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We at Extra Credit, are the first company to start empowering people to learn about cryptocurrencies. It is a twofold effort with Bitcoin Homework, the new venture combines blockchain technology with educational programs designed to teach people about cryptocurrencies, even as they share in the digital payment for perhaps the first time.

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Token XTRA
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 XTRA = 0.10 USD
Country USA
ICO Start Date 01 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 03 Apr 2018

About Extra Credit

The success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased awareness of the benefits that blockchain technology offers. As a result, many industries are scrambling to adopt blockchain technology. However, they are unable to get skilled blockchain experts to help them grow. Even firms like Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG are struggling to get enough employees for their blockchain departments. This is because there is no formal place where individuals can get the prerequisite skills to work in the industry.

Extra Credit provides a solution to this problem by providing a platform where students can get knowledge on Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies. The platform is suitable for novices who are getting an introduction into the cryptocurrency world or experts who want to keep their skills sharp. The platform incentivizes learning by offering students an opportunity to earn XTRA tokens when they complete courses or achieve good scores in any of the competitions. Contributors will also earn by providing modules that students can undertake.

It also offers an opportunity for investors to earn through the multiple revenue streams of the firm. They include course commission fees, paid promotions and paid sponsorships. Users can also earn through the affiliate program on the platform. You can get additional information on the website or any of the social media pages. Join Extra Credit as we seek to provide a platform that will increase the number of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts required to push Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision forward.



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    The Extra Credit presale is set to begin on 1st January 2018 and will continue until 1st February 2018. There will be a 20% bonus on all Extra Credit Tokens during this period and the minimum investment will stand at $10,000 (USD)

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    The Extra Credit public sale is planned to begin in the first quarter of 2018. There will be Extra Credit token bonuses during this period, and the minimum investment will stand at $50 (USD)

  • 3

    Educational Course Smart Contract Development Q2 2018

    A Course Smart Contract will be created that delivers Extra Credit tokens to students that successfully complete courses on Bitcoin Homework to revolutionize online education and incentivize students to learn.

  • 4

    Cryptocurrency Progress Reports Q2 2018

    An email report system will be created with reports of the Cryptocurrency markets without any marketing content to aid students in applying their knowledge and becoming better investors.

  • 5

    BitcoinHomework Referral System Q2 2018

    A referral system will be introduced to give the tools to our user base, empowering the community to promote and earn Extra Credit for doing so.

  • 6

    BitcoinHomework Educational Store Q2 2018

    Introducing an Educational Store for students filled with Bitcoin Homework gear, and tools to help students learn. Discounts will be given to Bitcoin Homework students.

  • 7

    Multilingual Support Q2 2018

    By supporting many languages, Bitcoin Homework will be able to expand and support Cryptocurrency learning worldwide!

  • 8

    Leaderboard / Honor Roll & Weekly Quizzes Q3 2018

    With the introduction of the Honor Roll (Leaderboards), education just got personal. Battle out in groups of friends / acquaintances or even alone against others to be placed on the leaderboard, top performers will be rewarded Extra Credit.

  • 9

    BitcoinHomework Mobile App Development Q3 2018

    Your investment will be used to fuel our Mobile App development bringing Cryptocurrency training to mobile devices - supporting both iOS and Android, learn anywhere using your mobile / tablet.

  • 10

    Online Pod Cast Classroom Development - Q4 2018

    We will introduce podcasts to classrooms around the globe bringing people together and learning as a team! Regardless of where you are, an internet connection is the only requirement to join. Perform well and receive Extra Credit as a reward for your knowledge, participation and effort!

  • 11

    Open Source Platform for Schools and Universities - Q1 2019

    To create an open source platform that schools and universities can adopt and revolutionize the future of education itself. With every purchase of our open source platform you will receive Extra Credit as a BONUS.

  • 12

    Business Partnerships and Sponsorships - TBA

    Awaiting Confirmation.


Token Sale Info
Token XTRA
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 XTRA = 0.10 USD
Tokens for Sale 400000000
Investment info
Distributed in ICO 67%
Soft cap 500,000 USD
Hard cap 40,000,000 USD

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