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Game Protocol is an upcoming digital economy for the gaming industry. Game Protocol is creating a revolutionary video game platform for developers and players. It is an entire economy based on four key pillars: · A crypto-based crowdfunding community where developers can receive funding for their projects in exchange for rewards · A co-working community for video game developers, where specialists can be hired to assist projects in development · Free developer tools and a Unity3D SDK, providing any aspiring developer with the tools they need to develop games · A decentralized game store, where rankings affect visibility and placement.

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Token GPT
Platform Ethereum
Country Israel

About Game Protocol

Game Protocol was conceived and developed by the GamyTech team.

Established in 2014, GamyTech offers a revolutionary approach to video games. GamyTech has developed over seven successful mobile games with millions of downloads in both Apple’s App Store and Google play store. With a focus on real-money skill-based games, this experience has given the GamyTech staff a unique perspective on the video game industry and its issues. Using their knowledge and massive community, GamyTech is developing an entire decentralized economy for the gaming industry.

Game Protocol’s four pillar-based gaming economy will solve many of the key issues developers and players encounter:

  1. GameStarter. Game Protocol solves fundraising problems that most game developers face by providing a reward-based crowdfunding platform called GameStarter. This unique fundraising platform will accept contributions in the form of Game Protocol Tokens.
  2. Coworking Community. By cultivating a lively online community of developers and gamers, Game Protocol’s coworking community assists with the development of future games. In this community, if a developer needs assistance, they can contract another developer for freelance work in exchange for Game Protocol Tokens.
  3. Decentralized Game Store. By decentralizing a game store, Game Protocol avoids the biases all centralized stores have and offer a level playing field regardless of the developer’s reputation, budget, or seniority. In a decentralized game store, all that truly matters is the game’s quality.
  4. Developers Tools. Game Protocol allows game developers to use its unique development tools. This includes a random number generator, wagering options for games, a Unity 3D-based wallet plugin, and various other tools.

These four pillars form the core of the Game Protocol economy and guarantee the spread and distribution of wealth that will return to video game industry.

Game Protocol plans on building an economy around the gaming industry by offering innovative solutions to deep-rooted issues in the world of video games using decentralization, tokenization, and blockchain technologies. The Game Protocol platform offers greater transparency and gives power back to the players and developers.


Michael Halimi member of Game Protocol ICO
Michael Halimi
Avi Bouhadana member of Game Protocol ICO
Avi Bouhadana
Yankel Hassan member of Game Protocol ICO
Yankel Hassan
Michael Benitah member of Game Protocol ICO
Michael Benitah
Melissa Blau member of Game Protocol ICO
Melissa Blau
Joseph Borg member of Game Protocol ICO
Joseph Borg
Patrick Mockridge member of Game Protocol ICO
Patrick Mockridge
Tal Ron member of Game Protocol ICO
Tal Ron
Jonathan Swerdlow member of Game Protocol ICO
Jonathan Swerdlow
Paul Huang member of Game Protocol ICO
Paul Huang
Blockchain Expert
Moshe Elbaz member of Game Protocol ICO
Moshe Elbaz
Efraim Wolpert member of Game Protocol ICO
Efraim Wolpert
Idan David member of Game Protocol ICO
Idan David
Artictic Director
Vlad Piliavsky member of Game Protocol ICO
Vlad Piliavsky
Blockchain Developer
Yoni Renous member of Game Protocol ICO
Yoni Renous
Game Developer
Natasha Pashkovsky member of Game Protocol ICO
Natasha Pashkovsky
Game Designer
Jonathan Ganor member of Game Protocol ICO
Jonathan Ganor
Head Content Writer
Alex Ross member of Game Protocol ICO
Alex Ross
Digital Media Expert
Isaac Leyne member of Game Protocol ICO
Isaac Leyne
Community Manager/French Content Manager
Amit Sadot member of Game Protocol ICO
Amit Sadot
Community Manager


  • 1

    Quarter 1, 2018

    Smart contracts for new game-specific tokens
    Bancor-like reserve pool
    Development tools

  • 2

    Quarter 2, 2018

    Launch GameStater
    Talent market and escrow account payment
    Decentralized game store

  • 3

    Quarter 3, 2018

    Developers’ forum and micropayment
    Improve Development tools


Token Sale Info
Token GPT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 105000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 70%

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