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CoinMetro, a one-of-a-kind, licensed, and regulated financial platform that will fuel the future of blockchain innovation. Through a tokenized ecosystem CoinMetro provides a gateway for both novice and professional traders and investors to get involved in the crypto space with an ease of access not yet seen in the industry. Our goal, above all else, is to make sure that your overall CoinMetro experience is nothing short of exemplary.

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Token XCM
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 XCM = 0.12 EUR
Country Hong Kong
ICO Start Date 21 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 31 Mar 2018

About CoinMetro

Featuring a simple interface designed for mainstream adoption, the CoinMetro platform plans to serve as a conduit between traditional finance and the digital asset economy. CoinMetro‟s multifaceted ecosystem will streamline three major components of the digital economy, offering: (i) an exchange, (ii) a trading platform, and (iii) a complete ICO Express framework.

Working in tandem with FXPIG, CoinMetro plans to offer a wide range of services previously unavailable from a single entity. A scalable, user-focused environment will let new traders invest in cryptocurrencies with a few clicks on the exchange, while our trading platform will be equipped with a robust tool-set, designed to meet the needs of professional investors. Our vision for the CoinMetro ecosystem encourages growth and collaboration, intending to provide companies with a turnkey ICO Express solution to undergird project development.

By establishing stable banking relationships CoinMetro aspires to offer fast and secure payment processing in both cryptocurrencies and fiat. In addition to a full spectrum of familiar features, CoinMetro plans to implement a unique rewards program for COIN purchasers and custom trading solutions, carefully configured to fit the contours of the digital asset economy.


Reuben Godfrey member of CoinMetro ICO
Reuben Godfrey
James Waugh member of CoinMetro ICO
James Waugh
Timur Latypoff member of CoinMetro ICO
Timur Latypoff
Myles Claffey member of CoinMetro ICO
Myles Claffey
Evan Griffin member of CoinMetro ICO
Evan Griffin
Kevin Murcko member of CoinMetro ICO
Kevin Murcko
Timur Khakimov member of CoinMetro ICO
Timur Khakimov
Lead Developer
Anton Corbin member of CoinMetro ICO
Anton Corbin
Senior Blockchain Developer
Rory Baxter member of CoinMetro ICO
Rory Baxter
Senior WebApp Developer
DunHao Zhuang member of CoinMetro ICO
DunHao Zhuang
Senior Front End Developer
Giovanni Ziccardi member of CoinMetro ICO
Giovanni Ziccardi
Marketing Team Leader
Biljana Kukeska member of CoinMetro ICO
Biljana Kukeska
Senior Social Media Specialist
Mikko Kauhanen member of CoinMetro ICO
Mikko Kauhanen
Senior Digital Growth Specialist


  • 1

    October 2017

    Initial eMoney Licensing
    Georgia eMoney registration
    Start of Development

  • 2

    December 2017

    Pre-Token Sale

  • 3

    February 2018

    Token Sale

  • 4

    March 2018

    FXPIG Blockchain development starts
    Exchange Beta Launch

  • 5

    April 2018

    COIN tradable at CoinMetro
    Secondary Licensing

  • 6

    May 2018

    CoinMetro Liquidity at FXPIG

  • 7

    June 2018

    COIN accepted at FXPIG

  • 8

    July 2018

    ICO Express Launch
    CM Debit Card Launch
    Virtual and physical cards available, possible inclusion of NFC virtual cards
    Full PSP Services Launched

  • 9

    October 2018

    TAM Platform Launch
    Crypto ETF Launch

  • 10


    New Licenses Acquired
    CM & FXPIG Shared dev


Token Sale Info
Token XCM
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 XCM = 0.12 EUR
Tokens for Sale 250000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
Distributed in ICO 50%

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