users – tradeable with BXX between banks. Accessibility
Our smart-contract system allows Branded Operators to offer services free from the constraints of obtaining a license, huge liquidity backing or creating complicated regulated technology. You bring the customers, we bring the rest. Open API for external developers.


Garth Howat member of ICO
Garth Howat
John Van Der Vos member of ICO
John Van Der Vos
Janis Dzable member of ICO
Janis Dzable
Crypto Investor, Trader and Specialist.
Rhys Edwards member of ICO
Rhys Edwards
Head of People at Cryptocurrency advisor and Search specialist
Michiel Triebert member of ICO
Michiel Triebert
CEO, Internet Entrepreneur, Mobile Expert
Victor Chow member of ICO
Victor Chow
CEO, M&A Advisor, Venture Capital leader, Entrepreneur, NAGA & ICO Advisor, Partner in Blockchain Financial Services Innovation
David Drake member of ICO
David Drake
Founder & Chairman at LDJ Capital. Board Advisor. Leading figure within Cryptocurrency.
Benjamin Theobald member of ICO
Benjamin Theobald
Board Advisor Micromoney International, CEO, Co-Founder and Entrepreneur with strong Marketing experience.
Ian Scarffe member of ICO
Ian Scarffe


  • 1

    Q1, 2017

    A Decentralised Cryptobank concept is pursued, work begins by FCA team and
    technical team on delivering a Cryptobank & Cryptobank Network which will make
    Cryptobanks scaleable and mainstream. Planning, funding applications and team creation begins.

  • 2


    Seed Funding into Baanx concept is made in order to start research and mobile
    development how goals of project can be achieved. Whitepaper creation & writing with team and advisors. Customer research and reach out to Cryptobank potential users underway.

  • 3

    Q1, 2018

    ICO Planning, Website creation, further work on MVP, mobile development and licensing agreements for new products. Banking License applications begin to ensure in place in shortest time. Extensive presentations and investment work in preparation for the
    Crowdsale work.

  • 4

    Q3, 2018

    ICO has completed and Singapore, Swedish & St Vincent Bank License gathered, Crypto E-money operations underway, wallet (with hedge, price guarantee) and exchange elivered and released. Extensive Development underway to deliver all plans and goals of the project.

  • 5


    EU & UK Banking License, customer acquisition and products fast growing. Network has grown extensively and delivering great crypto scaleability. No.1 Cryptobank Network and 100s of new banks are released across the


Token Sale Info
Token BXX
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 BXX = 0.1 EUR
Tokens for Sale 700000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 56 %
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 76,000,000 USD

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