BeautiQ ICO (BTQ)

European commodities for Chinese consumers

BeautiQ is a Bulgarian startup.The company was created by a team of experts in ecommerce and Supply Chain with more than 15 years practical experience within Russian, Ukrainian and European markets.


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Token BTQ
Platform Waves
Country Isle of Man
ICO Start Date 20 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 20 Mar 2018

About BeautiQ

Technical obstacles and high entrance requirements limit access to the Chinese online market for small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMEs) from countries located in Central, Southern Eastern Europe . At the same time Chinese customers switch their focus from luxury goods to quality medium-price products made from natural raw materials. 

Solution: BeautiQ’s operating solution allowing the consolidation of the sales of a wide range of medium-priced goods from CEE/SEE countries via Chinese marketplaces, namely JD
Worldwide and Tmall and providing business services to EU manufacturers.
Market B2C – the original focus will be the Chinese market place. Then BeautiQ will develop other product niches as FMCG and F&B
Client middle-class men and women; internet users, who are typically focused on taking care of their health and looking after their childrens’ health.
Products: Starting with “Natural Cosmetics”, further development into high quality food and beverages from the CEE/SEE region
Market B2B – the CEE/SEE region
Our Clients: manufacturers planning to enter the Chinese market which are short on resources and can’t afford independent expansion. .
Products: Consulting and business services facilitating entrance into the Chinese market via online cross-border trade
Business model B2C For the start-up and fine tuning of BeautiQ’s processes & services we incorporated a Bulgarian Companyto become an operator of web-stores on Chinese marketplaces (JDW, Tmall Global) using the opportunity provided by the cross-border online sales model.
Covered function: marketing, customer service, fulfillment and delivery;
B2B functionality development - on the basis of obtained experience and partners network;
Operations in Europe – BeautiQ with small staffing numbers, integrated IT infrastructure and an outsourced logistics function;
Operations in China – via JD Worldwide partners (delivery, customer service, reverse logistics) and Digital Marketing agency (marketing activities, SEO , CMM on Chinese web segment (Wechat, Weibo, Baidu etc));
Finance model: Revenue from online sales of one product group (cosmetics, FMCG, F&B) as a base for further development of other products and services.
Operations: First 12 months – multi brand store on JD Worldwide with X-border model;
Starting 2nd year – add consulting and business services .
Marketing strategies: B2C marketing approach will be based on marketing tools available on the JD platform, search engines (Baidu), brand awareness and trustworthy image of the
brands in social media (WeChat, Weibo) in China.
B2B strategy will include online and offline PR, organization and participation in events, SEO and SEM.


Henrik Koskela member of BeautiQ ICO
Henrik Koskela
Partner, Mentor
Andrew Taylor member of BeautiQ ICO
Andrew Taylor
Co-founder, Advisor in Management, Supply Chain
Luke Conner member of BeautiQ ICO
Luke Conner
Valery Malashonok member of BeautiQ ICO
Valery Malashonok
Co-founder, Project manager
Evgenia Chernikova member of BeautiQ ICO
Evgenia Chernikova
Co-founder, Marketing and Commercial Director
Roman Chistyakov member of BeautiQ ICO
Roman Chistyakov
Co-founder, Chief Information Officer
Vladislav Fedorov member of BeautiQ ICO
Vladislav Fedorov
Technical Specialist


  • 1

    March 2016

    The idea of creating an operating company to promote goods produced by small companies from Eastern Europe to the markets of Southeast Asia.

  • 2

    April - May 2016

    Trips to the region (Central and Eastern Europe), getting to know the producers

  • 3

    May - October 2016

    Marketing research, preparation and signing of contracts with cosmetics manufacturers

  • 4

    September - December 2016

    Search for Chinese partners, discussion on working conditions, receipt of offers and tariffs

  • 5

    January - April 2017

    Preparation of a test model

  • 6

    May 2017

    Decision to attract investment using the ICO model

  • 7

    September - December 2017

    Preparation of documentation

  • 8

    February 2018 – March 2018

    ICO campaign

  • 9

    March 2018 – April 2018

    Preparation for work in the test mode

  • 10

    April 2018

    Planned sales test

  • 11

    May 2018 – June 2018

    Planned launch of sales of goods in the category of cosmetics

  • 12

    June 2019 -August 2019

    Launch of promotion of business services and consulting in Central and Eastern Europe


Token Sale Info
Token BTQ
Platform Waves
Tokens for Sale 720000
Investment info
Soft cap 480000 EUR
Hard cap 600000 EUR

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