Dragon ICO (DRG)

A Decentralized Currency for Casinos & Players

Dragon Coin, or DRG, is an ERC20 / Ethereum Utility token used to participate in the Dragon blockchain ecosystem. DRG tokens will initially be bought through our token sale, and thereafter on cryptocurrency exchanges, by investors & casino players in order to participate at Casinos using Dragon's Blockchain facilities managed by Dragon parter junkets.

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Token DRG
Platform Ethereum
Raised $815
Country British Virgin Islands
ICO Start Date 15 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 15 Mar 2018

About Dragon

Hundreds of high-roller ‘Elite Gamers’ travel to Macau every week of the year to play baccarat and other games of chance in “junkets” - VIP high-stakes gaming rooms with a minimum stake of millions of dollars - which are operated as separate cost centers by shareholding syndicates inside the resort’s top tier casinos.

Many millions of dollars ow across the tables in these VIP gaming rooms daily and junket organizers su er exorbitant fees in arranging for such high volumes of stake monies to be ready for use by a VIP gamer upon arrival. Then, having enjoyed the gaming and the junket’s hospitality, their high-roller VIP guests incur similarly high fees in the repatria- tion of their winnings.

A junket often needs to arrange stake money of several million dollars to be on hand when each elite gamer arrives in Macau. The current cost to a junket in making the neces- sary nancial arrangements is a minimum of 5%. As for the players, they are typically forced to su er fees of between 5%-7% for costs related to repatriation of their winnings.

A major junket in Macau might be hosting more than 100 elite gamers at any one time, often producing a rolling turnover in excess of US$250 million a day. With this level of play at the tables and the constant churn of players, the frictional costs su ered by both junkets and their discerning elite gamer guests related to the positioning of stake money and repatriation of winnings are both huge and punitive.

The advent of ntech solutions whereby at money can be e ortlessly converted into digital tokens and then moved instantly within an eco-system whilst being securely tracked, and all at very low cost, o ers Macau’s junkets a highly attrac- tive technological solution that will dramatically reduce their high inbound frictional costs.

Indeed digitally tokenizing both stake monies and gaming chips and using a blockchain to record transactions and track tokens, not only presents junkets but also the casinos in Macau and internationally, with an opportunity for step change cost reductions, improved e ciency and higher levels of security in the management of inherent high volume money ows.

Through connectivity with our digital value platform, namely the Dragon Platform, elite gamers wishing to visit a junket could easily convert at money into digital tokens, that would be securely registered on a blockchain underpin- ning the platform. A numerical representation of the tokens held at any one time would be shown in the gamer’s smart phone wallet.

Whenever necessary, the gamer could e ortlessly convert his Dragon Coins (DRG) to xed-value digital Dragon Global Chips (DGC) for use in the junket. After gaming, DGC could be converted back into DRG and further converted to at money or any other digital currency when needed, all on demand and via the touch screen on a smartphone. If gamers choose to keep stake monies and winnings in digital form ready for the next visit to the gaming tables, they could do so, securely and at minimal cost.

Application of digital token technology beyond stake monies and winnings to the management and tracking of individual gaming chips, delivers junkets and casinos with signi cant nancial gains and bene ts from improved e ciency and security across their entire ‘cash management’ system.


Chris Ahmad member of Dragon ICO
Chris Ahmad
Co-Founder & CEO
Paul Moynan member of Dragon ICO
Paul Moynan
Yobie Benjamin member of Dragon ICO
Yobie Benjamin
Nick Spanos member of Dragon ICO
Nick Spanos
Banking on Bitcoin
Dean Cannell member of Dragon ICO
Dean Cannell
Vlatko Gigov member of Dragon ICO
Vlatko Gigov
Blockchain Token Economics
Christopher Cannucciari member of Dragon ICO
Christopher Cannucciari
Banking on Bitcoin
Dean Anastos member of Dragon ICO
Dean Anastos
Abdul Qaiyoom member of Dragon ICO
Abdul Qaiyoom
Blockchain Investor & Tech Expert
Samuel McCulloch member of Dragon ICO
Samuel McCulloch
Max Garza member of Dragon ICO
Max Garza
Blockchain Research & Development


  • 1

    December 2016

    The idea of Dragon was forged in December 2016 at a roundtable session between Dragon founders & Junket heads. The systems to implement Dragon were quickly conceptualized, and the roll-out for commitments commenced.

  • 2

    June 2017

    In June 2017, once the concept was properly documented, our first strategic partnerships were formed with Casinos & Junkets in Asia.

  • 3

    August 2017

    In Macau, August 2017, Dragon had their first public appearance bringing hundreds of Blockchain and Token Sale experts from around the world to fine-tune & validate the project.

  • 4

    November 2017

    Our Pre-Sale successfully raised over $20m through private investors & institutions!

  • 5

    December 2017

    The PreICO Launched on the 8th of December, and will continue until the 31st of December 2017.

  • 6

    January 2018

    In January 2018, Dragon will be listed on a number of exchanges before launching to our first Junkets in the Chinese new year!

  • 7

    February 2018

    Our Public Crowdsale launches in February 2018 once our first Junkets are in full flight!

  • 8

    Q2 2018

    Once we have successfully trialed the Dragon Blockchain within our first Casinos, we will be expanding the full operation into Macau - the biggest Casino market in Asia.


Token Sale Info
Token DRG
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 500000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC, USD
Distributed in ICO 53%
Raised $815

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