Energy Premier ICO (EPC)

Energy Premier Token

Energy Premier is a blockchain & cloud-based electricity retail bidding platform. Mission is to provide energy suppliers with direct & fair access to the retail energy market utilizing blockchain, while providing better prices to consumers Advanced token-based electricity bidding platform Allows energy suppliers to bid prices for consumers, with knowing the consumer's energy profile Direct & transparent access With a mission to cheaper electricity - same for all users, transparent pricing and direct market access Fast process & low cost While driving market access for sellers, it also drives streamline process and user friendliness for customers

Cryptocurrency Energy Platform Smart Contract Software

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Token EPC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 EPC = 0.0003 USD
Country Switzerland
ICO Start Date 07 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 15 May 2018

About Energy Premier

Energy Premier — an innovative system for electricity bidding that benefits both suppliers and consumers of electricity

Energy Premier is focused on developing a place where electricity bidding will take only 30 minutes from your time, and you will not have to spend a lot of time working on electricity. We utilize blockchain and smart contracts that bring flexibility and transparency without place for corruption. Blockchain is the world’s leading database software that is distributed and is not managed only by one user. This enables Energy Premier to help to the suppliers and consumers to automatically conclude contracts in easy and safe way and these contracts cannot be changed by another user. The use of the blockchain technology makes Energy Premier completely trustworthy and reliable platform.

There are many advantages for both target user groups: suppliers and consumers. For example, suppliers can access many consumers and their offer requests in one place. Also, the bidding process is taking place in real time. Suppliers can take part in the retail market without any employee. They are able to find requests for bids and offers based on their own criteria.
On the other hand, consumers can also access many suppliers in one place. They are free to choose their own offer terms for suppliers, for example payment, consumption, etc. Group requests bring many benefits to the customers, such as the possibility of obtaining lower price by aggregating demand. In addition, consumers are able to create their own request, or to join in a group request that often has more chances for better offers.

Every Energy Premier user knows how much energy is traded, at any moment. Our platform is connected to the global energy markets and offers direct access to the energy market. All suppliers and consumers can connect from everywhere.

Our platform provides individual and group bidding that is traded with our Energy Premier (EPC) Token. The EPC Token is a requirement for trading on the Energy Premier platform, and it offers cheaper and faster trade. 
Each supplier has to own EPC tokens for successful electricity bidding. There are thousands of suppliers in many countries that make high and strong EPC token trade and usage. On Energy Premier platform, all users can start their energy bidding in real time based on the EPC tokens. The EPC token increases energy that suppliers and consumers can use, and its value is growing simultaneously with the growth and development of Energy Premier.

Our software is already developed and it functions properly. We have first built the Energy Premier software before reaching to investors and launching an ICO, in order to provide quality and reliability to our users.

We offer an energy portfolio for the suppliers to be able to calculate the lowest percentage of imbalances in the final price, without any risk. Also, energy suppliers are able to participate in the energy market without employees through blockchain and tokens. We are focused on being the first platform that provides direct access to the market for all energy retailers. We believe that our platform will become a global leading electricity bidding platform, because we offer you a friendly, safe, trustworthy place for bidding based on smart contracts through blockchain.


Viktor Delov member of Energy Premier  ICO
Viktor Delov
Development of electric power trading. Excellence in power trading operations
Kevin Carl Castlunger member of Energy Premier  ICO
Kevin Carl Castlunger
Expansion across geographies. Formation of key market partnerships
Luka Prelevic member of Energy Premier  ICO
Luka Prelevic
Strategic positioning of Energy Premier. Market partnerships. Business model innovation
Blagoja Petrusev member of Energy Premier  ICO
Blagoja Petrusev
General Management of software development. Platform stability and compliance. Tech innovation
Daniel Tridico member of Energy Premier  ICO
Daniel Tridico
Assurance of financial diligence. Financial planning and controlling. Investment handling
Thor Morten Wangen member of Energy Premier  ICO
Thor Morten Wangen
Promotion of the Energy Premier story. Communication to consumers. Scaling of user base
Ankit Chawla member of Energy Premier  ICO
Ankit Chawla
Innovation on the product. Design of new features. Implementation of customer feedback
Jovan Lazarevic member of Energy Premier  ICO
Jovan Lazarevic
Expansion of Energy Premier and EPC token into gas and other commodities trading and bidding
Stefan Spasovski member of Energy Premier  ICO
Stefan Spasovski
Development of UI & UX platform aspects. Excellence in customer journeys and retention
Vojislav Boskovski member of Energy Premier  ICO
Vojislav Boskovski
Development of machine learning algorithms for time-series analysis and prediction
Dragana Mladenovic member of Energy Premier  ICO
Dragana Mladenovic
Social Media Manager
Giulia Cian Seren member of Energy Premier  ICO
Giulia Cian Seren
Chief Marketing Officer
Tomoaki Sato member of Energy Premier  ICO
Tomoaki Sato
Blockchain adviser
Faton Behadini member of Energy Premier  ICO
Faton Behadini
Financial advisor. Development of financing packages for platform users


  • 1

    APR-DEC, 2016

    Development pf the platform.

  • 2

    JAN-APR, 2017

    Testing of the platform.

  • 3

    APR-OCT, 2017

    Preparation for Crowdsale.

  • 4

    NOV-JAN, 2017

    Open invitation to community members for crowdsale.

  • 5

    MAR-APR, 2018


  • 6

    APR, 2018

    Distribution of the tokens.

  • 7

    APR-MAY, 2018

    Incorporation. Start of promotion.

  • 8

    MAY-SEP, 2018

    Incorporation and Business launch.


Token Sale Info
Token EPC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 EPC = 0.0003 USD
Tokens for Sale 120000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 34050000 USD

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