Curaizon ICO (CTKN)

Improving Healthcare

CuraServe™ is a complete healthcare ecosystem that improves drug adherence and brings game-changing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. We use a series of outreach tools and messages, supported by predictive modeling and behavioral analytics, to increase the rate of drug adherence. As our CuraServe™ solution helps patients, it’s also generating a vast amount of patient data. That data is then anonymized and made available through CuraData™. The only way that pharmaceutical companies, academics and researchers can access this data by purchasing CuraTokens™.

Big Data Health

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Token CTKN
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 CTKN = 0.20 USD
Country UK
ICO Start Date 08 Jun 2018
ICO End Date 08 Jul 2018
PreICO Start Date 01 Jun 2018
PreICO End Date 08 Jun 2018

About Curaizon

We’re solving an enormous real-world problem by helping patients take their medications properly
Every day, millions of people fail to take their medications as prescribed and the resulting personal and financial costs are staggering. Worldwide, non-adherence results in $700 billion in avoidable medical costs.
The data we create is unique and has enormous value to pharmaceutical companies, researchers and governments.
Every time a patient uses our CuraServe technology, our data grows in utility and value.
Curaizon™ solves drug non-adherence problem by deploying our technology through national health services. As part of our solution, we collect fully anonymized data about how and when patients take medications.
CuraTokens™ are the only way to access our data. Tokens can be redeemed to access the data, which will advance medical research, drive down healthcare costs and save lives.
The value of a CuraToken™ is based on a real solution to a real problem.


Nicholas James Rumble member of Curaizon  ICO
Nicholas James Rumble
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chris Matey member of Curaizon  ICO
Chris Matey
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Darran Trute member of Curaizon  ICO
Darran Trute
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Andrey Verbitsky member of Curaizon  ICO
Andrey Verbitsky
Tokenomics Expert
Luke Lerdal member of Curaizon  ICO
Luke Lerdal
Chief Data Officer (CDO)
Rory McCrea member of Curaizon  ICO
Rory McCrea
Sarah Chilvers member of Curaizon  ICO
Sarah Chilvers


  • 1

    January 2016

    CuraServe™ Development Begins.

  • 2

    June 2017

    CuraServe™ Testing Underway.

  • 3

    February 2018

    CuraServe™ Alpha Release Complete.

  • 4

    June 1st 2018

    Token Presale Begins.

  • 5

    June 8th 2018

    Token Public Sale Begins.

  • 6

    September 2018

    CuraData™ Beta Release Complete.

  • 7

    January 2018

    CuraServe™ Public Release.

  • 8

    May 2019

    CuraData™ Platform Growth.

  • 9


    Curadata™ 2.0 Release.


Token Sale Info
Token CTKN
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 CTKN = 0.20 USD
Tokens for Sale 250000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Hard cap 25,000,000 USD

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