BotGaming ICO (BOT)

Blockchain Gambling Platform For Messenger Bots

BotGaming is a blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots. Verifiability of odds and building users' trust represent our core values. This is why BotGaming has been built using open source PRNG to make interactions inside the game session transparent and verifiable. BotGaming uses blockchain protocol at the game’s session level. Once the game session begins, all transactions like slot machine spins or poker hands are gas-free and are processed almost instantaneously. What problems does BotGaming solve Despite the high rates of growth of the industry, trust in online gambling is lacking. This problem covers all aspects of the gambling industry, from PRNG to payments. The combination of open source PNRG and the processing of all external transactions using the blockchain ensures provably fair gambling. Mobile device users spend up to 70% of time using messenger apps, which make them especially promising to use as a mobile gambling platforms.

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Token BOT
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 BOT = 0.01 USD
Country Canada
ICO Start Date 02 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 30 Apr 2018

About BotGaming

BotGaming is a blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots. We started game development in 2016, and initially we focused on a social gambling business model with monetization solely through in-app purchases. Today the total number of our bots installed on all platforms exceeds 400,000, with more than 35,000 monthly active users. Our products have been mentioned by Forbes, TechCrunch and CNet.

In May 2017, we made a decision to create a fully-featured gambling platform for messenger apps by obtaining a MGA (Malta Gambling Authority) license, which entitles the company to operate in the European market.

The core value of BotGaming is verifiability and user trust. Our open source RNG generator and the performance of all transactions on the blockchain ensures provably fair gambling.

BotGaming’s token - BotCoin (BOT) will be used as the primary in-game currency for all of our games. It will be connected across all platforms and allow users to gamble for real money against their friends on their devices.

BotGaming uses blockchain protocol as a strong bidirectional payment channel between players, casino and affiliates. Needless to say, this solution guarantees the fairness of reward payouts and gives players complete control over their funds. When a player starts a game session we ask them about the amount of BOT tokens they want to play with. This is consistent with the principle of responsible gambling. Then we deploy a game contract, which locks the corresponding number of tokens on their wallet.

When a player decides to quit the game session, the smart contract distributes the reward and the outcome of all operations are added to the blockchain.

As can be seen from this description, BotGaming uses the blockchain at the game session level only. This approach solves issues with transactional fees and speed. We need to pay gas only twice - to open and close game session. Once the game session is open, all transactions like slotmachine spins or hand-drawing in poker are gas-free, and are conducted almost instantaneously.


Ariel Israilov member of BotGaming ICO
Ariel Israilov
Andrei Moskvitch member of BotGaming ICO
Andrei Moskvitch
Kirill Pyrev member of BotGaming ICO
Kirill Pyrev
Fedor Matasov member of BotGaming ICO
Fedor Matasov
Ruslan Mukhametkhanov member of BotGaming ICO
Ruslan Mukhametkhanov
Marketing & PR
Leo Kangin member of BotGaming ICO
Leo Kangin
Head of Product
Samuel Mcculloch member of BotGaming ICO
Samuel Mcculloch
Business Development
Mikhail Sinitsyn member of BotGaming ICO
Mikhail Sinitsyn
BDM East Asia
Dmitry Popov member of BotGaming ICO
Dmitry Popov
Project Manager
Dmitry Rozhkov member of BotGaming ICO
Dmitry Rozhkov
System Architect
Kirill Glinsky member of BotGaming ICO
Kirill Glinsky
Full Stack Developer
Evgeny Savin member of BotGaming ICO
Evgeny Savin
Chatbot Developer
Dmitry Ruban member of BotGaming ICO
Dmitry Ruban
Q&A Lead
Vitalii Nozhko member of BotGaming ICO
Vitalii Nozhko
Web Designer And Illustrator


  • 1

    July 2017

    Market research

  • 2

    August 2017

    White Paper 1.0
    Legal consulting

  • 3

    September 2017

    Legal structuring of business
    Launch BetBot and LotoBot for Telegram
    Added to ICO lists
    Investors’ private area on website

  • 4

    October 2017

    Legal structuring of business
    Investors’ private area
    MVP of LotoBot

  • 5

    November 2017

    White Paper 2.0
    MVP of TotoBot
    RNG with open code
    RNG certification
    Smart contracts

  • 6

    December 2017

    Marketing campaign
    Bounty Campaign
    Claim for Curacao Gambling License

  • 7

    IIQ-IIIQ 2019

    HTML5 interface for games


Token Sale Info
Token BOT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 BOT = 0.01 USD
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 5000000 USD
Hard cap 20000000 USD

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