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CRYSTALS is the first of its kind all-in-one solution for the modeling industry that will offer an innovative blockchain-based platform with advanced features for all parties in the modeling industry and the wider public. The platform will aim to resolve the burning issues of the industry that have hampered its development over the longer term: territorial fragmentation, unhealthy competition, significant entry barriers, unjustified commissions, non-payment, fraud risk and several other matters.

Cryptocurrency Entertainment Media Platform Smart Contract

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Token CRS
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 CRS = 0.10 USD
Country British Virgin Islands
ICO Start Date 19 Jun 2018
ICO End Date 19 Jul 2018
PreICO Start Date 29 May 2018
PreICO End Date 12 Jun 2018


For the customer, CRYSTALS is a modern, safe, and user-friendly website plat- form offering one of the biggest and up-to-date models’ catalogs. CRYSTALS runs a unique double-authorization payment system based on the CRYSTALS token (CRS) that allows customers to pay securely, privately, and quickly for all services listed in the CRYSTALS ecosystem.

For the service providers, on the other hand, CRYSTALS is a best-in-class distri- bution channel and data analysis facility that will act as an ideal partner for both modeling agencies and individuals, providing them with free-of-charge access to a global customer network and modern platform. A CRYSTALS commission will be charged once a transaction has been successfully executed, requiring confirmation from both parties.

The project ecosystem is based on our CRS Token, which is the only accept- ed payment method. Based on a blockchain technology, we have developed a decentralized and private double-authorization protocol that combines all the benefits of cash and online transactions while eliminating almost all risks for each party involved. In the future, we plan to develop our own CRS Application Programming Interface (API) that can be easily implemented into similar platforms.

Finally, combined with a rapid expansion strategy and an active marketing cam- paign, the CRYSTALS project is anticipated to become a global service provider by the year 2020. It is expected to have more than 550 thousand users, 25 thou- sand active services performers, 825 thousand orders per year and 4 different platforms generating 28 million USD in revenue by the third year of operations.

With the proliferation of similar, yet junk projects observed in the year, we understand the distrust investors may have towards the cryptocurrency block- chain field. For this reason, at CRYSTALS, we put our reputation at the forefront of everything we do and strive to build a long-term and trustworthy relation- ship with all our stakeholders to create a transparent and sustainable business.


Nikita Yakubovskyi member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Nikita Yakubovskyi
CEO and Co-Founder
Glib Yemelyanov member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Glib Yemelyanov
CFO and Project Lead, Co-Founder
Nestor Dubnevich member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Nestor Dubnevich
Anastasia Lieberman member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Anastasia Lieberman
Operations Manager
Denys Kostenko member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Denys Kostenko
Antonio Sviridov member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Antonio Sviridov
Chief Blосkсhаіn Developer
Ahmad Roda member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Ahmad Roda
International Sales Director
Mykhailo Svyatenko member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Mykhailo Svyatenko
Chief Analytics Officer
Ernestas Paznekas member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Ernestas Paznekas
Senior Blockchain Developer
Bruce Porter Jr. member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Bruce Porter Jr.
Blосkсhаіn and industry advisor
Dr. Jackson Dang member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Dr. Jackson Dang
Corporate Finance Advisor
Sergei Lavrinenko member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Sergei Lavrinenko
Blосkсhаіn Developer | Founder at Taler Соіn
Jared Polites member of CRYSTALS  ICO
Jared Polites
Blockchain Marketing Specialist


  • 1

    Q3 2017

    MVP and Alpha version development.
    Negotiations with first partners.
    Ecosystem will be available for early contributors.

  • 2

    Q2 2018

    MVP and Alpha version development.
    Negotiations with first partners.
    Ecosystem will be available for early contributors.

  • 3

    Q4 2018

    Final release of the СRYSТАLS ecosystem.
    Entering German and UK markets.
    PR campaign continuation.

  • 4

    Q2 2019

    Wallet release.
    Partnerships with major model agencies of CIS zone.
    PR campaign through Russian Federation.
    Partnerships with major exchanges.

  • 5

    Q4 2019

    API development.
    Negotiations concerning API integration with payment systems and such-like platforms.
    Start of online pre-meeting service development.

  • 6

    Q2 2020

    Release of Intelligence rating system.
    Analysis tools development.
    Entering USA market.

  • 7

    Q4 2020

    Entering Japan market.
    PR campaign continuation through Japan.

  • 8

    Q4 2017

    Concept visualization.
    First partnerships with local industry representatives.
    Strategy and business plan formulation.
    ICO preparation. Start of platform development.

  • 9

    Q3 2018

    Beta version release.
    Smart-contract development.
    Partnerships with agencies.
    PR campaign through Europe.
    Opening offices in central Europe for operations and legal support.

  • 10

    Q1 2019

    Wallet development.
    Integration with other Europe countries.
    Solving legal processes in Russian Federation.
    Extensive marketing campaign.

  • 11

    Q3 2019

    Entering Russian Federation market.
    PR campaign continuation.
    Start of API development.
    Start of Intelligence search system development.

  • 12

    Q1 2020

    Online pre-meeting service release (customer and performer will be able to meet online before offline meeting).
    Expansion into other CIS markets.
    Solving legal processes in USA.
    PR campaign through USA.

  • 13

    Q3 2020

    Monitoring of current markets.
    Start of spin-off platforms development.
    Solving legal processes in Japan.
    PR campaign through Japan.
    Partnerships with major Japanese market players.

  • 14

    Q1 2021-Q1 2022

    Extension through Asian market.
    API integration worldwide.
    Spin-off platforms development.
    Extension through South America market.


Token Sale Info
Token CRS
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 CRS = 0.10 USD
Tokens for Sale 247000000
Investment info
Accepting EТН, BТС, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 70%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD

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