DenchMusic ICO (MIC)

Creating the Future

Dench Music ICO merges the Music Industry and Blockchain together. Funds gathered through the ICO will be used for creation of songs of A-list artists and talented DJs. Our first negotiated project is with Chris Brown. We are not a regular ICO - we use a completely legal framework (approved by a central European bank and our lawyers) that allows us to offer up to 30% profit sharing to our participants from the songs created thanks to the ICO. Profit sharing will be ongoing until December 2023. Participants will on top of that obtain free MIC tokens that they will be later able to use on our ethereum blockchain driven Retail platform. In exchange for the tokens holders can obtain unique services such as Meet & Greets with favourite stars, cameo in a video clip, VIP tickets to celebrity events, launch parties, after parties etc. This is no joke, just a very good opportunity.

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Token MIC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 2,500 MIC
Country Netherlands
ICO Start Date 15 Jul 2018
ICO End Date 31 Jul 2018
PreICO Start Date 15 Jun 2018
PreICO End Date 17 Jun 2018

About DenchMusic

Our goal is to raise 35 million EUR in ETH through this ICO. The Soft cap is 500,000 EUR which will cover the approximate expenses for one project. The more we raise, the more songs and videos will be created, resulting in bigger profit sharing for investors. The exchange rate that will estimate the final number of ETH needing to be raised will be established two days before the start of the Whitelist sale. Since we are already an established company, we do not need funds to build any infrastructure. The capital raised will be fully used to cover expenses of song creation and marketing related costs to optimize profitability for our investors and artists. We anticipate the funds to cover the direct expenses of approximately 40-50 projects, depending on the artists and related marketing efforts.

As a main component of our ICO, we offer investors up to 30% profit sharing. Our approach is fully legally compliant and allows eligible investors to participate in the profit sharing opportunity. Prof- its will be directly linked to the songs created as a result of the ICO. Profit sharing percentages and amount invested will be clearly stated in the Investment Agreement which will be signed by every participant. The Investment Agreement will remain valid from the end of the ICO until June 2024. In the first year, revenue sharing is paid out quarterly and annually thereafter.

Dench Music targets to generate on average, based on industry standards and on past experience, between 500% and 1000% profit (5x to 10x the invested amount) per project. We anticipate the vid- eos will garner anywhere from 100 million to one billion views per video in its first five years online, supported by a comprehensive marketing strategy, we believe most of the views will occur in the first eight months. For investors, as we said, Dench Music will distribute 30% of any realized profits, pro- vided the hard cap is met.

The percentage of hard cap fulfillment will determine how much profit will be shared with investors. For example, if the raised amount is 80% of all ETH, the percentage of profit sharing to investors will be 30% * 0,8 hard cap fulfillment = 24% of profit sharing among investors. Contributors will also receive 2,500 free MIC Tokens for every ETH contributed (MIC tokens are fully functional ERC20 utility tokens) through a smart contract. Among other uses, the MIC Tokens can be exchanged on the Dench Music Retail platform for exciting and unique music industry opportunities. These services will be published on our Dench Music Retail platform which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Purchas- able services and goods, depending on the artists in the project, can include meet and greets, presence on the set of the video shoot, star wardrobe auctions, extra position in a video clip of the star, concert ticket discounts, VIP events invitations and much more.

Investors can invest in ETH. The hard-cap is in EUR and therefore the conversion rate to ETH is yet to be calculated. The conversion rate will be calculated two days before the start of the Whitelist sale to limit the potential effect of course fluctuations. An average conversion rate of these two days will be calculated and will be announced on our social channels.


Adam Curry member of DenchMusic ICO
Adam Curry
Mabricio Margarita member of DenchMusic ICO
Mabricio Margarita
Creator of Opportunities
Goerardus van Goor member of DenchMusic ICO
Goerardus van Goor
Chief Financial Officer
Michael de Neef member of DenchMusic ICO
Michael de Neef
Marloes Jansen member of DenchMusic ICO
Marloes Jansen
Hidde Olland member of DenchMusic ICO
Hidde Olland
Producer and DJ
Niek Hendriks member of DenchMusic ICO
Niek Hendriks
Jurre Hofman member of DenchMusic ICO
Jurre Hofman
Producer and DJ
Lema Vierbergen member of DenchMusic ICO
Lema Vierbergen
Robert Scherpenisse member of DenchMusic ICO
Robert Scherpenisse
Producer and DJ
Vincent Esajas member of DenchMusic ICO
Vincent Esajas
Producer and DJ
Roberto Silven member of DenchMusic ICO
Roberto Silven
Producer and DJ
Jelte Huizing member of DenchMusic ICO
Jelte Huizing
Jabrane Chergui member of DenchMusic ICO
Jabrane Chergui
Singer and Songwriter
Kyky Videl member of DenchMusic ICO
Kyky Videl
Singer and Songwriter
Kyara Shereen member of DenchMusic ICO
Kyara Shereen
Singer and Songwriter
Erik Huggers member of DenchMusic ICO
Erik Huggers
Former CEO of VEVO
Clyde Narain member of DenchMusic ICO
Clyde Narain
International Artist
Ineabell Diaz member of DenchMusic ICO
Ineabell Diaz
International Topliner
Unico Glorie member of DenchMusic ICO
Unico Glorie
Music Industry Profesional
Adela Skotak member of DenchMusic ICO
Adela Skotak
ICO Analyst


  • 1

    Q1 2017

    Publishing fund with CTM / IMAGEM Group formal establishment Dench Music BV.

  • 2

    Q2 2017

    Facilities in Laren cooperation with Aces Music Amsterdam.

  • 3

    Q3 2017

    ICO main concept finalizations whitepaper.

  • 4

    Q1 2018

    Negotiations with A-list artist Chris Brown start of the ICO process.

  • 5

    Q2 2018

    Token coding website test runs token rounds.

  • 6

    Q3 2018

    Development/preparation release with Chris Brown.

  • 7

    Q4 2018

    Songs releases first profit sharing.


Token Sale Info
Token MIC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 2,500 MIC
Tokens for Sale 425000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 85%
Soft cap 500,000 EUR
Hard cap 35,000,000 EUR

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