Pioneering the Future of Mining.

DIG Coin was created to fund Digital Excavators™ cloud mining company to provide unprecedented rates for our customers. This in turn will trigger competition in the market driving global cost savings with other leading cloud mining vendors. The initial market value of DIG Coin will be guaranteed at $0.50 for cloud mining contracts (or market value, if higher), and there will be an additional 20% discount for those who have purchased the coin through our ICO.

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Token DIG
Platform ERC20
Price 1 DIG = 0.50 USD
Country USA
ICO Start Date 29 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 29 May 2018

About DIG Coin

In the early days of crypto mining, there were a few thousand miners whose carbon footprint was minimal as energy requirements were very low.

We now live in a world where cryptocurrencies have exploded causing a drastic increase in energy consumption in countries where electricity is produced using fossil fuels.  We are also now are challenged with the fact that most of the mining power resides with a couple of large corporations having total control over protocol changes and hard forks are being driven by these individuals who benefit most.

DIG coin will liberate this imbalance and will bring about an impartial harmony to crypto mining.  With DIG coin and the proceeds raised in this ICO, we will launch a new cloud mining company called Digital Excavators where we will offer a substantial discount on cloud mining contracts purchased with DIG coin.  Phase two of the project will involve incentivizing other market leading cloud mining companies to accept DIG as a method of payment at a discounted rate in order to compete with the discounts provided by Digital Excavators.  DIG coin will usher-in a new generation of cloud mining customers engaging in crypto mining.  As more join, the competition will become more and more balanced and the world’s mining power will become more distributed.

The acceptance of DIG coin will help to further strengthen blockchain technology and the mining industry globally.  Through DIG coin, we can help to turn the clock back on the impacts of irresponsible power consumption while also providing our coin holders with significant monetary gains.

The solution DIG coin provides has all the necessary advantages to help promote the decentralized nature that cryptocurrency was intended to provide and will unite the globe as the people once again embrace competitive mining.


Scott Ellis member of DIG Coin ICO
Scott Ellis
Chief Executive Officer
Joe Malinovsky member of DIG Coin ICO
Joe Malinovsky
Chief Operating Officer
Aram Sarkisyan member of DIG Coin ICO
Aram Sarkisyan
Director of Social Media
Paul Goodman member of DIG Coin ICO
Paul Goodman
Legal Counsel


  • 1

    JUNE 2017

    Project Team Developed.

  • 2

    NOVEMBER 2017

    Project Research, Roadmap Conception, and Scope Definition

  • 3

    DECEMBER 2017

    Developed White Paper with Project Team

    Digital Excavators™ business registration completed

  • 4

    JANUARY 2018

    Legal Consultation

    Marketing Plan Developed

    Coin Developed

    Website Developed

  • 5

    FEBRUARY 2018

    Begin Marketing Deployment

    Website Registration Opens

    Pre-ICO Start - 02/24/2018 05:00 GMT ($0.25 per DIG)

  • 6

    March, 2018

    ICO Start - 03/04/2018 05:00 GMT ($0.50 per DIG)

    Halfway Point Referral Giveaway - 03/17/2018(55,000 DIG)

    Release Block Explorer to the Public

    Release Windows/Mac OS/Linux Wallet for Download on our Website

    External Exchange(Coinexchange.io, YoBit.net)

  • 7

    APRIL 2018

    End of ICO Referral Giveaway - 04/14/2018(55,000 DIG)

    Begin Staking Rewards(10% Anually)

    Begin Mining Rewards (3 DIG/Block)

    Listing on Coinmarketcap.com

  • 8

    MAY 2018

    Mining Contracts Open with Digital Excavators™

  • 9

    AUGUST, 2018

    Digital Excavators™ farm expansion

    Finalize incentives with global cloud mining companies to accept DIG Coin.


Token Sale Info
Token DIG
Token Type ERC20
Platform ERC20
Price in ICO 1 DIG = 0.50 USD
Tokens for Sale 35000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%

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