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CryptoBnB is a hospitality marketplace built to improve short term rental experiences of existing platforms. The first home rental platform powered by blockchain, AI, big data with utility tokens and advanced wallets. The power of CryptoBnB comes from the breakthrough technology it developed. This technology is designed to be practical, efficient and simple to use for the user. It is designed to enhance the ROI of the market makers. All of these benefits coupled with multilayered security that surpasses existing marketplaces today.

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Token CKey
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 CKey = 0.08 USD
Country Marshall Islands
ICO Start Date 25 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 25 May 2018

About CryptoBnB

CryptoBnB is building the next generation of online, short-term rental and tenant smart matching marketplace. This new marketplace aims to improve on the existing options available to travelers, by offering more efficiency on searches, overall lower fees, and better flexibility, by using blockchain smart contracts in combination with the power of AI and Big data, to find their desired accommodation, in the most efficient way. This new technology of blockchain allows peer to peer transaction of renting a property to be done securely, without having the added costs of an escrow service. The technology also enables a smarter intelligent way of directed P2P marketing between hosts and travelers, while boosting the ROI for hosts.

This new generation of online hospitality and short-term vacation rental marketplace will allow travelers and occupants to tap into a huge market of residences, that match their budgets and accommodation requirements across the globe, while boosting trust between homeowners and occupants. The AI algorithm, combined with blockchain in the platform, will generate accurate matches between homeowners and suitable short-term tenants, a with minimal transaction fees. This next generation marketplace will allow homeowners and occupants to quickly transact secure payments, using CBnB tokens, without global barriers.

The short-term rental business model has a proven track record in today’s economy, and keeps growing year-on-year (Kharpal 2016). CryptoBnB strives to improve today’s peer to peer rental market, by providing a more foolproof and efficient rental platform. CryptoBnB will be built on unique proprietary technology, that combines some proven tools like uPort, with advanced search and targeted marketing capabilities, to create a more reliable and dependable ecosystem.


Tariq Alwahedi member of CryptoBnB ICO
Tariq Alwahedi
Founder & CEO
Justine Corrado member of CryptoBnB ICO
Justine Corrado
Mohamed Waqas member of CryptoBnB ICO
Mohamed Waqas
Faris Tariq member of CryptoBnB ICO
Faris Tariq
Namir Aridi member of CryptoBnB ICO
Namir Aridi
Aleksey Mikhalev member of CryptoBnB ICO
Aleksey Mikhalev
Saira Mondal member of CryptoBnB ICO
Saira Mondal
Galina Mikova member of CryptoBnB ICO
Galina Mikova
Denys Kurganskyi member of CryptoBnB ICO
Denys Kurganskyi
Christopher Barber member of CryptoBnB ICO
Christopher Barber
Juan Otero member of CryptoBnB ICO
Juan Otero
Warren Whitlock member of CryptoBnB ICO
Warren Whitlock
Mo Hamdouna member of CryptoBnB ICO
Mo Hamdouna
CO marketing advisor Mo Works Creative Director
Qamar Zia member of CryptoBnB ICO
Qamar Zia
Blockchain Researcher & Advisor


  • 1

    Concept creation - 1 month

    - Form team
    - Create platform concept
    - Route to market

  • 2

    Whitepaper launch - 2 months

    - Whitepaper review
    - Crypto economics review

  • 3

    Beta platform launch

    - Legal entity Setup
    - Token Term Sheet
    - IP & Tax Strategy
    - Regulatory Filing
    - Cyber Security Audit
    - Blockchain Tech evaluation

  • 4

    Blockchain creation

    - Token Creation
    - Digital Wallets
    - Smart Contracts
    - Crowdfunding sec. compliance
    - Escrow account participants processing
    - Exchange listing

  • 5

    Marketing campaign

    - Marketing Strategy
    - Website
    - Intro Video
    - Listing on ICO bulletings
    - Social media campaign
    - Press campaign
    - Roadshow campaign
    - Exchange listing/integration

  • 6

    ICO public sale - 6 weeks

    - 360 marketing
    - KYC vetting
    - Token allocation

  • 7

    Phase 1 development - 6 months

    - Blockchain/smart contract
    - Permission Blocks
    - Release tokens
    - Release Apps
    - Third party integration

  • 8

    Phase 2 development - 6 months

    - AI
    - Big Data
    - Smart Contracts
    - Smart Search Engine


Token Sale Info
Token CKey
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 CKey = 0.08 USD
Tokens for Sale 300000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 30%
Soft cap 1,500,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD

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