Bethereum ICO (BTHR)

A Decentralised Social Betting Platform

Gamification elements, an easy-to-understand interface and simplicity in account creation and management distinguish Bethereum from other betting platforms. We use Ethereum technology to deliver the most common demands from sports betting, such as instant payouts, unlimited winnings and transparency in fund management. However, Bethereum is much more than just sports betting. In addition to limitless scalability, the platform can also handle additional items such as eSports, fantasy sports and casino-type games. We will also include a tool kit for developers and white-label customers, complete with a graphic Smart Contract builder to further expand the use of our platform. At the core of the platform is the Bether token, which will be used for all interactions. The initial token sale will distribute 1 billion tokens and the proceeds of these funds will be used to expand Bethereum, in addition to paying for operating costs.

Platform Smart Contract Sports

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Token BTHR
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 17,500 BTHR
Country Hong Kong
ICO Start Date 11 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 25 Apr 2018

About Bethereum

Bethereum is a decentralised, social betting platform based on Ethereum technology and smart contracts.Currently existing solutions for online betting carry a set of problems that make it unattractive to many potential users. These include transparency, security issues, lack of social character, and the perceived unfairness of conventional betting. The objective of the Bethereum framework is to allow for an intuitive creation and deployment of betting smart contracts that operate directly on the Blockchain.

The Bethereum application client enables a user to place bets on the outcome of future events and earn rewards in Bether tokens for correctly predicting the true outcome. Smart contracts guarantee the transparency of each transaction and payment of winnings to victorious bettors. This is the most convenient way to place bets secured by smart contracts: The entire process can be completely realised through your mobile device, typically in less than a minute. Our solution emphasizes the quality of user experience, and the social aspect of betting, with a particular focus on building strong communities. We aim to create a broad online platform that will make the entire betting process accessible, easy to use and attractive also for more casual bettors.



  • 1

    March 2017

    The conception of our idea.

  • 2

    August 2017

    First prototype.

  • 3

    March 2018

    Token sale.

  • 4

    Q3 2018

    Backend build on blockchain.

  • 5

    Q3 2018

    Android, iOS and web app.

  • 6

    Q4+ 2018

    Other sports, eSports and fantasy.

  • 7

    Q4+ 2018

    Live and community betting.

  • 8


    3rd party Bether adoption.


Token Sale Info
Token BTHR
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 17,500 BTHR
Tokens for Sale 600000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Hard cap 25,000 ETH

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