EtainPower Token ICO ICO (EPR)

Blockchain-Based Energy Ecosystem Pwered By AI

EtainPower is a team of experts with a background in blockchain technology,we help provide renewable energy projects overcome their financial barriers.P While at the same time improving the operation of the current power grid utilities.and enchanting the equality of electricity transactions.


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Token EPR
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 65,000 EPR
Country Malta
ICO Start Date 07 May 2018
ICO End Date 30 Jun 2018

About EtainPower Token ICO

The energy industry has always been an industry with centralized authorization and operation. While
conventional fossil fuel generates cheap electricity for us, it also causes severe and even irreversible pollution
and damage to the environment. In recent years, the world’s international powers have begun to realize the
problems caused by the consumption of conventional fossil fuels, such as global warming and pollution, many
governments have issued policies to promote the development of renewable energy projects. As a result, the
renewable energy industry has made great progress and development, and the cost to construct renewable
energy projects is decreasing gradually. Because of this, more renewable energy power projects were built
than conventional fossil fuel power projects. In 2016, 60% of the newly-add global power capacity came from
renewable energy.

Although renewable energy has made some achievements recently, there are still some problems that need to
be solved during development.

First, comparing to conventional fossil fuel power plants, the initial capital demand for renewable energy
projects is relatively high. Most renewable energy producers want to decrease the initial equity investment
and do project financing to make more profit. With the gradual decrease of government subsidy for renewable
energy projects, investors enhance the requirement of project financing. Therefore, renewable energy
producers are competing fiercely for the investment, making it difficult to obtain the project financing.

Meanwhile, in the model of traditional financing, some financing institutions like banks are conservative, and
they don't know the industry technology and standard of renewable energy very well, so comparable to a
conventional fossil fuel power generation project, a renewable energy project is more difficult to get financial
support. High initial financing requirements at the beginning of projects can become one of the most
insurmountable barriers to build renewable energy projects.

On the other hand, investors with the capital have created the demand to make more investments in
renewable energy projects, but they can't find the investment channel. Information asymmetry exists between
the investor and the renewable energy producer. For some middle and small size investors, even if they have
the channel to invest in renewable projects, they don’t have the ability to screen and evaluate the project.
Then for middle and small size investors, if they invest in renewable energy projects, they can only obtain the
return of the investment through using the electricity generated by the project or obtaining the currency of
the project location. Because of this limitation, the investors are normally concerned about whether or not
they can obtain the expected return on investment in the future. The limitation of geography and fiat currency
become the main obstacle to investing in renewable energy projects.

Third, because the electricity generation of renewable energy project is unpredictable and fluctuates from time
to time, it is difficult for power grid operator to balance the power generation and load when a large number
of renewable energy projects are connected to the grid. Inadequate experience in managing renewable energy
grid connections and lack of smart grid technology causes power utility companies a lot of issues to deal with.

EtainPower aims to solve the predicament and challenges of the global electric power system:

EtainPower is building up a blockchain based renewable energy trading platform. Through blockchain and
smart contract technology, EtainPower will tokenize the renewable energy revenue and help renewable energy
producer complete project financing. EtainPower will build a decentralized, fair and transparent financing
environment, reduce financing cost while improving efficiency for project financing, and therefore promote
the development of renewable energy.

EtainPower will build the effective channel for global investors to access and invest in renewable energy
projects, EtainPower will conduct due diligence to ensure project quality and the investor’s benefit. Project
investor can either change the energy token to the EtainPower token or electricity or use the energy token to
purchase various services within the EtainPower ecosystem.

Furthermore, EtainPower will make use of AI technology to optimize renewable energy grid connection, create
smart grid technology to ease the adoption of renewable energy, and enhance the elasticity of the power grid.

EtainPower puts ample effort on reforming the traditional centralized electric power sector, connecting
renewable energy producers, investors, consumers and power grid operators in the global range to build up a
totally new AI energy ecosystem driven by the blockchain.



  • 1

    Q3, 2017

    EtainPower officially started.

  • 2

    Q2, 2018

    EPR Token 1.0.
    EPR ICO.

  • 3

    Q3, 2018

    PPS Token 1.0.
    PPS Wallet 1.0.
    Finalizing auditing criterion for project financing.

  • 4

    Q4, 2018

    PPS Selling Platform.beta.
    600MW Energy projects contracts signed.

  • 5

    Q1, 2019

    Platform 1.0.
    Raising capital for 1st project in Antigua.

  • 6

    Q2, 2019

    PPS 2.0.
    Developing U.S. and Asian Markets.

  • 7

    Q3, 2019

    PPS Wallet 2.0.
    Sign contracts with service providers.
    PPS of the 1st project is ready to use.

  • 8

    Q4, 2019

    Releasing EV-rental & EV-Charging services.
    Developong power utility clients.
    Raising capital for 2.6 GW projects.

  • 9

    Q1, 2020

    Releasing P2P trading applications.
    Sign contracts with power utility companies.

  • 10

    Q2, 2020

    PPS 3.0 (Microgrid).
    Smart grid sofware development.
    Smart grid hardware development.
    Completed transactions between utilities and users.

  • 11

    Q3, 2020

    Smart grid system.
    Releasing smart grid system in Caribben Islands.

  • 12

    Q4, 2020

    Smart grid system 2.0.
    Raising smart grid in Southeast Asian.
    Rasising Capital for 8.6 GW projects.


Token Sale Info
Token EPR
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 65,000 EPR
Tokens for Sale 3500000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 35%

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