Bitnxt Coin ICO (BNT)

Experience a world of opportunities.

Bitnxt coin aims to create an environment that has an acceptance for cryptocurrency as conventional or FIAT currency. Various sectors of business and world management can benefit with Bitnxt. We also have created a Bitnxt network that provides the customers freedom to mine Bitnxt freely. Bitnxt coin makes cryptocurrencies to customers globally. Our customers are not hesitant and understand the capability of digital currency. We create awareness and acceptability for all cryptocurrencies through the Bitnxt community. Further our evolutionary technology will provide a safe, fast and transparent platform for trading across the globe.

Token BNT
Platform Bitcoin
Country Denmark
ICO Start Date 01 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 15 Feb 2018

About Bitnxt Coin

Remittance is the fund sent to countries of their origin via wire transfer or online transfer. These peer to peer transfer like a social network to transact funds globally. The significance of remittance is economically significant for many countries that receive them. Bitnxt coin creates a safe and transparent environment for these types of major transfers which have the capability to affect financial markets.
The decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency akes your funds accessible universally, no federal agency or government can freeze or shut your account.
Bitnxt coin is a clear transaction method. The system incorporated in Bitnxt coin is the strong blockchain which is a peer to peer network. Where all the transactions can validated instantly. The transactions made by others also can be viewed on the public forum creating a transparent network.
Is a digital algorithm which verifies the requirements after verification. We at Bitnxt coin have developed a state of the art Hash algorithm with the scrypt technology for this process.



  • 1

    2017 Q1

    Birth of Idea.
    Assemble a Team for software development.
    Assemble a Team for handling operations & Partnership ventures.

  • 2

    2017 Q2

    Implementing the Idea for online shopping software.
    R&D on problems related to the Software and blockchain.
    Development of Blockchain to build a stable Platform.
    Legal formalities completion.

  • 3

    2017 Q3

    Planning Events & Seminars for awareness about the coin technology.
    Whitepaper specifications.
    Investor meets introducing the online shopping software.

  • 4

    2017 Q4

    Launch of Token Sale through ICO.
    Arranging Events in different countries for Crypto Enthusiasts.


Token Sale Info
Token BNT
Platform Bitcoin

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