FreeZone ICO (FRZ)

Free Crypto Economic Zone

FreeZone is a new ecosystem for blockchain business. It includes: A Free Crypto Economic Zone, A financial infrastructure comprising five businesses, A libertarian blockchain community. FreeZone stands for: Taking an interest in the development of blockchain technologies at government level; Ensuring the legality of using blockchain technologies and conducting business using cryptocurrencies; Transparent and stable soft regulation by the state; Soft KYC / AML procedures; Minimal or no taxation; Liberal currency regulation and a soft visa policy; Setting up the infrastructure to facilitate business using blockchain technologies. FreeZone enterprises will operate with both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. All financial services can be utilized within FreeZone framework. The financial infrastructure includes: Universal trading platform; Fiat crypto bank; Crypto investment bank; Fiat crypto payment system; Marketing agency.

Banking Business services Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Investment Legal Platform

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Token FRZ
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 FRZ = 0.2 USD
Country Russia
ICO Start Date 03 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 30 Apr 2018

About FreeZone

The World's first Free Crypto Economic Zone for starting and developing blockchain business legally without any potential risks. 

FreeZone is the 1st integrated zone of its kind. 

FreeZone is the Blockchain Heaven in reality, where crypto business can be run freely! Development of a legal framework for smooth regulation of the crypto and ICO markets, making it fully legitimate in the foreseeable future. 

FreeZone is developing a financial infrastructure specifically for blockchain businesses within the Free Crypto Economic Zone:

●        universal trading platform

●        fiat crypto bank

●        crypto investment bank

●        fiat-crypto payment system

●        marketing agency



  • 1

    Up to 15$ mln

    Universal trading platform is launched.

  • 2

    15 - 30$ mln

    Fiat crypto payment system.

  • 3

    30 - 40$ mln

    Free Crypto Economic Zone is established in one ore several countries.

  • 4

    40 - 60$ mln

    - Crypto-invest bank.
    - Marketing agency.
    - Crypto Zone infrastructure is developed.

  • 5

    60 - 100$ mln

    Fiat crypto bank.


Token Sale Info
Token FRZ
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 FRZ = 0.2 USD
Tokens for Sale 500000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 50%
Hard cap 100000000 USD

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