CoinFi ICO (COF)

The democratization of Wall Street

CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge. It's been called the most powerful cryptotrading analysis tool and the first decentralized market intelligence platform.


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Token COF
Platform Ethereum
Country Hong Kong
ICO Start Date 08 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 18 Feb 2018

About CoinFi

With Bitcoin returning 370% in 2017, an arms race is coming to crypto. Wall street has already formed over 70 crypto based hedge funds in the last six months.

They bring with them lightning-fast sophisticated black box algorithmic trading signals, real-time analysis of news through powerful machine learning techniques, coupled with "best execution" trading algorithms.

Main Street crypto traders will find it near impossible to compete if Wall Street succeeds in rapidly deploying their capabilities to our industry.

CoinFi brings together a team of former Wall Street traders and technologists who want to transfer this knowledge and technology to a decentralized blockchain to share to the world, BEFORE Wall Street builds their centralized model.

Bloomberg costs $24,000 USD for an annual subscription and is only available to the elites.

CoinFi is a crowdsourced, decentralized platform built to share these capabilities with the masses and act as the canonical source of market intelligence for the next generation of successful crypto traders.


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Timothy Tam
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Han Chang
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Nate Tsang
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  • 1

    2018Q1: Platform Foundations

    - News and content aggregation overlaid on price charts per cryptocurrency
    - Obtain minute-level historical price data and market data feeds for cryptocurrencies
    - Develop editorial procedures, begin in-house compilation of news aggregation on existing cryptocurrencies
    - Search and filter functionality
    - User authentication and authorization
    - Social functionality including upvote/downvote and sharing
    - Prototype of machine learning algorithms for content classification, quality assurance, and fraud detection

  • 2

    2018Q2: Personalization

    - Custom cryptocurrency portfolio dashboard
    - Custom newsfeed / watchlist
    - Custom email subscriptions for specific cryptocurrency newsfeeds
    - Allow users to follow others’ portfolios

  • 3

    2018Q3: Premium Subscriptions

    - Accept staked tokens for advanced functionality and premium subscriptions
    - Sentiment analysis of real-time news data per cryptocurrency
    - Accept community content contributions

  • 4

    2018Q4: Trading Signals

    - Abnormal volatility detection
    - Abnormal price movement detection
    - Abnormal volume detection
    - Increased social mention detection
    - Best price exchange identification
    - Best currency pair identification
    - Source code release detection
    - Launch premium subscription for trading signals
    - Accept community contributed trading signals

  • 5

    2019Q1: Trading Algorithms

    - VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
    - TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price)
    - BWAP (Block Weighted Average Price)
    - Sniper
    - % of Volume
    - Target Close
    - Implementation Shortfall
    - Launch premium subscription for trading algorithms
    - Accept community contributed trading algorithms

  • 6

    2019Q2: Auction Framework

    - Develop auction platform
    - Private auctions
    - Dutch auction
    - Reverse auction
    - Build ability to leave reviews on vendor quality
    - Escrow service for auction payment

  • 7

    2019Q3: Combining and Customizing Signals

    - Platform architecture for custom signals
    - UI/UX for developing custom signals
    - Drag and drop functionality to combine signals
    - Custom alerting


Token Sale Info
Token COF
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 150000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%

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