Decentralized Professional Data Exchange is a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets people connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security.

Big Data Platform

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Token DOCK
Platform Ethereum
Raised $20,000,000
Country USA
ICO Start Date 08 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 21 Feb 2018


Data is The World’s Most Valuable Resource
User data is the core value of all consumer facing apps. Centralized platforms mine and productize data for their own agendas, leaving control in the hands of a few companies. At we believe in this value being shared between users and apps to create a more connected and decentralized internet.

The Consequences of Closed Networks
A person’s profile and information lives on hundreds of apps which are all closed networks and centralized sources. These apps control data at their will, while users and other companies are left with limited opportunities.

Users Have Limited Opportunities

  • Inconsistent information
    Most people have dozens of profiles online, many of which haven’t been updated in years, resulting in inconsistent information floating around the web.
  • Lost value and opportunities
    The inability to transfer value in the form of experiences, reputations and reviews, means losing out on opportunities.
  • No control
    Apps own and control user information within their platforms. They change rules constantly at their consent and even share user data via partnerships without user’s knowledge. Users have little to no control over what centralized apps do with their data.

Companies Are Stifled From Innovating

  • Cold start challenges
    Building a product in this space is extremely difficult due to the "cold start" factor. Every platform relies on the same data, and is required to build their own source from zero.
  • Centralized platforms dictate the rules
    Platforms have full control over the information they store, and are increasingly making it harder for third-party apps to access.


Nick Macario member of ICO
Nick Macario
Co-Founder & CEO,
Elina Cadouri member of ICO
Elina Cadouri
Co-Founder & COO,
Stenli Duka member of ICO
Stenli Duka
Evgeniy Zabolotniy member of ICO
Evgeniy Zabolotniy
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Todd Scheuring member of ICO
Todd Scheuring
Head of Design
Jeffry Harrison member of ICO
Jeffry Harrison
Director of Partnerships
Gabriel Moncarz member of ICO
Gabriel Moncarz
Data Scientist
Fausto Woelflin member of ICO
Fausto Woelflin
Senior Engineer
Piotr Święs member of ICO
Piotr Święs
Blockchain Engineer
Sergey Ermakovich member of ICO
Sergey Ermakovich
Lead Frontend Developer
Samuel Hellawell member of ICO
Samuel Hellawell
Senior Frontend Developer
Maciek Bodek member of ICO
Maciek Bodek
Senior Frontend Developer
Lasse Clausen member of ICO
Lasse Clausen
Christopher Heymann member of ICO
Christopher Heymann
Lester Lim member of ICO
Lester Lim


  • 1

    July 2017 Begins

  • 2

    Nov 2017

    Public Whitepaper Published

  • 3

    Jan 1, 2018 App Released

  • 4

    Feb 21, 2018

    Token Sale

  • 5

    Early Q2 2018 Partner Integration

  • 6

    Q2 2018

    Additional Partner Integrations

  • 7

    Q4 2018

    Network Data Exchange


Token Sale Info
Token DOCK
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 300000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 30%
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Raised $20,000,000

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