Denaro ICO (DNO)

Wallet and Worldwide Debit Cards

Denaro seamless payment ecosystem bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and the mainstream market. The platform enables companies and individuals to send, spend, store, and exchange cryptos and fiat through secure web wallets, physical debit cards, merchant payment terminals, and IBAN.

Banking Cryptocurrency Smart Contract

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Token DNO
Platform Ethereum
Country UK
ICO Start Date 30 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 15 Mar 2018

About Denaro

An estimated two billion people remain unbanked globally with no access to basic financial services. Providing financial services to these people has been identified as the key component in the movement required to advance the elimination of world poverty. Using blockchain technology, FinTech companies have been grinding away (to varying degrees of success) to reinvent banking services and eliminate entry barriers. One problem, however, continues to hold them back; this problem is liquidity.

Cryptocurrencies have exploded into the mainstream. Pioneered by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are transforming financial landscapes and the concept of money. However, real-world usage of these digital assets remains limited, especially when it comes to paying for services. Most merchants remain wary of cryptocurrencies, and those who actually venture to accept them must tackle the process of deciding which cryptocurrencies to integrate – alienating users of other cryptocurrencies and limiting their potential market.

At present, cryptocurrencies are merely being viewed as vehicles for speculation, while cash and credit card remains king when it comes to functionality and physical use. Denaro is the solution that addresses this problem.

Denaro is a multi-currency debit card platform that enables users to access, store, and spend their cryptocurrencies like any other debit card. We have designed and developed a blockchain-based platform where users can seamlessly utilize their cryptos for their daily activities. Through payment terminals for merchants, IBAN numbers, and API/SCI functions, Denaro will seamlessly bridge the gap between the crypto community and the traditional financial structure (and user) in the future of monetary payments.



  • 1

    February 2017

    Market Research

  • 2

    April 2017

    Business Strategy and Planning

  • 3

    May 2017

    Private investor attraction

  • 4

    June 2017

    - Searching for specialists for a complete and coordinated team
    - Opening Company

  • 5

    July 2017

    - Wallet Beta development and testing
    - Whitepaper preparation

  • 6

    November 2017

    Concept of Crypto Payment terminals and IBAN

  • 7

    January 2018

    Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Open Beta Launch

  • 8

    March 2018

    Ico ENDS

  • 9

    April 2018

    Attending CoinFest UK

  • 10

    MAY 2018

    Attending Consensus conference

  • 11

    End of MAY 2018

    Starting marketing campaign

  • 12

    June - . . . 2018

    Continuing to improve DENARO project


Token Sale Info
Token DNO
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 10000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, USD
Distributed in ICO 65%

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