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The future of education is smart

Edgecoin is the world´s first education and e-learning token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Beyond that Edgecoin is addressing the multi-billion education and e-learning market with its unique B2B approach: Blockchain as a Service for the education sector! What is the future of education? Imagine the future of education 10 years from now on. The entire academic and professional career of every student and later employee is recorded on the blockchain in and by smart contracts. These smart contracts contain all of your skills, qualifications, certificates and also job records. Just one klick on your unique smart contract public address authorized by you can provide proof of your skill set for inquiring parties such as public authorities, institutions, employers and so on. No more notarized documents, translations or huge PDFs with all of your data.

Cryptocurrency Education

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Token EST
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 5,000 EST
Country Germany
ICO Start Date 06 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 06 Apr 2018

About Edgecoin

By bringing education on the blockchain, we aim to erase all the outlaid issues in the chapter before. With Edgecoin and the advanced smart-contract-technology behind it you can save your CV in a code that will be accepted worldwide. Finishing a course now at any partner website will be stored as a smart contract within the blockchain, so you can apply for any job with just a public key of your smart contract or the same stored on a plug and play ready hardware wallet or smartcard. The company you are applying for will see exactly what you have done in online courses, which eliminates all misunderstandings. This will benefit in better jobs for you and more suitable employees for the company. This will not only save the job candidate money and time in the process, but also eliminate most of the risks for employers. Fraud will be completely prevented as the code in the smart contract cannot be altered. By finding the perfect candidate within a matter of seconds in our planned network, both sides also save a tremendous amount of time in the process.


Kambiz Djafari member of Edgecoin ICO
Kambiz Djafari
CEO & Co-Founder
Max Gerdon member of Edgecoin ICO
Max Gerdon
CMO & Co-Founder
Aleksej Melman member of Edgecoin ICO
Aleksej Melman
Architect & Lead Engineer
Alexander Weis member of Edgecoin ICO
Alexander Weis
Operations & Core Developer
Eduard Melman member of Edgecoin ICO
Eduard Melman
Lead Project Manager
Sonja Specht member of Edgecoin ICO
Sonja Specht
Manager Sales & Communications
Jonas Voigts member of Edgecoin ICO
Jonas Voigts
Advisor & Growth Hacker
Julian Wagner member of Edgecoin ICO
Julian Wagner
Strategic advisor & CMO RaiseYourEdge


  • 1

    Mercury Phase - Q4/17 to Q1/18

    Named after the first planet in solar system: The Mercury phase sets the beginning of the Edgecoin. In this phase, we will see a pre ICO sale and the main initial coin offering (ICO), the acceptance of major exchanges and the further development of Edgecoin. After the initial fund raiser, we will build partnerships with various institutions such as e-learning platforms, schools, universities and much more. Thus we can seize the needs of the market and shape our solutions due to those needs. As this is the very beginning of Edgecoin we are open to changes and we will adapt to the ever-changing surroundings. All alternations will be made public for investors to see in our GitHub.

  • 2

    Venus Phase - Q2 to Q3 2018

    Named after the second planet in solar system: In the Venus phase, we aim to bring cryptocurrency through Edgecoin to users that are not familiar with its concepts yet. We will further build partnerships on the way to make Edgecoin the new standard for smart education and e-learning while we are constantly in the works to bring Edgecoin to colleges and schools in the real world. As soon as those changes will be implemented, we will increase marketing budgets and run a PR campaign to promote Edgecoin outside of the cryptocurrency world as well, as our target audience is the whole world. It is our plan to expand the source code of Edgecoin and not only build it on Ethereum, but also on smart governance solutions, which is scheduled to happen in this phase.

  • 3

    Mars Phase - Q4 2018 and beyond

    Named after the third planet in solar system: The Mars phase will be an exciting step flooded with different achievements. In this phase, we will extend our developer and business development team in order to consolidate business in a short time. It is all about momentum. Since the idea of Edgecoin and the disruption of education is new and brings a value to the everyday-world, there will be others who will be copying Edge Smart Solutions. Therefore, it is of huge importance to stay on the fast track and keep the pace high. Edgecoin must be held far ahead of the competition in order to obtain the best partnerships. Our Goal is to build the best and most used token for smart education on the blockchain.


Token Sale Info
Token EST
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 5,000 EST
Tokens for Sale 40000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 40%
Soft cap 1000 ETH
Hard cap 8000 ETH

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