Digiters network ICO (DGT ( Digiters))

Reinvention of Global Manufacturing Market​

Digiters is the world first blockchain-based decentralized eco system which facilitates global manufacturing industry & improve its quality. Our platform aims to create tokenised link between manufacturing chain. We use blockchain’s decentralised ledger technology to build a direct link between the business using Smart Contacts. This has enabled us to remove the middle layers. It is a complete reinvention of the global manufacturing market model.


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Token DGT ( Digiters)
Platform Ethereum
Price 1ETH = 6,200 DGT
Country United Kingdom, France
ICO Start Date 20 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 10 May 2018

About Digiters network

Potential market is 3.6 trillion dollers. Strategies are already set to achieve target market.
Token Value
Value growth is driven by the growth of the Digiters eco-system. We expect 1,200% increment within first 2 years.
Discussions have already begun with World largest manufacturing companies.
Digiters network is registered in United State and it is aimed at completely legitimate operations.
Token Lock
Out team will lock their tokens for 3 years. Because we are confident that by this time our company value will be billions.
We are so confident about the success of our project that we take the responsibility to keep the annual yield from our tokens at the level of 40%.



  • 1

    August 2017

    Сreating the concept of the Digiters.
    Analytics and research.

  • 2

    December 2017

    Internal prototype & White Paper Version 01 Release.

  • 3

    March 2018

    White Paper Version 02 Release.

  • 4

    May 2018

    Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
    Token Distribution.

  • 5

    July 2018

    Blockchain technology implementation.
    Public launch of smart contracts.

  • 6

    August 2018

    Platform version 1.0.
    token listed on exchanges.
    Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project.

  • 7

    December 2018

    Implementation of Secured Hedged Escrow.
    Security Audit.
    Implementation of advanced payment rules.

  • 8

    February 2019

    Scaling of the system.
    Digital Wallet Launch.

  • 9

    May 2019

    Large-Scale Sales and Marketing Campaign.
    Platform Launch in 15 countries.

  • 10

    September 2019

    Introducing Mobile versions (iOS/Anddroid).
    Platform version 2.0.

  • 11

    December 2019

    Setting up operations globally.


Token Sale Info
Token DGT ( Digiters)
Token Type ERC 20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1ETH = 6,200 DGT
Tokens for Sale 146000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 73%
Soft cap 3,000 ETH
Hard cap 18,000 ETH

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