Betley ICO (BETS)

AI Powered P2P Betting Platform

Because we have no odds, the winning potential is limitless. Punters will never win less than what other popular bookie platforms are offering but the chance to win much bigger is possible with every bet. We are building an Ai system that scans the web and builds our betting templates allowing members to quickly create a bet between them and their mates or join the community of punters.

Artificial Intelligence Smart Contract Sports

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Token BETS
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 BETS = 0.0001 ETH
Country Australia
ICO Start Date 02 Aug 2018
ICO End Date 01 Sep 2018
PreICO Start Date 01 Jun 2018
PreICO End Date 01 Aug 2018

About Betley

You’ve heard those tales about a few mates coming up with a genius idea at the pub one night, only to forget all the details the next day and write it off into the “too hard” basket. Well, that’s not us. We’re three mates who got together at the pub one day, came up with a genius idea and have been working our butts off to see it to fruition since. We’ve gone from a simple app that allows the user to log bets against their mate, to a sophisticated peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, leveraging blockchain technology to create bets not against the house, but against other members, on anything from the weather to the next Melbourne Cup winner.

We’ve got our blue sky idea, with a detailed map of how we plan to actualise our vision. Now all we need are the resources to make it happen. We need developers to build the infrastructure, cryptocurrency experts to expand our wallets, and legal minds to sure up company contracts.

We have already invested our hearts, souls, minds and finances into this venture. Now it’s your turn. By investing in Betley, you are investing in the next frontier in the wagering world. Not only will you automatically become one of the founding members of Betley, but you’ll be a part of something that’s never been seen in the betting world - a betting platform where there’s no
“house”, members always win and profits go back to the community. Playing with us will change the way you bet against your mates, and help us redefine the gaming industry at large.

Thank you for taking the time to read this white paper. We hope you’ll take a punt on us and help us build a Betley world.


Kere Puki member of Betley  ICO
Kere Puki
Co-founder, CEO
Laze Spasevski member of Betley  ICO
Laze Spasevski
Co-founder, COO
Clare Puki member of Betley  ICO
Clare Puki
Haley Chartres member of Betley  ICO
Haley Chartres
Public Relations
Penni Nicholls member of Betley  ICO
Penni Nicholls
Business Development
Brendan Main member of Betley  ICO
Brendan Main
Solutions Architect
Chris Assaf member of Betley  ICO
Chris Assaf
Crypto Adviser


  • 1

    2015 Q1

    Concept formulated and wire frames developed (click to view wireframes).

  • 2

    2015 Q4

    Beta prototype app released in App Store and Google Play (no longer active).

  • 3

    2018 Q1

    New core team assembled.
    Tech team assembled.

  • 4

    2018 Q2

    Version 1 of white paper is released.
    ICO & marketing website launched.
    Public announcement of ICO on multiple platforms.
    ICO presale begins.

  • 5

    2018 Q3

    ICO presale ends.
    Public crowdsale begins.
    Public crowdsale ends.

  • 6

    2018 Q4

    Platform development begins.

  • 7

    2019 Q1

    Strategic partnerships developed.

  • 8

    2019 Q3

    Beta platform launched.
    Scaling up users and community events.
    Engaging with additional bookies to include BETS as a form of payment.

  • 9

    2019 Q4

    iOS, Android and Windows platforms completed and launched.
    Global release complete.


Token Sale Info
Token BETS
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 BETS = 0.0001 ETH
Tokens for Sale 600000000
Investment info
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 1,000,000 AUD
Hard cap 10,000,000 AUD

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