Deep Gold ICO (DEEP)

Build your uniqueeternal crypto town

The Deep (DEEP) is an eternal virtual world based on DPoS tokens to create a decentralized, immersive world that is part game and part social platform. An immutable world where each experience builds on previous experiences.


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Token DEEP
Platform Ethereum
Price 5000 DEEP = 1 ETH
Country Hong Kong

About Deep Gold

The Deep is a virtual world with enlightened organisation: A completely democratic structure based on consensus using Delegate Proof of Stake decentralisation that will last forever. Communicate, offer services, play, live your fantasies.

Claim your land and build on it using the limited supply of Deep tokens – no mining needed. Use gold to customise your buildings. Even connect your own server with the DeepAPI.

Sell your tokens to earn a profit or keep your land and leave it to your children. Participate in managing the world. Become a delegate and earn a percentage of transactions.

Other spaces have limits, and they disappear and die. Decentralised, The Deep lasts forever.


  • Deep Token
    100,000,000 tokens in total.
    1 Deep token equals a 1x1 land area.
    No mining.
  • Economic model
    A fixed supply of land increases demand.
    Become a delegate, and earn a percentage of transactions.
  • DeepAPI
    Open API means that you can use your own server to make your land unique and to offer services in the Deep
  • Graphics Engine
    Open source graphics engine using primitives – materials, models, effects.
    VR coming in 2018.


Marc Kenigsberg member of Deep Gold ICO
Marc Kenigsberg
Founder of BitcoinChaser


  • 1

    Pre-ICO - September 2017

    - First Deep token crowdsale
    - Five-stage structure with bonuses

  • 2

    Start of project development - October 2017

    - Architecture detailing
    - Project documentation development

  • 3

    Token release - January 2018

    - DPos implementation
    - Preparation of Ethereum to Deep Swap

  • 4

    Core protocol release - April 2018

    Claiming land, building and user interaction levels development

  • 5

    DeepAPI release - June 2018

    - DeepAPI level development
    - Multi-service testing

  • 6

    Alpha release - Summer 2018

    - Basic delegates initializing
    - Alpha testing

  • 7

    ICO - Summer 2018

    - Second Deep token crowdsale
    - Market based pricing

  • 8

    VR Support - Autumn 2018

    - VR technologies analysis
    - Universal module development

  • 9

    Release - December 2018

    - Deep launch
    - Offline birthday party


Token Sale Info
Token DEEP
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 5000 DEEP = 1 ETH
Tokens for Sale 30000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 4000 ETH

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