Crypton ICO (CRN)

New Dimension of FinTech Investment

For projects with tokenization features, we will provide additional financial acceleration by launching separate ICOs. Crypton token holders will receive 30% of digital assets (tokens) from the pool of each subsequent ICO which will be launched by Crypton fund. We help monetize interesting projects based on our strong investment and business experience. We want to provide full support for investors on still uncertain and unregulated market of Blockchain- based projects.


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Token CRN
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 CRN = 1 USD
Country Estonia
ICO Start Date 29 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 26 Apr 2018

About Crypton

Crypton VC is a blockchain / cryptocurrency venture capital fund, managed by team which has extensive experience (over 15 years) in setting up and managing investment funds, as well as conducting investment processes. 

Our team have invested more than $150M, especially in FinTech / Blockchain / Internet / IT / MedTech projects.

Crypton VC is a venture capital fund based on an ICO financial instrument that collecting funds as cryptocurrency for the creation of Crypton venture capital fund in exchange for digital assets (Crypton tokens - CRN). 

The fund will invest in hi-tech startups from the FinTech area, based on Blockchain; as well as cryptocurrency and other ICOs. 

For tokenizable projects in our defined portfolio, we will also anticipate launch for them ICO separately. Crypton token holders will receive 30% of digital assets (tokens) from the pool of each subsequent ICO which will be launched by Crypton fund.


Jacek Nowak member of Crypton ICO
Jacek Nowak
Chief Executive Officer
Marcin Grzebyk member of Crypton ICO
Marcin Grzebyk
Member of the Board / CTO
Dariusz Kieda member of Crypton ICO
Dariusz Kieda
Sales Director
Paulina Bernaś member of Crypton ICO
Paulina Bernaś
Marketing / PR Director
Radosław Waszczuk member of Crypton ICO
Radosław Waszczuk
Senior Blockchain Developer / Team Leader / Head of Security
Jacek Krysztofik member of Crypton ICO
Jacek Krysztofik
Blockchain Developer
Alesia Medzintsava member of Crypton ICO
Alesia Medzintsava
Business Development Manager
Grzegorz Gidziński member of Crypton ICO
Grzegorz Gidziński
Project Manager
Tomasz Jaksender member of Crypton ICO
Tomasz Jaksender
Business Development Manager
Mariusz Słomski member of Crypton ICO
Mariusz Słomski
FOREX / Cryptocurrency Trader
Sebastian Król member of Crypton ICO
Sebastian Król
Forex / Cryptocurrency Trader
Paweł Wysocki member of Crypton ICO
Paweł Wysocki
Sales Manager
Patryk Liberda member of Crypton ICO
Patryk Liberda
Art Director
Andrzej Dudek member of Crypton ICO
Andrzej Dudek
Adam Major-Machnacki member of Crypton ICO
Adam Major-Machnacki


  • 1

    Q2 2017

    Completing the executive team.
    Assigning roles and responsibilities between team members.
    Analysis and selection of the proposals to the project investment portfolio.

  • 2

    Q3 2017

    Collecting initial $1M for the fund.
    First pool of investments: CryptonAR and CryptonEx.
    First fund investments in external ICOs / cryptocurrencies.

  • 3

    Q4 2017

    Preparation for Crypton ICO.
    Crypton cryptocurrency development.
    Global marketing and PR strategy development.
    Business strategy development.
    IT strategy development.

  • 4

    Q1 2018

    Establishing a dedicated company for the Crypton Venture Capital fund.
    Completing the fund’s team members.
    ICO start. platform development.

  • 5

    Q2 2018

    Deep analysis of investment projects portfolio.
    Voting on the first Crypton investments proposals.
    Investing in the first pool of projects.

  • 6

    Q3 2018

    Market launch for the first Crypton investments: CryptonAR and CryptonEx.
    Voting on the next Crypton investments proposals.
    Payment of the first dividend for Crypton token holders.


Token Sale Info
Token CRN
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 CRN = 1 USD
Tokens for Sale 50400000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 70%
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD

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