cubaaz ICO (CC)

Cubaaz - Travel for a blockchain era.

The goal of creating Cubaaz is to facilitate travel in all of its different aspects, making it cheaper, faster, more enjoyable for consumers and allowing the creation of new business models in the travel industry. In order for us to achieve this goal, some of the current business practices and models will have to be removed or drastically changed, while some new concepts will finally be given a fertile ground for their growth. We will use combined technology of big data, artificial intelligence, collective intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency to introduce new features and leisure in the travel and tourism industry. Fundamentally, Cubaaz is creating the conditions for the perfect competition between travel suppliers and provides perfect information to buyers.


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Token CC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 CC TOKEN = 0.0001 BTC
Country Columbia
ICO Start Date 05 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 10 Apr 2018

About cubaaz

Tourism Search Engine
Cubaaz's goal is to provide a complete vertically integrated service that encompasses the best ideas from the entire community of the world's best blockchain enthusiasts.

Cubaaz will be deployed on one (or several) of the public blockchain, which guarantees its 100% uptime.
Cubaaz is a fully-automated solution, with integrations directly with reservation systems of travel suppliers

Transactions on our platform happen within a few seconds.
Security of the data transacted on our marketplace is our top-priority.

We use public-key cryptography to ensure that no one but the parties immediately involved in the transaction can see its details.
The solution to the problems is a platform with a few simple rules for data exchange between suppliers and buyers of travel.


Mickael Mosse member of cubaaz ICO
Mickael Mosse
Founder & CEO
Marco Vincenzo Belfiore member of cubaaz ICO
Marco Vincenzo Belfiore
Chief Knowledge Officer
Olivier Fousse member of cubaaz ICO
Olivier Fousse
VP Technology
Felipe Garcia member of cubaaz ICO
Felipe Garcia
Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Daniel Sánchez member of cubaaz ICO
Daniel Sánchez
Chief Technical Officer
Pau Martinez Bayo member of cubaaz ICO
Pau Martinez Bayo
Chief human resources officer
Maite Gabriella Ramos member of cubaaz ICO
Maite Gabriella Ramos
Chief Communications Officer
Friday Atule member of cubaaz ICO
Friday Atule
Chief Information Officer
Mykhailo Grytsai member of cubaaz ICO
Mykhailo Grytsai
Financial and Investment Analyst
Sebastien Breton member of cubaaz ICO
Sebastien Breton
Marketing & Communication Manager France
Shairaz Sultan member of cubaaz ICO
Shairaz Sultan
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Aleksandar Dutina member of cubaaz ICO
Aleksandar Dutina
Md Rasel member of cubaaz ICO
Md Rasel
Graphic Designer
Dianet Machado member of cubaaz ICO
Dianet Machado
Host Coordinator
Sudipta Biswas member of cubaaz ICO
Sudipta Biswas
Data Entry Manager
Mari Suutarinen member of cubaaz ICO
Mari Suutarinen
Translation & Transcription Manager (Finnish/English)
Daniel Shar member of cubaaz ICO
Daniel Shar
Infographics Expert
Alfred Newlove-Aubin member of cubaaz ICO
Alfred Newlove-Aubin
Digital Marketing Expert
Arsian Amir member of cubaaz ICO
Arsian Amir
Copywriter Expert Manager
Aqueel Hussain Bangash member of cubaaz ICO
Aqueel Hussain Bangash
Human Resource Manager
Zain Hameed member of cubaaz ICO
Zain Hameed
Market Research Manager
Chukwuemeka Umezuruike member of cubaaz ICO
Chukwuemeka Umezuruike
2D Animation Videos Expert
Darko Popovski member of cubaaz ICO
Darko Popovski
Adobe After Effects Expert Manager
Ety Testa member of cubaaz ICO
Ety Testa
Press Officer Manager for America
Francis Sachin member of cubaaz ICO
Francis Sachin
Web Developer Manager
Hamza Tariq member of cubaaz ICO
Hamza Tariq
Computer Science Manager
Kasun Wickramasinghe member of cubaaz ICO
Kasun Wickramasinghe
Professional Engineer System
Kseniya Naydanova member of cubaaz ICO
Kseniya Naydanova
Graphic Design Expert
Hanna Jones member of cubaaz ICO
Hanna Jones
Design and Advertising Manager
Korina Saric member of cubaaz ICO
Korina Saric
General Manager East Europe
Mohamed Alsemany member of cubaaz ICO
Mohamed Alsemany
Linux Servers IT & NodeJS Developer
Morris Gitonga member of cubaaz ICO
Morris Gitonga
General Project Manager
Shohail Islam member of cubaaz ICO
Shohail Islam
Design & Photoshop Specialist
Nélida Hernández member of cubaaz ICO
Nélida Hernández
Human Resources Manager
Ningning Fidel member of cubaaz ICO
Ningning Fidel
Data Analyst Manager
Sherin Jahan member of cubaaz ICO
Sherin Jahan
Graphic Design Specialist
Sylvester Selvaraj member of cubaaz ICO
Sylvester Selvaraj
Web Developer & Digital Marketer Expert
Yogesh Dhiman member of cubaaz ICO
Yogesh Dhiman
Social Networking Manager
Süha Askin Gündüz member of cubaaz ICO
Süha Askin Gündüz
Software Test Engineer Manager
Sumaira Iqbal member of cubaaz ICO
Sumaira Iqbal
Social Media Team
Josephine Gwen member of cubaaz ICO
Josephine Gwen
Legal Analyst
Ibrahim Elkhalil D member of cubaaz ICO
Ibrahim Elkhalil D
Human Resource Assistant and Consultant
Krystelle Galano member of cubaaz ICO
Krystelle Galano
Cubaaz ICO Advisor
Felipe Garcia member of cubaaz ICO
Felipe Garcia
Cubaaz ICO Advisor
Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda member of cubaaz ICO
Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda
Chief Investment Strategist at Capital Latino, LLC
Matyas Zaborszky member of cubaaz ICO
Matyas Zaborszky
Author, ICO Marketing


