FunFair ICO (FUN)

The world's fastest Ethereum casino platform

FunFair is a decentralised gaming platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, it is the first platform to solve the big challenges that have made other blockchain casinos unplayable.

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Token FUN
Platform Ethereum
Price 150 FUN = 1 USD
Raised $20,000,000
Country UK

About FunFair

FunFair is a revolutionary blockchain technology platform that enables anyone, anywhere to create an online casino in seconds

Using Ethereum and our own Fate Channel solution, we can deliver a gaming platform that’s more transparent than traditional online casinos, and both faster and more efficient than any blockchain casino.

  • Turnkey solution
    Publish your casino in 2 clicks
  • Secure
    Tamper-proof serverless decentralised platform
  • Fair
    Transparent, publicly-auditable blockchain software
  • Fast
    Fate Channel technology means no waiting for blocks to be mined
  • Efficient
    10X less gas used than other blockchain casinos
  • Token-powered
    FUN token platform currency rewards all participants


Jez San OBE member of FunFair ICO
Jez San OBE
Founder, CEO
Jeremy Longley member of FunFair ICO
Jeremy Longley
Co-founder, CTO
Oliver Hopton member of FunFair ICO
Oliver Hopton
Co-founder, Developer
Rob Palmer-Hole member of FunFair ICO
Rob Palmer-Hole
Project Manager
Laurence McDonald member of FunFair ICO
Laurence McDonald
Lead Games Artist
Paul Jackman member of FunFair ICO
Paul Jackman
Lead Games Designer & Programmer
Dane Wiid member of FunFair ICO
Dane Wiid
Will Master member of FunFair ICO
Will Master
Mark Ridgwell member of FunFair ICO
Mark Ridgwell
Jas Austin member of FunFair ICO
Jas Austin
Games Designer & Programmer
Kim Man member of FunFair ICO
Kim Man
Games Artist
Joe Blakeston member of FunFair ICO
Joe Blakeston
2D Animator
Steven Olliffe member of FunFair ICO
Steven Olliffe
3D Artist
Mark Knight member of FunFair ICO
Mark Knight
Sound Designer
Nicholas Antill member of FunFair ICO
Nicholas Antill
Testing Consultant
Cécile Baird member of FunFair ICO
Cécile Baird
PR, Comms & Marketing
Dan Grant member of FunFair ICO
Dan Grant
Content Producer
Alex Lawn member of FunFair ICO
Alex Lawn
Marketing & Community
James Harrison member of FunFair ICO
James Harrison
Alan Soucy member of FunFair ICO
Alan Soucy
CEO, Spark PR
Donna Burke member of FunFair ICO
Donna Burke
Founder, Spark PR
Eric Doyle member of FunFair ICO
Eric Doyle
Marketing & PR Executive, Spark PR
Melissa Blau member of FunFair ICO
Melissa Blau
Director, iGaming Capital
Jeff Ifrah member of FunFair ICO
Jeff Ifrah
Founding Partner at Ifrah PLLC
Eitan Jankelewitz member of FunFair ICO
Eitan Jankelewitz
Partner at Sheridans
Timo Hanke member of FunFair ICO
Timo Hanke
Director of Engineering at the DFINITY project / Strong Labs
Nick Johnson member of FunFair ICO
Nick Johnson
Ethereum software engineer


  • 1

    Q3 2016

    Development of slot prototype begins

  • 2

    Q1 2017

    V0.1 Slot using blockchain & smart contract Multi-spin & Free Spin features

  • 3

    February 2017

    Slot V.01 demo’d at EdCon 2017

  • 4

    April 2017

    Jez San announces project on Medium

  • 5

    Q2 2017

    V0.2 Provably fair slot using Fate Channels V1 Off-chain RNG Game release Blackjack and Baccarat MVP Q2

  • 6

    19 June 2017

    Platform Showcase released

  • 7

    22 June 2017

    Phase 1 Token Presale

  • 8

    Q3 2017

    Phase 2 Token Sale Fate Channels V2 Fate Channels V3 Multi-state games Game release Roulette MVP

  • 9

    November 2017

    Platform demo at Devcon3

  • 10

    Q4 2017

    Alpha release Peer to peer platform Testing of Alpha Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette production ready Game release Craps and Video Poker MVP

  • 11

    Q1 2018

    Beta release Official public release Game release Progressive Slot MVP


Token Sale Info
Token FUN
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 150 FUN = 1 USD
Tokens for Sale 3654638581
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH, ZEC
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Raised $20,000,000

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