CoinLion ICO (LION)

Learn. Build. Grow.

CoinLion is the industry solution for managing the complex jungle of trading digital assets. We believe trading digital currency should be a rewarding process. CoinLion empowers investors of digital currencies to exchange and trade under one portfolio management platform while providing market research and analytics to enable the execution of smart, controlled and disciplined trading strategies. CoinLion users can earn LION in the form of many community incentives, and for sharing portfolios, research, and strategies with users. In a rapidly expanding market with no simple solution, CoinLion users enjoy access to a dedicated customer service team devoted to answering your questions and keeping up with evolving regulatory and compliant standards. You buy and sell digital currency, CoinLion does the rest.

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Token LION
Platform Ethereum
Country USA
ICO Start Date 18 Dec 2017
ICO End Date 25 Feb 2018

About CoinLion

The CoinLion Platform gives users the tools they need to make expert trading decisions. The platform also give users the power to learn, grow and build by sharing portfolios, strategies, and research. A native token, LION, gives users the potential to earn by providing value to the community and the CoinLion Platform, in turn creating an ecosystem where users can earn and spend while trading and managing digital assets.

CoinLion is building the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform with buity-in portfolio management, publishing and promotional toolset, dual blockchain order book system, and token generation capabilities.

Using the ERC20 smart contract powered by Ethereum, CoinLion will introduce a token, LION, that interacts with the platform using smart contracts. Users can spend and earn LION in many ways, including creating and sharing portfolios, strategies, research and content relating to t he management of cryptocurrencies.

LION has many uses within the platform, allowing any user to spend and earn LION in a variety of ways. This includes earning LION from the CoinLion Platform itself. LION can be earned by  creating and sharing portfolios, research, and strategies with other users, submitting research CoinLion publishes within the platform, becoming a top performer within the CoinLion Platform, and allowing advertisers to access your public profile and more.

Spend LION to follow and duplicate users’ portfolios  create and publish multiple portfolios and access advanced features within the portfolio management tool access premium features within a world class research and analytics library promote your portfolios on CoinLion’s featured portfolio list  trade for free within the LION market, and  access discounts on ICOs featured on the platform.

CoinLion aims to simplify and enhance the user experience when managing digital assets. CoinLion is building an environment where users are empowered to create and share portfolios, strategies, research, and more.


Jeffrey Hayzlett member of CoinLion ICO
Jeffrey Hayzlett
Andrew S. Wilka member of CoinLion ICO
Andrew S. Wilka
Cyber Law Advisor
Paolo Tasca member of CoinLion ICO
Paolo Tasca
Digital Economist, Blockchain Advisor
Max Sandlin member of CoinLion ICO
Max Sandlin
General Counsel
Adam Johnson member of CoinLion ICO
Adam Johnson
Author of Bullseye Brief
Ashley Podhradsky member of CoinLion ICO
Ashley Podhradsky
Associate Professor of Digital Forensics, DSU
Alex Ferrer member of CoinLion ICO
Alex Ferrer
Former Police Officer, Attorney and Florida Circuit Court Judge
Richard Lowe member of CoinLion ICO
Richard Lowe
Business Advisor
Karthik Iyer member of CoinLion ICO
Karthik Iyer
Blockchain Advisor
Mark Eaton member of CoinLion ICO
Mark Eaton
NBA All Star, Author & Award Winning Speaker
Colin Luce member of CoinLion ICO
Colin Luce
Crypto Advisor
William Bushee member of CoinLion ICO
William Bushee
VP of BrightPlanet & Author of Wired for Coding
Jared Polites member of CoinLion ICO
Jared Polites
Blockchain Advisor, Former FBI Analyst
Joshua W. Dewitt member of CoinLion ICO
Joshua W. Dewitt
CEO • Co-Founder
Caleb J. Veldhouse member of CoinLion ICO
Caleb J. Veldhouse
COO • Co-Founder
Justus Luthy member of CoinLion ICO
Justus Luthy
CTO • Co-Founder
Zach Neugebauer member of CoinLion ICO
Zach Neugebauer
Nathan Pitz member of CoinLion ICO
Nathan Pitz
Kia Adams member of CoinLion ICO
Kia Adams
Creative Director
James Livermont member of CoinLion ICO
James Livermont
Senior Software Developer
Erin Zimmerman member of CoinLion ICO
Erin Zimmerman
Director of Customer Service
Ian Dixon member of CoinLion ICO
Ian Dixon
Growth Hacker
Adam Mckenna member of CoinLion ICO
Adam Mckenna
Full Stack Developer
Trey Norman member of CoinLion ICO
Trey Norman
Senior Software Developer
Roger Jepsen member of CoinLion ICO
Roger Jepsen
Full Stack Designer / Developer
Jared Franka member of CoinLion ICO
Jared Franka
Blockchain Developer
Kirk Dahl member of CoinLion ICO
Kirk Dahl
Full Stack Developer
John Rausch member of CoinLion ICO
John Rausch
Web Developer
John Pavek member of CoinLion ICO
John Pavek
Software Developer


  • 1

    June 2017

    Coinlion concept creation, Coinlion team is formed

  • 2

    July 2017

    Smart contract development begins, Smart contract testing, Lion token tested on Kovan test network

  • 3

    August 2017

    Website and user interface design begin

  • 4

    November 2017

    Coinlion website launches

  • 5

    December 18, 2017

    Lion token sale opens

  • 6

    February 25, 2018

    Final phase of token sale closes

  • 7

    July 7, 2018

    Lion token open for trading on the Coinlion platform

  • 8

    August 2018

    Ongoing development & new coins continually added


Token Sale Info
Token LION
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 900,000 USD
Hard cap 18,000,000 USD

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