Coinvest ICO (COIN)

Decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies

Coinvest is the world’s first decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies. Coinvest empowers anyone to virtually invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin. Coinvest is creating a future where users have one platform, one wallet, and one token (COIN), that enables anyone to create a digital investment portfolio to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies. Thereby reducing the cost, risk, and complexity associated with investing in cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges or investment funds. Centralized third parties that are often needed in traditional investment use cases are replaced with smart contracts that act as autonomous agents and programmatically compensate all users, investors, and owners within the entire Coinvest ecosystem.


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Token COIN
Platform Ethereum
Price 1,100 COIN = 700 USD
Country USA
ICO Start Date 09 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 06 Apr 2018

About Coinvest

Coinvest, an emerging startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing that it will offer a crowdsale of $30 million in COIN tokens to seed the world’s first decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies, built on blockchain technology. Crowdsale funds will be leveraged to continue the development of its products and drive the company’s mission of:

“Creating decentralized tools for the world to seamlessly,  securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.”

Frustrated with the complexity, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment options available on the market, Coinvest is determined to democratize cryptocurrencies by creating tools to:

Provide mechanisms for consumers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies
Empower anyone to create investment vehicles for a personally curated index of cryptonized assets using one platform, one wallet, and one coin

At the core of its product portfolio is the Coinvest protocol: A blockchain protocol defining investment transactions between users and the Coinvest smart contracts. Supporting the protocol is the Coinvest DAPP. The Coinvest DAPP, empowers anyone to virtually invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin. To do so, users create virtual portfolios and trade their favorite cryptocurrencies using market buy, limit buy, sell, and short orders. Orders are executed with the COIN token which are sent and held in escrow by the Coinvest smart contract. The Coinvest DAPP and smart contracts keep track of all investment data including assets, distributions, etc. Upon executing sell orders, the smart contract releases invested funds and any profits back to the Coinvest DAPP. Users can then spend cryptocurrencies directly from the DAPP using their wallet or Coinvest debit account. All transactions and funds are digitally automated by open-source computer code and are never touched or managed by any third-party.


Pete Cashmore member of Coinvest ICO
Pete Cashmore
Tony Scott member of Coinvest ICO
Tony Scott
Damon Nam member of Coinvest ICO
Damon Nam
Founder and Executive Director
Byron Levels member of Coinvest ICO
Byron Levels
Technology Director
Taylor Rieckens member of Coinvest ICO
Taylor Rieckens
Business Development Director
Ramiro Galan member of Coinvest ICO
Ramiro Galan
Creative Director
Kevin Huynh member of Coinvest ICO
Kevin Huynh
Analytics and Operations Director
Mark Ayad member of Coinvest ICO
Mark Ayad
Finance Director
Kim Huynh member of Coinvest ICO
Kim Huynh
Marketing Director
Ben Tossell member of Coinvest ICO
Ben Tossell
Community Director
Robert Forster member of Coinvest ICO
Robert Forster
Blockchain Engineer
Alexander Kravchenko member of Coinvest ICO
Alexander Kravchenko
Elena Troyanskaya member of Coinvest ICO
Elena Troyanskaya
Dmitriy Golovchenko member of Coinvest ICO
Dmitriy Golovchenko


  • 1

    Summer 2017

    Market Research and Feasibility Analysis
    Legal Diligence
    Company Incorporation

  • 2

    Fall 2017

    Initial Protocol Architecture, Design, and Development
    Token Protocol Audits
    Alpha Release

  • 3

    Winter 2017

    Token Offering
    Private Beta

  • 4


    Public Release
    Mobile Platform Support
    Debit Accounts
    Coinvest Wallet API’s


Token Sale Info
Token COIN
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1,100 COIN = 700 USD
Tokens for Sale 52500000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 49%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD

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