CryptoAlias ICO (ALS)

Get your Blockchain Identity!

It is an alias system for complex Blockchain addresses. You get a unique alias and associate your blockchain address with it. Instead of using your blockchain address, your clients can start using your simple and personalized alias. Alternatively, your clients can continue to use your blockchain address. However, when they input it in a wallet, your alias will appear and will give them the confidence of having introduced the right characters.

Business services Communication Cryptocurrency Investment
Token ALS
Platform Ethereum
Country Romania
ICO Start Date 20 Dec 2017
ICO End Date 20 Feb 2018

About CryptoAlias

Cryptocurrencies are seeing an increasinglygreater interest from the general public. The adoption rate is steadily rising, however theyare still a long way from catching upwithfiat currenciesin terms of market cap, and are even further away from replacing them.The main impedimentsfor cryptocurrencies to reach mass adoption is their difficulty of use and the security risks associated with using them, such as phishing attacks and the irreversibility of transactions. CryptoAlias intendsto facilitate and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies, by making Blockchain usage simpler, easier and more secure. Our first goal is to eliminate the need of explicitly using Blockchain addresses, similarly to how domain names eliminated the need of using IPs.On our platform, users can link theirdigital wallet addresses to simple, personalized and unique aliases. Instead of explicitly using a long blockchain address in a wallet when sending funds, users can start using the short and easy to remember aliases.Whether users choose to type an alias or copy/paste a blockchain address when sending funds, before confirming the transaction they will be able to review various information about the receiver, such as status, description, last alias update time, trustworthiness of the alias/address, thus greatly reducing the probability ofsending funds to a wrong recipient.Besides solving a security issue and preventing millions of dollars to be stolen, the major benefit of CryptoAlias is itsease of use and convenience. CryptoAliaswillmake the blockchain technologies morefriendly and secure, thus attracting many more people to this new and exciting technology.However most importantly, CryptoAlias allows users to have an identity, without having to jeopardize their privacy.


Dumitru Berestean member of CryptoAlias ICO
Dumitru Berestean
Victor Binzari member of CryptoAlias ICO
Victor Binzari
Ciprian Ciubotaru member of CryptoAlias ICO
Ciprian Ciubotaru
Arthur Rusu member of CryptoAlias ICO
Arthur Rusu
Silviu Nedelciuc member of CryptoAlias ICO
Silviu Nedelciuc



Token Sale Info
Token ALS
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 75000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 75%

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