Datarius ICO (DTRC)

The first social decentralized cryptobank

As a P2P platform, the system enables users to decide themselves whether to use any of variable services and applications. This in turn allows to almost completely reduce transaction costs. Datarius serves as a direct link between lenders, borrowers, and the related services – managers, analysts, insurance companies, funds, trading terminals.

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Token DTRC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 DTRC = 0.01 USD
Country Costa Rica
ICO Start Date 05 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 05 Apr 2018

About Datarius

Fintech company iCrypto S.A., developing Datarius Cryptobank, is at the forefront of new digital economy. The Datarius project is a new, social-type cryptobank with transparent conditions. In cryptobanking industry, Datarius will become the first financial institution capable offering its customers a full range of financial services implemented within a decentralized system.

The uniqueness of Datarius Cryptobank is that the project allows customers to get services, adapted to their needs. Datarius will operate on the basis of P2P ecosystem (peer-to-peer), where transaction participants are private users, and not banking institutions. This is not a novelty in the financial market, but system offered by Datarius inherited best traits from traditional banking products, adapting them to the principles of decentralized system operation. Such platform will be a perfect solution for people without credit history, to whom traditional banks cannot provide loan proposals, or for whom current offers on the market will cost much more.

The Datarius project has a global value. It is designed to overcome current diffculties connected to use of cryptocurrencies in non-digital world, introducing options of integrated crypto- and fiat money services into payment infrastructure for this purpose.

Primary mission of Datarius cryptobank is creation of P2P-system that would make use of full potential of decentralized financial technology within the framework of cryptocurrency payment system and real life.

Another substantial part of Datarius mission is to provide world community with access to major financial instruments in P2P transaction format. In relatively short time cryptobank clients will receive services that ultimately meet their needs, because transactions will be conducted in automatic mode, while services will be customizable. Any transaction will be much more profitable since P2P-platform does not split loan and deposit products and does not involve staff dealing with this.

Unlike most developers who continue promoting monopolization of world financial market by large players, Datarius team aims to create perfect financial institution that would adopt all advantages of traditional financial organizations, leaving behind their major disadvantages: non-transparency, unpredictability, lobbyism, and administrative burden. Datarius model represents decentralized system in exceptional and most complete format. It includes blockchain technologies that ensure secure information recording and storage. This excludes the possibility of changing or falsifying any piece of data.

Usage of cryptocurrencies, which do not require central control, as well as smart contracts allows to process transactions more effciently and safely compared to conventional deals. Datarius is a decentralized partially closed system which sometimes excludes bank participation that makes it possible for users to gain profits.

The system allows users to make their own decision when judging appropriateness of certain services and applications, which minimizes cost of processing transactions. Customer selects a service according to his/her own requirements and pays the price without customer service charge.


Sergey Skabelkin member of Datarius ICO
Sergey Skabelkin
Kiyoung Tack member of Datarius ICO
Kiyoung Tack
Dmitry Dzherikhov member of Datarius ICO
Dmitry Dzherikhov
Nikolay Zvezdin member of Datarius ICO
Nikolay Zvezdin
CFO / CIO at Envinary Group, CFO at Enlight Visionary
Doug Lyons member of Datarius ICO
Doug Lyons
ITO Advisor / Consultant
Simon Cocking member of Datarius ICO
Simon Cocking
Writer, editor, ITO advisor, business mentor
Jason Hung member of Datarius ICO
Jason Hung
MBAT Bank Chairman & Co-founder
Aleksey Vuyko member of Datarius ICO
Aleksey Vuyko
Ruslan Vasyutin member of Datarius ICO
Ruslan Vasyutin
Larisa Sokolovskaya member of Datarius ICO
Larisa Sokolovskaya
Maxim Pashkovskiy member of Datarius ICO
Maxim Pashkovskiy
Legal support ITO
Dmitriy Kravchenko member of Datarius ICO
Dmitriy Kravchenko
Kristina Rezugina member of Datarius ICO
Kristina Rezugina
Community Manager
Konstantin Marchuk member of Datarius ICO
Konstantin Marchuk
Development Team Lead


  • 1


    The approval of the prototype TR (it’s been under development since 2017)

  • 2


    the initiation of the user interface development

  • 3


    the obtaining of the DPL license (Costa Rica) – payment system, asset management company, investment company (the application was sent in December 2017)

  • 4


    the start of work on testing our own blockchain

  • 5


    the signing of the bank support agreement and integration of co-branded IBAN/SWIFT accounts and debit cards

  • 6


    launching the development of own machine learning system AI

  • 7


    the completion of work on user interface integration and P2P platform organization

  • 8


    embarking on the mobile application development

  • 9


    the presentation of the fixed checks function

  • 10


    the integration of internal exchange

  • 11


    the public algorithms testing for the applications machine ranking in the testnet

  • 12


    the launch of the basic version

  • 13


    the presentation of training materials and introduction to the Training Center

  • 14


    the integration of virtual maps

  • 15


    the beginning of the social functions development (Trust Management/Trust Limits)

  • 16


    the presentation of test version of mobile app to competent users

  • 17


    the completion of the testing phase, the launch of the commercial version and the intensified PR campaign

  • 18


    the preparation and submission of documents to obtain the license from the British financial regulatory body FCA

  • 19


    the provision of confident users with the test access to social functions

  • 20


    the release of the commercial version of the mobile app

  • 21


    the presentation of a team of full-time professional managers

  • 22


    the integration of the Affiliate Program

  • 23


    the presentation of the short-term savings account function

  • 24


    the presentation of the Training Center franchise and becoming a franchisor. Registration of the first franchisees

  • 25


    reaching the point of 1M active users

  • 26


    the first mortgage lending in DTRC

  • 27


    providing access to the function of the payment calendar and deferred payments

  • 28


    opening access to the examination to attain the managing user/managing analyst status

  • 29


    affiliate integration of the access to the exchange terminals with instant DTRC payment

  • 30


    The delivery of the first credit card

  • 31


    The presentation of the Cabinet for SMEs (package payments, regular payments, sub-accounts, expenditure control, co-branded cards, prioritized applications processing, preparation of electronic reports, statistics and analytics)

  • 32


    The locking from the TOP cryptocurrency exchanges through the partner trading accounts

  • 33


    The presentation of cold savings accounts

  • 34


    The integration and testing of the instant transfer systems

  • 35


    The provision of the test access to the portfolio investment formation module

  • 36


    The completion of open testing and the presentation of the first managers and analysts – users

  • 37


    The integration of biometric authentication

  • 38


    The presentation of the system automation commercial version based on its own AI

  • 39


    The first distribution of 65% fees and charges collected in 2019.

  • 40


    The integration of a private Pension Fund (most likely Jersey)

  • 41


    The submission for SWIFT membership status

  • 42


    The completion of the first “foot” bankers training and the program startup

  • 43


    The presentation of the venture capital fund composed of the ecosystem top users and internal funding platform

  • 44


    The integration of the access to investments in government bonds (developing countries)


Token Sale Info
Token DTRC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 DTRC = 0.01 USD
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 73%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 51,000,000 USD

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