System of Interrelated Cryptocurrency Processing

BeEasy makes the world of cryptocurrency more clear and available to any users regardless of their skill levels. It is reached due to development of clear interfaces and flexible management system by the most demanded services: mining, conversion, trading, purchase of goods and services, investments, assignments on charity, etc. With the help of a "one window system" the user authorized at once can use all system services - from rent of capacities for a mining till receiving goods for cryptocurrency and services from partners of the project.

Business services Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

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Token ETKN
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETKN = 0.02 BTC
Country Cyprus
ICO Start Date 01 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 30 Apr 2018

About BeEasy

BeEasy Ecosystem
BeEasy ecosystem modules and their communication patterns
BeEasy ecosystem is a group of interconnected services for cryptocurrency mining, managing the cryptocurrency portfolios, trading and converting cryptocurrency into various assets such as fiat currencies, gaming currencies, software licenses, discount bonuses and certificates for merchant products, internet stores and offline networks, and charity donations.


Viktor Pasternak member of BeEasy ICO
Viktor Pasternak
Legal advisor
George Basiladze member of BeEasy ICO
George Basiladze
Evgeniy Koynov member of BeEasy ICO
Evgeniy Koynov
Blockchain Adviser
Petr Levich member of BeEasy ICO
Petr Levich
ethics and Social Advisor
Andrey Dobryy member of BeEasy ICO
Andrey Dobryy
Marketing Advisor
Natalya Novikova member of BeEasy ICO
Natalya Novikova
Brand manager
Aleksandr Bespalov member of BeEasy ICO
Aleksandr Bespalov
Project manager, CEO Cryptocompany
Anton Makarchuk member of BeEasy ICO
Anton Makarchuk
Ilya Surodeykin member of BeEasy ICO
Ilya Surodeykin
COO Cryptocompany, data center project manager
Nikita Polikarpov member of BeEasy ICO
Nikita Polikarpov
Chief technology officer
Margarita Kalinina member of BeEasy ICO
Margarita Kalinina
Deputy CEO


  • 1

    Second quarter of 2017

    project launch, launching the development of the authentic 12 GPU mining solution, launching pool alpha version for Ethereum, client app for Windows, launching the data center “zero” phase, designing and starting to build the data cente.

  • 2

    Third quarter of 2017

    Pool beta version and the Windows client for Ethereum, availability of authentic 12 GPU mining equipment development.

  • 3

    Fourth quarter of 2017

    Project release on GitHub, pre-ICO start, organizing the Cryptoprism conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, pre-ICO termination (sold tokens value amounted to over 1.5 million USD), releasing the beta version for Ubuntu mining client, commissioning first phase of the 1 MW data center, equipping the data center for the 10+ GHs.

  • 4

    First quarter of 2018

    Starting ICO in February 2018, project road show (South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the US, Europe et al.), EasyTrade exchange testing platform rollout, EadyFund foundation testing platform rollout.

  • 5

    Second quarter of 2018

    introducing a robot for EasyFund foundation and trading management, launching EasyTrade exchange beta version, developing and introducing API for the project partners, manufacturing equipment for the data center “cloud mining”, commissioning the data center second phase for 2.5 MW.

  • 6

    Third quarter of 2018

    installing the equipment for the data center “cloud mining”, starting to sell “cloud mining” hash power to token owners, introducing adaptive client software for mining by different user groups.

  • 7

    Fourth quarter 2018

    expanding the project partner network, applying for licensure of the exchange in Japan and meeting the licensing procedures’
    requirements in Switzerland, commissioning the data center third phase for 2.5 MW.

  • 8


    Further project development, expanding the client database for all services to the minimum of 10 million users.


Token Sale Info
Token ETKN
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETKN = 0.02 BTC
Tokens for Sale 160000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 64%
Hard cap 3200 BTC

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