Cibus ICO (CBT)

Food Ecosystem on Blockchain

CIBUS is bringing Trust back into Food and Dietary Supplements segments with a new decentralized, blockchain based platform. CIBUS will help its users to track and transact food and dietary supplement products to ensure highest quality, trust, transparency, reliability, efficiency, security and full traceability, at lower cost. CIBUS will create end to end B2C & B2B ecosystem that will transform how we handle and consume food in future.


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Token CBT
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 1000 CBT
Country New Zealand
ICO Start Date 28 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 28 Mar 2018

About Cibus

A de-centralized, blockchain based platform that enables consumers to verify the quality and contents of the food they consume. CIBUS is a holistic food ecosystem that facilitates direct trade between food producers and consumers.

Globally, food crime and adulteration are increasing at an alarming rate. Consumers have no visibility on food quality and safety and are solely dependent on regulatory authorities to ensure the authenticity of not just the food they consume but also the labelling on food products. Too many intermediaries’ in the food eco system increase the cost and the transit time of food as it travels from farms to the dining table of the consumers.

CIBUS provides consumers a mobile application based tracing tool to verify the quality and authenticity of food and dietary supplements that they consume on a daily basis. It revolutionizes the concept of food safety, enhances transparency and reduces consumers’ dependency on regulatory bodies for quality assurance. CIBUS creates an open, fair and free trade eco-system where consumers can directly interact and trade with producers and manufacturers. It eliminates all unnecessary intermediaries.



  • 1

    Q4 of 2017

    Publication of White Paper, Website and promotion

  • 2

    Q1 of 2018

    Token Generation Event, Listing CIBUS Token in cryptocurrency exchanges

  • 3

    Q2 of 2018

    Alpha Release of CIBUS Trace

  • 4

    Q3 of 2018

    Alpha Release of CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

  • 5

    Q4 of 2018

    Beta Version of CIBUS Trace

  • 6

    Q1 of 2019

    Beta Version of CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

  • 7

    Q2 of 2019

    Alpha Version of CIBUS AD, CIBUS Escrow, CIBUS Logistics & CIBUS Affiliate

  • 8

    Q3 of 2019

    Full Release of CIBUS Trace, CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

  • 9

    Q4 of 2019

    Beta Version of CIBUS AD, CIBUS Escrow, CIBUS Logistics & CIBUS Affiliate

  • 10

    Q1 of 2020

    Full release of Integrated CIBUS Ecosystem Platform


Token Sale Info
Token CBT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 1000 CBT
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Distributed in ICO 40%
Soft cap 5,000,000 CBT
Hard cap 40,000,000 CBT

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