Securing Job's Credentials is using blockchain technology to enable authentication of CV credentials. In other words, career credentials (assessments, medical records, training certificates, university diplomas) from any industry and from any country can be digitally validated and authenticated in a seamless process. A true game changer for heavily regulated and training oriented industries, such as aviation, healthcare and education. Our core business will enable CVproof mid-term to provide other related services such as sourcing, job posting and networking. CVproof will offer a business model that rewards stakeholders, such through a revenue sharing mechanism. We designed a genuine ecosystem enabling users to access, create and offer services for which they will pay and/or receive a remuneration in tokens.

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Token INK
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 INK = 0.12 USD
Country Estonia
ICO Start Date 01 Jun 2018
ICO End Date 30 Jun 2018

About CVProof

CVproof is the ultimate Career Credentials Validation platform leveraging the blockchain technology to let out 100% transparency and reliability to the global job market.

Working as a next job permit or laissez-passer, CVproof allows companies to easily verify - and in a cost-effective way - whether an applicant holds the validated career credentials needed for the role. It is the first digital CV platform to guarantee full integrity around the credentials at each major career milestone.

In any profession, transparency can drastically reduce business and operational risks while enhancing competitiveness. CVproof is therefore set to become a game changer in the labour economics.

Based on Blockchain technology, CVproof incorporates Ethereum smart contracts and tokens in its core architecture enabling to fully unlock the whole Ecosystem revenue model. ALL transactions - from single instructions to more complex added value services delivered through the platform - are fuelled by CVproof INK (Incentive Notarized Kerosene) tokens. The liquidity of INK tokens, which is pivotal to the CVproof strategy, promotes fair, untapped and accountable incentives to all user categories using the platform.

Ultimately, CVproof is aimed at reconsidering CV best practices and reinventing the job market economy. CVproof INK token is the job market next currency.


François Bouteiller member of CVProof ICO
François Bouteiller
Richard Laganier member of CVProof ICO
Richard Laganier
Boris Effront member of CVProof ICO
Boris Effront
Cedric Parent member of CVProof ICO
Cedric Parent
Ray Chow-Toun member of CVProof ICO
Ray Chow-Toun
CEO, Co-Founder
Frederic Verin member of CVProof ICO
Frederic Verin
COO, Co-Founder
Guillaume Goutaudier member of CVProof ICO
Guillaume Goutaudier
Technical Integration
Laurence Blazianu member of CVProof ICO
Laurence Blazianu
Investment and Communication Strategy
Vincent Maillard member of CVProof ICO
Vincent Maillard
Recruitment Firms and HR strategic Advisor
Adriana Belotti member of CVProof ICO
Adriana Belotti
Digital Marketing
Jimmy Paris member of CVProof ICO
Jimmy Paris
Software Developer


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    June 2017 Incorporation

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    July 2017

    POC with EPFL

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    August 2017

    Angels Financing
    White Paper

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    Token Sale
    End Of Token Sale

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    July 2018 launch


Token Sale Info
Token INK
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 INK = 0.12 USD
Tokens for Sale 321000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 53.5%
Soft cap 4000000 USD
Hard cap 29000000 USD

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