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Certified, encrypted data available on-demand

We aim BCDiploma to become the global standard of degree certification. Our solution is a cost effective, easy-to-implement, tamper-proof turnkey service. BCDiploma aims to be the standard on Linkedin and all major job boards. BCDiploma shakes up the access to certified diploma. With our service, a single clic grants direct access to ethereum-based, smart-contract-validated data. BCDiploma develops a specific DApp for schools, enabling them to issue their degrees on Ethereum.

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Token BCDT
Platform Ethereum
Country France
ICO Start Date 18 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 16 Feb 2018

About BCDiploma

First of all, BCDiploma brings a solution to a concrete and relevant problem that schools’ IT departments struggle with. The number of higher education institutions keeps increasing
and competition is fierce amongst them. Each one of these schools is yearning for a stronger reputation and for better quality services for their students. The diploma’s certification issue is in every Director of IT System’s mind.

An easy implementation

Within schools, IT and administrative services in charge of issuing diplomas are looking for easy and practical solutions to use. BCDiploma offers a “turnkey” DApp, which will allow schools to issue diplomas by a simple data upload. By doing so, schools:

  • Avoid a complex document management, which is necessary today to implement the current blockchain solutions (issuance of a digital “original” document, storage, hash);
  • Don’t have to handle digital safes and their access anymore. With BCDiploma, the only element the graduate needs to access his diploma is a matching URL.
  • Safety, reliability and trust. Schools have to deal with the issue of their data’s safety, especially with long-term storage.
    BCDiploma’s encryption algorithm, associated with data storage on Ethereum, ensures a level of reliability and safety that doesn’t exist on the current market;
    The Blockchain technology creates trust between the various players: protocols are clearly defined and the existing rules are always respected and checked.
  • Sustainability. Choosing a long-term, reliable service without depending on a provider is a major challenge for schools.
    • While using BCDiploma, schools cannot lose their diplomas’ data any longer, as they are stored
    on Ethereum;
  • BCDiploma uses open source systems called DApps: data’s access and DApps’ use are guaranteed to the schools without any time limit.
  • No recurring costs. Long-term cost management is paramount for schools.
  • Compared to the other market players, BCDiploma is highly competitive. There is no monthly plan or maintenance cost but only one payment per diploma;
  • If deemed more convenient by the schools, BCDiploma offers an “all-included” service, called SaaS, billed after the fact in USD or EUR.

Economies of scale

Alumni or employees constantly solicit schools regarding copies’ issuance or diplomas’ certificates.
Thanks to BCDiploma these issuances can be automated and externalized. Schools will save so
much time and energy.

Personal data’s protection

Schools must respect the regulations on privacy and personal data.
BCDiploma complies with the essential principles set by the General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR) and was created so:

  • It won’t be possible for the BCDiploma Solution operators to use or collect data;
  • The right to be forgotten regulation could be implemented.

Digital innovation

To be attractive and competitive, schools are looking for digital innovations to serve their graduates
in a practical way and improve their reputation.

  • Thanks to BCDiploma, alumni can use their diploma’s URL on LinkedIn and other social media,
    without any time limit;
  • BCDiploma gives schools a “technological pioneer” dimension.


Luc JARRY-LACOMBE member of BCDiploma ICO
Vincent LANGARD member of BCDiploma ICO
Jean-René KRASUCKI member of BCDiploma ICO
Social Media Manager
Johann BONFILS member of BCDiploma ICO
Graphic Designer
Thomas VINOT PREFONTAINE member of BCDiploma ICO
Press Manager
Raphaël FRAYSSINET member of BCDiploma ICO
Web Communication Manager
Philippe HONIGMAN member of BCDiploma ICO
Strategic Advisor
Aurélie BAYLE member of BCDiploma ICO
Aurélie BAYLE
Legal Compliance Advisor
Louis-Marie WATTEBLED member of BCDiploma ICO
Product Strategic Advisor
Jonathan BELGOURARI member of BCDiploma ICO
Financial Advisor
Ludovic FLAMENT member of BCDiploma ICO
Cryptographic Advisor
Eric GALLAND member of BCDiploma ICO
Expert Accountant Advisor


  • 1


    We will launch our application and offer it to the education and recruiting market’s leaders, primarily in Europe. Our goal for the first year is to gain a worldwide legitimacy publishing the diplomas’ history of the top schools on every continent. An incentive budget that meets all the above-mentioned issues will support this goal (15% of the tokens’ sale amount).

  • 2


    We will launch a massive marketing campaign to conquer the diplomas’ certification market in Europe, in North America and in the BRICS members. In the meantime, in Europe, we will take hold of the skills certification, professional certification and professional registers’ market.

  • 3


    Being a global market player, we will have reached the necessary scale to enter the massive market of administrative registers.


Token Sale Info
Token BCDT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 100000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 1,800 ETH
Hard cap 1,800 ETH

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