Casper API ICO (CST)

New opportunities for DApps

We want DApps to develop fast – independently from the blockchain platform. To simplify the problem of data-storage issues for their clients we created Casper API. Any DApp on any blockchain platform with a smart-contract can use our API to store data and CDN.

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Token CST
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 CST = 0.16 USD
Raised $1,040,000
Country Russia
ICO Start Date 30 May 2018
ICO End Date 30 Jun 2018

About Casper API

Casper is a protected and reliable utility for DApp based on Ethereum platform. It is the fastest way to ensure your DApp stores data, i.e., video, photo, audio, text, databases. It is  implemented by joint effort of a variety of vendors, which provide their hard drives and internet-channels for storing and transferring your files. They will rent their facilities in exchange for monthly reward, such as tokens. Vendors may choose to become local data centers, which will ensure a higher access rate and low response time for all users, both individual and companies.
Imagine our nearest future, when information will not only be generated by you, but billions of IT devices, drones, self-driving cars, robots, AR/VR. All of them require an immense storage volume for information, which will cause significant demand for the service in question from both classic-style applications and DApp. This is why we have started Casper API development early on, as it will enable us to resolve the issue of data storage quickly and promptly.
Casper API will allow cloud storage of data with a higher level of confidentiality, reliability, and flexible options for access control. It removes intermediaries between users and locations where data segments are stored. Only users will have access to their information. Vendor providing storage is not capable of either viewing or editing such data. To ensure higher file transfer rates, we use a proven peer-to-peer protocol (hereinafter P2P). Those principles introduced by decentralized applications will enable future reduction of storage costs with respect to DApp, and hence cut costs for end users. This will further enhance their development and increase the spread of such decentralized applications.


Stanislav Kapulkin member of Casper API ICO
Stanislav Kapulkin
Artem Koltsov member of Casper API ICO
Artem Koltsov
Vitaly Cheremensky member of Casper API ICO
Vitaly Cheremensky
Igor Koval member of Casper API ICO
Igor Koval
Alexey Verlinger member of Casper API ICO
Alexey Verlinger
Code Supervisor
Evgeniy Stratovnikov member of Casper API ICO
Evgeniy Stratovnikov
Alena Kolpashnikova member of Casper API ICO
Alena Kolpashnikova
Project lead
Vadim Batkin member of Casper API ICO
Vadim Batkin
Finansical adviser
Yuriy Gugnin member of Casper API ICO
Yuriy Gugnin
Michael Portnoy member of Casper API ICO
Michael Portnoy
Capital Markets Adviser
Eddie Chou member of Casper API ICO
Eddie Chou
Ian Scarffe member of Casper API ICO
Ian Scarffe
Marketing, IR, Adviser
Vladimir Nikitin member of Casper API ICO
Vladimir Nikitin
Dongwon Kang member of Casper API ICO
Dongwon Kang


  • 1


    Legion Digital founded

  • 2

    May 2017

    Idea of Casper first appears

  • 3

    December 2017


  • 4

    January 2018

    Development of Casper prototype

  • 5

    February 2018


  • 6

    April 2018

    First Dapps join the system

  • 7

    May 2018


  • 8

    July 2018

    Launch of the alpha version of Casper API

  • 9

    October 2018

    Launch of the beta version of Casper API

  • 10

    January 2019


  • 11

    early 2019

    Global hookup of suppliers


Token Sale Info
Token CST
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 CST = 0.16 USD
Tokens for Sale 258083333
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 58,7%
Soft cap 6,700,000 USD
Hard cap 31,800,000 USD
Raised $1,040,000

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