  • 1


    Development Started
    IT infrastructure to facilitate payment processing have been developed and is available as a minimal viable product.

  • 2

    5 Feb 2018

    Finalization and launch of the MVP Demo (Minimum Viable Product) starting from 5 Feb 2018.

  • 3

    5 Feb 2018 – 28 Feb 2018

    Starting from February 5, 2018, 0:00AM Cubaaz ensures the existence of tokens in the ownership of people who will purchase tokens no later than 23th April 2018.

  • 4

    5 Feb 2018 – 23 April 2018

    Distribution of tokens can be conducted before 23th April, but tokens will be inactive for usage and transfers.

  • 5

    28 Feb 2018

    Completion of ICO.

  • 6

    March 2018

    Start of the development phase of the public facing Cubaaz Website.

  • 7

    March 2018

    Configuration and deployment of the architecture on the Azure Cloud platform.

  • 8

    May 2018 - June 2018

    Integration via APIs is necessary to use travel suppliers’ content – so in order to display hotels, flights, etc. We will gather travel industry communication technology standards and provide a platform to provide the next generation of online commerce.

  • 9

    Sep 2018 - Oct 2018

    Online web wallet on our website that will allow the user to transfer to and from the web wallet" using Cubaaz Coin, Bitcoin, Litecoin et ETH.

  • 10

    October - December 2018

    Integration of Artificial intelligence in the user experience with out technology partner Knowdle.

  • 11

    Nov 2018 - Dec 2018

    Develop Android, iOS, Windows app to check TVR balance and send/receive funds.

  • 12

    1st Quarter 2019

    Printable wallet for those who want a paper trail/copy in their hands. Perfect for older generations who aren’t the most tech savvy. Appealing to all generations is a great opportunity to ensure travel coin becomes a major player in the travel industry.

  • 13

    2nd Quarter 2019

    Physical card created with direct link to the user’s wallet for making purchases smoother.

  • 14

    2nd Quarter 2019

    Travel rewards program that connects to our partners’ loyalty programs creating a unified travel rewards network with Blockchain technology. The more you use the more you get back!

  • 15

    3rd Quarter 2019

    Development of a native Android and iOS app for users who wish to purchase travel with Cubaaz coin. This includes support for Android and Apple watches.


Token Sale Info
Token CC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 CC TOKEN = 0.0001 BTC
Tokens for Sale 300000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap 3 000 000 USD
Hard cap 50 000 000 USD

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