Emyron Coin ICO (EMY)

Forget to Think About Restriction and Banning

Emyron Coin is the most secured decentralised self-regulated cryptocurrency and digital payment system through Peer to Peer network. EMY allows everyone to store and invest his wealth in a non-government-controlled currency and earn substaintial interests on investment and trade for EMY. EMY utilized block-chain-based technology to promote financial inclusion and lay the groundwork for new financial tools for unbanked and underserved people through around the world.

Business services Cryptocurrency Investment Smart Contract

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Token EMY
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 EMY = 0.5 USD
Country USA
ICO Start Date 14 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 30 May 2018

About Emyron Coin

Blockchain Technology
Blockchain mean transparent with Ethereum ERC20.
Fast Payment
Blockchain mean transparent with Ethereum ERC20.
Fast Send/Receive
Transfer money real time whenever and wherever.
Low Fees
Extremely low fees.
Easy Convert
Easily convert to your currency of choice.
Data is secured from payment to personally identifying information.



  • 1

    December, 2017

    Idea Implimention.Website Launch and Additional Forum Information.

  • 2

    January, 2018

    EMY Etherium Contract. Emyron Coin Etherium(ERC20) Contract 25000000 Token.

  • 3

    March, 2018

    Emyron Coin ICO. Initial Coin Offering and Marketing.

  • 4

    May, 2018

    Emyron Coin ICO End. Initial Coin Distribution and Marketing End.

  • 5

    May, 2018

    EMY Distribution. Emyron Coin Platform Launch and Coin Distribution, DDOS protection.

  • 6

    June, 2018

    EMY Lending Start. Emyron Coin Lending Platform released.

  • 7

    June, 2018

    EMY Wallet. Emyron Coin desktop wallet for Linux, Window and Mac system to receive and store EMY.

  • 8

    June, 2018

    EMY Internal Exchange. Emyron Coin internal exchange Launched for trade with ETH,BTC.

  • 9

    July, 2018

    EMY Mining. Emyron Coin Mining Pool and Github Source Code released.

  • 10

    July, 2018

    EMY Exterrnal Exchange. Emyron coin list on coinexchange.io cryptopia.co.nz

  • 11

    August, 2018

    EMY Marketing.Emyron coin Tie up with MNC's to accept and trade with EMY (make Parther).

  • 12

    September, 2018

    EMY list on Coin Marketcap. Emyron Coin Launch Decentralized Marketplace.

  • 13

    October, 2018

    EmY Merchant API. Emyron Coin Privat API for merchants and service provider.

  • 14

    October, 2018

    EMY Security Improvement. Emyron Coin Adding more security Layer in exchange platform.

  • 15

    November, 2018

    EMY Trading API. Emyron Coin Launched public and private API for trading.

  • 16

    December, 2018

    EMY First Global Event. Emyron Coin first global event for promotion of EMY.

  • 17

    December, 2018

    EMY New ROADMAO. Emyron Coin processed for new Roadmap(2019).


Token Sale Info
Token EMY
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 EMY = 0.5 USD
Tokens for Sale 7000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 28%
Soft cap 1,500,000 EMY

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